4 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Website

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Just about anyone who’s anyone in the world of business is on LinkedIn. The site has grown exponentially to become the largest social networking site for professionals. Its widespread popularity can be largely attributed to the variety of ways in which users can connect with others and market themselves as well as their businesses.

There is a long list of ways that you can use LinkedIn to promote your website and at the same time help you build the authority of your site. You can’t go wrong with the basics, however. The following list will outline the most effective ways in which you can use LinkedIn for these dual purposes.

Personal & Professional Profile

When creating your personal profile, be sure to customize the three spaces provided for links to your website, blog and personal site. Don’t just leave the default text that reads “Blog.” Instead, plug a relevant keyword to describe your website instead! “Inbound Marketing Blog” is a much better choice than simply “Blog”. A few other tips for your profile from this post about optimizing your social profiles:

  • Make sure you use your name as the filename for your profile image – LinkedIn sets it as the alt tag.
  • Job titles are H3s, so be sure to optimize them as much as you can.
  • Add targeted keywords to your headline, summary, specialties and skills sections as well.

Secondly, set up your company profile. Fill out all the available fields for your company, including your URL, in order to use LinkedIn to promote your website.

Use LinkedIn Answers

Build your credibility and authority by answering LinkedIn questions that relate to your industry. This one is simple: search for questions within your field of knowledge and share your expertise. The result? An instant increase in your brand credibility, which leads to more clicks through to your website and an opportunity to drop a link when appropriate.

Don’t Forget Your Status Messages

Update your status messages occasionally. While it’s important not to overuse this feature, you should do your best to avoid under using it as well! Posting occasional updates about your latest projects is a great way to increase your site visitors and spark interest for your company and website.

Ask For Recommendations

If you have some strong relationships through your contacts on LinkedIn, getting a professional recommendation can be another great way to boost your business and promote your website. Recommendations work in much the same way as testimonials, with the added bonus of visibility across the site! During this process take the time to also ask those individuals to link to your site from theirs, or ask to use recommendations on your own website as testimonials.

While there are several more ways to use LinkedIn to promote your website, this list offers a great start. Just one of the many factors involved in building your websites influence, using LinkedIn can help whether you’re a B2B or B2C company. Check out the other ways to build authority in the Infographic located below!

How do you use LinkedIn to build your sites authority and promote your website? 

Infographic: The Authority Building Machine
Internet Marketing Infographic by Vertical Measures

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  • Gerald Weber


    I think the recommendations is one of the most powerful features of LinkedIn. It’s an awesome way to build trust and authority.

    Looooooove the infographic btw. Kudos to the designer!

  • Morgan

    Hey Kaila,

    LinkedIn answers is SO awesome! I use it on a regular basis and I constantly get messages from people either thanking me or wanting to learn more. LinkedIn is where the business professionals are and it’s where they go to get answers to their business-related questions.

    Getting recommendations is also so powerful. It’s like seeing reviews of a product or service online; seeing a person being recommended is like a positive affirmation that this person does well.

    • Kaila Strong says:

      Good point Gerald and Morgan, getting recommendations is extremely powerful and essential to your overall success both on and off the site.

      • Gerald Weber

        Believe it or not the recommendations on linkedIn is what inspired me to add testimonials to my business website.

        I have a lot of great recommendations on LinkedIn so I was thinking “it sure would be nice if I had this on my actual website.”

        So now I have testimonials on my site as well. hehe

  • keite says:

    I agree with Gerald’ I like the part of recommendations it’s the best idea in LinkedIn.

  • ntathu allen says:

    Love the flow chart… I havent been active for a while on LinkedIn but in the past have found the forums a great place to connect and share professional issues and linked in answers a great way to find out what other users/maybe potential customers are thinking

    • Kaila Strong says:

      Get active on there for sure! You mention sharing professional issues, and that’s an extraordinary use of LinkedIn. Crowd sourcing a problem and solution!

  • sudha says:

    Authority building machine chart is really simple and unique to read..I just love it..Thanks for the valuable post..Update more tips and techniques on Internet Marketing

  • Thanks for Informative sharing, The status update field on the profile to make company announcements, offer special deals, give tips and share links really helps a lots.

  • Ali Khan

    Thanks for sharing the points. I was looking forward as well to know how to use Linked-in as i have always felt it is a wonderful website with great tools. I am going to configure my profile immediately.
    Thanks alot

  • Jamy Hoster

    Yes I am agreed with your complete blog as there are lots of things which are need to know before using linked in so its great to read and knowing every thing about it.