3 Ways to Make Me Unfriend You on Facebook

Jan 16, 2012   //   by Chris Help   //   SEO Blog  //  13 Comments

Whether you like it or not, Facebook is becoming a part of everyday life–personal and business. Even my last few friends who insisted they would never join the social media revolution are slowly giving in. Why? Because it’s an easy way to keep in touch with people without actually having to talk to them or put out any real effort. And it’s also a great way to acquire news.

Having said that, with so many people joining, I’m finding my friends list getting way too long for its own good. So I’ve been trying to do some pre-spring cleaning. How am I deciding who gets the axe? Well, I’m looking for people who:

1.       Constantly complain—I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy. And as most of my friends can attest, I’m pretty much content in all aspects of my life (except I’d love to be rich—but who wouldn’t?). Having said that, I absolutely abhor when people bitch and moan on Facebook. Now make no mistake, I’ve had a few negative status updates in the past. But they’re few and far between. And being that I am generally positive, when I do update to complain about something…well, it matters a bit more as opposed to someone who is just a Negative Nelly. Newsflash, your life isn’t that bad. But mine is because I have to read your constant crap.

2.       Give soapbox status updates—I have one friend that I keep on my list only because she’s an old friend. But every time I see her updates, I cringe. Why? Well, they’re always a page or two long. And they’re always about whatever cause she has decided to take on for the day. Could be a certain candidate, a political issue, a news story, or whatever. The messed up thing is, even if I agree with what she has to say, after reading her rants it makes me want to change my stance—just to spite her.

3.       Do nothing but self-promote—In the last year, many businesses have started to view social media marketing as a legitimate part of building their brand. So along the way I’ve started liking various companies that have impacted me in one way or another. But I’m starting to regret it. Why? Because most of them post nothing but why I should go visit their place of business or send them my money. ANNOYING. I befriended you to get news on your products and…wait for it…DEALS. 

Want me to be your Facebook friend? Great, I’m all for it. Just don’t do any of the above and we’ll get along just fine.

What about you? What drives you crazy enough to push you over the edge and start unfriending?

*Stay tuned for next week when I post about all the stupid stuff I do on Facebook and Twitter that should make people unfriend and unfollow me!*

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  • Sam

    What pushes me over the end are those people that post spoilers…

    E.g. announcing the winners of UFC as it happens, describing the ending of a new film, etc

    The self promotion folk also force the finger to unfriend!

  • Jessica says:

    Love this post! One thing that makes me want to un-friend is when someone constantly asks for votes for this contest or that. And I am talking, asking about 5 times a day for a month or more. Wow, too bad they’re family. Can’t really un-friend those.

    I totally agree with your points. One company I have friended (and of course, only to get some deals) is Domino’s Pizza. Every time I read their posts I think, “They’ve got a good campaign going on.” Nothing amazing, but simple little posts that get lots of likes and comments and their posts never annoy me, mostly just make me smile.

    • Chris HELP!

      Interesting you mention that about Dominoes. I’m friends with them on Facebook too and I really do think they’ve got it right. Not annoying. Clever and sometimes funny. Good point! Maybe I’ll do a post on them soon!

  • Ray says:

    I used to get tired of all the game stats and survey stuff I would see every time I logged in. Then, there is the person that for some reason needs to tell the world what they are doing every 5 mins including their dog for that matter.

    Facebook is annoying one day and good the next. For me it is usually up and down like this.

  • KiKi The Get Back Ex Guru says:

    Not forgetting all those games reminder and how much our friends score …..bla bla bla
    I have to hide all these annoying posts everyday…

    • Chris HELP!

      Yeah. I have some friends that use those apps that track your workouts and post the workout updates to Facebook. I have one of those on my phone that I track my runs with but I turned the option off to post to Facebook. Similarly annoying.

  • Peter says:

    Sometimes it might not be gentle way but to save your life from constant spams and tasteless posts it seems to me a better idea to unfriend or block a person.

  • Tim Ryan says:

    Well, almost everyone is on Facebook these days. And there are really people who’d like to do some cleaning. As for myself, I restrict the friends which I don’t really have a direct connection with. And I have to say, the factors that you’re considering are understandable. Being tagged in pictures for promotion and marketing purposes for example could be irritating especially when you’re not really related to the person. But I guess, it depends on how you want to use Facebook. There would be some who would be happy to be tagged in these pictures because they want to be updated with the latest perks and promos.

  • Jamy Hoster

    Well the most irritating things for me are those game updates which people like to play on facebook I always try to get rid of them.