AB Testing: The Best Method to Forecast Success of Online Business

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Online entrepreneurs need to obtain several tools that can help their businesses thrive in the World Wide Web and ensure a good return of investment. AB testing is one of the most effective devices that can help businessmen gauge the soundness of their marketing strategy. As a result, they can maximize their income and avoid possible pitfalls along the way.

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Programs that can Rev up AB Testing

Prior to the test, it is imperative for the proprietors to determine which aspects of the site need to be tested. This may include the viability of one product to outsell the competition, or the feasibility of the targeted sales for a certain period.

The setting of the test should then be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the calculated results will be precise and accurate. There’s a plethora of testing programs available for this purpose.

Visual Website Optimizer is one of the most recommended tools tailored for AB testing. It comes with numerous features that are easy to use. It also promises quick testing results. Alternatively, savvy online entrepreneurs who opt to stick with HTML and Javascript may find Google’s web optimizing tool more practical.

Other options include Test & target, SiteSpect and Vertser, which are currently the top notch programs. They are guaranteed by experts to be user-friendly and expedient. It has to be noted, though, that each of these programs adopts distinct method of calculation.

How these AB Testing Tools Work

In deciding about the programs to be used, it is imperative for Internet-based entrepreneurs to know about the procedure at which the results from the AB testing are calculated. Two of the most common methods include:

  1. Element Replacement

This involves the creation of multiple versions of an element by using HTML on the testing tool. The process can be done before a page loads. When the entrepreneurs reach the beta stage, or once the procedure goes live, the alternatives of the elements will be randomly shown in a screen that is not yet viewed by the website visitors.

As such, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to decide on the page layouts and designs that bets reflect the theme of their website. This erases the need to create numerous dummy sites which can both be costly and time consuming.

  1. Redirection to alternative links

In cases when the whole page needs to be tested, users may go for the creation and uploading a new page to the website. This will serve as a variant that can automatically function by redirecting the audiences to an alternative page. If a certain URL can’t be accessed, for example, visitors can be taken to a backup site containing slight variations. Doing so can be beneficial to businessmen as they can freely create numerous versions of their website to check its dynamism and aesthetics.

Getting Started

Here are easy to follow steps for AB testing:

  1. Select a page to be assessed.
  2. Determine the elements that needed testing.
  3. Add tags to the main page and versions made for faster tracking of results.
  4. Enter the URL in the tool window before the tests.
  5. Test the A and B versions simultaneously to achieve consistent results.
  6. Make sure that each audience sees only one of the variants.
  7. Check back for test results displayed in the dialogue box after each run.

Tips in AB Testing

In order to get to maximize the test, users should run the process long enough. It is a must to amass ample traffic volume to get noteworthy results. It may also help to master the codes and incorporate the alterations subtly to avoid blunders. Remember to maintain a consistent layout.

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