Online Reputation Management

Is Your Personal or Business Brand Being Damaged Online?

When someone searches Google for your name or the name of your business, they are going to see 10 results on the first page. While the first result is likely the one you want to be seen, what about the other nine results?

For many individuals and businesses, one or more of these results says something negative. In many cases, the negative statements that show up may not even be true. However, this isn’t what matters. What matters is people are going to see them when they’re looking for you and your business.

If you want to protect the personal or professional brand that you’ve worked so hard to develop, you need to keep those results from showing up on the front page.

You Need Professional Support

Many people mistakenly think they can take care of this problem on their own. Unfortunately, in most cases simply emailing a site and telling them to take down their negative statements is not going to accomplish anything.

Since you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a lawyer to send threatening letters to these sites, you need a better solution. Luckily, that’s exactly what we can deliver.

Our online reputation management service will push these results off the first page. Instead of showing up when people Google your name or business name, they will only see results with the type of positive information you’re happy to share.

We have developed a comprehensive strategy that allows us to tackle an online reputation problem for any individual or business. We’ll take care of your brand problem by:

  • Researching your specific issue
  • Customizing a strategy to deal with the problems we identify
  • Increasing the amount of positive exposure your brand has online
  • Building authority for your brand’s new avenues of positive exposure
  • Continuously monitoring mentions of your brand to address any potential issues before they become a problem

If you’re tired of allowing your good name to be dragged through the mud online, you can put an end to this problem by calling us at 281-727-0484 (ext. 5) or requesting a proposal today.

What Our Clients Are Saying!


Alisa Bowman

Within weeks of hiring Gerald, he quadrupled my web traffic. He seems to be virtual friends with just about everyone on the Internet, and he knows how things work. I also seriously think he might work at his computer 24-7 because it never takes more than 30 seconds for him to respond to any question I might have. If you have a website that you need optimized, he's your man.

Alisa Bowman