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How To Get Backlinks From Optimal Link Targets

Jan 16, 2010   //   by Daniel McGonagle   //   SEO, SEO Blog  //  47 Comments

This is a guest post by Daniel Mcgonagle. Daniel writes about link building and SEO at his blog.


Source: Diamanx

The best types of backlinks come from amidst contextual content published on sites very closely related to the sites you’re getting links to.

Adding or getting blog roll or sitewide links provides less SEO value, linkjuice and potential Page Rank “pass-down” than could be achieved with just one article published on the correct type of site.

Getting your content published on other related sites (not just relevant categories) does a lot of tihngs for you.

If site is a top quality site, then it will already have RSS subcribers who will read your content, and these are REAL “eyeballs” who will be reading content they have already expressed interest in, hence their RSS subscription, and they may consider you a new source for top quality information.

This generally leads to increased RSS readership for you and your site if your content is good enough and gets put on the best types of sites, in the right way (good relevant sites, good information being delivered, etc…)

These types of sites are generally called “Optimal Link Targets” which means they’re the best (optimal) places from which you could hope to get a backlink.