Get Your Business Noticed

Your business has a great new product, service or event. The problem is no one knows about it.

How do you let people know that your business has something they’re going to want? Our press release service will ensure people take notice of what you have to offer.

How It Works

  1. You tell us what product, service or event you want to publicize.
  2. We find a great story or angle to build your press release around. Presenting your news in an interesting way is what will get the media and potential customers to notice it.
  3. We distribute your press release through multiple channels of distribution.
  4. Your business gets to enjoy all of these benefits:

The Top 5 Benefits of a Press Release

More Attention: You only have one opportunity to launch a new product, service or event. The most effective way to avoid a flop is to make sure people know about what you’re doing.

A press release allows you to get your message into the media so that the people you want to reach will be able to read it.

More Customers: Your business can only sell to people who know about it. There’s a 0% chance of selling to someone who doesn’t know that your business exists.

A press release will increase your opportunities for sales by letting a wider audience know about your business. Every person who hears about your company will have the potential to become a customer.

Great ROI: Some companies think they need to hire a PR firm to get the word out about their latest offering. The problem with a PR firm is they charge $1000s a month and commonly lock clients into contracts.

Since press releases are the primary weapon in a PR firm’s arsenal, you will get a far greater ROi by only paying for the actual press release and not “donating” to a firm’s expense account.

Build Media Relationships: While potential customers will read the news your press release announces, members of the media will be the ones who communicate this news.

Because press releases go to members of the media, it’s the ideal way to put your business on theie radar. Once a reporter knows about your business, it’s not uncommon for them to keep tabs on it so they’ll know when your next newsworthy event happens.

Strengthen Your Online Presence: Not only will a press release help you now, but it will continue to benefit your business.

Your press release will be distributed to multiple online venues and can be written about on any number of websites. All of these mentions will link back to your site. This can send direct traffic to your website, as well as strengthen your search engine rankings.

If you want to ensure that potential customers know that your business has something great to offer them, contact us now so we can write and distribute an effective press release for you!