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How to Free Your StumbleUpon Inbox From “SPAM” Shared Messages

Aug 19, 2009   //   by Phaoloo   //   SEO Blog  //  49 Comments

Stumble Lemur
photo credit: Paige Filler

StumbleUpon is a great place to discover interesting things randomly online. Once found an awesome page, you can share it to all your friends just with a few clicks. The thing is that your inbox is usually flooded by many shares and in order to discover new things, you have to wade across them. Some of them are great content from real stumblers, but many are crap shares from spammers. In this post, I tell you a small trick to free your StumbleUpon inbox from these shares.

First, download AutoMouseClicker and run it. It’s a portable utility and was designed to automatically click on a specific position on the screen certain times.