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Louie Baur:How To Be a Power Digger

Jul 29, 2009   //   by Louie Baur   //   SEO Blog  //  46 Comments

my video on digg
photo credit: i eated a cookie

Ok, I have my Digg account, now what do I do? Get an Avatar! It is so lame when people don’t take the time to put avatars on social media sites. That would be step number 1. Then, hunt down a few diggers that you like because of the content they submit and digg and comment on their submissions. RSSfeed their submissions and stick on them like a pig on shit. The whole point to Digg, is digging so you need to build a network of people that Digg. Typically, active submitters are also active diggers. If you plan on becoming an active submitter then you will need the help of other active submitters. Read more >>