5 Industries That Should Use Pinterest

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I have a new addiction – Pinterest. I’m so addicted to pinning I’m recruiting friends and family members. It’s bad. Real bad. I’ve even started thinking of ways brands can use the site. Yikes!

Over the past few days I’ve done a bit of research for an upcoming post on SearchEngineWatch.com, brainstorming ideas on how brands can use Pinterest. In the end I found there are 5 or so industries that hands down should be using Pinterest for some of their social media marketing efforts. Whether it’s to help sell products or services, this new social networking site can be put to good use. Let’s examine these 5 industries.


When I first started exploring the site a few months ago my immediate thought was – wow this would be a great site for someone planning a wedding and that’s exactly what I’m using it for. My baby sister is getting married soon and as the maid-of-honor it’s my duty to keep her up on all the hip wedding trends, but when you live 1,000+ miles away that can be difficult. That’s where Pinterest comes in. She and I share our ideas on a board and look to other boards for ideas. Simple and painless – well sort of. This whole wedding planning thing is stressful!

Creating inspiration boards to establish your wedding style is all the rage. Imagine as a wedding dress designer, photographer, jewelry designer, event planner, caterer, baker, etc… using the site for something similar but to cater to your customer or prospects needs. Brides can repin your pins, click through to your website and purchase your products or services. Anyone in the wedding industry really should consider using Pinterest.

Arts & Crafts

If you’re in the business of selling handmade items or art then Pinterest is perfect for you! Similar to Etsy, Pinterest allows users to browse products in their gift category section. Upload your wares and start selling – but not through the Pinterest site. You’ll need your own storefront or Etsy shop in order to accept payments and deal with those details. Pinterest is just a way to showcase your talents and let others see the products you want to sell. Simply add “$” to the Pin description and Pinterest will place your content in the gift category, along with a nice banner illustrating the price of your item. It’s that easy!


The fashion industry is ripe with competition which makes it all the more important to have your style stand out. If you’re a clothing designer, stylist, clothing buyer, personal shopper, style editor or fashion blogger then Pinterest is perfect for you! The site allows you to show off your style in a clean and elegant way, which in turn can help you sell your own services or products. Connect with others that have similar styles and position yourself for opportunities to collaborate with others.

Travel & Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry relies heavily on appearance. With Pinterest travel agents can set the mood for your next excursion by creating vacation inspiration boards full of fabulous pictures from the area or highlighting activities you can do when you get there. Additionally, a hotel could create similar inspiration boards, enticing web visitors to plan their next vacation. A spa might have photos of the area, activities around town, lodging and of course photos of spa services. It’s all about telling a story and Pinterest can help you do that if you’re in the travel & hospitality industry.

Real Estate

Last but certainly not least is the real estate industry. Selling a property takes a lot of effort, so why not make it easier on yourself by pinning photos of a featured real estate property? Take it a few steps further and pin photos of the area, the local school, areas of interest around town, community areas, or even pictures of possible upgrades the prospective homeowner can make to the home. Help to create a sense of what the home will look like after they’ve purchased it and prospective buyers can start to see themselves actually living there.

Well that makes 5 industries that should be using Pinterest. Have more to suggest to our readers? Add to the comments below!

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Kaila Strong is an avid tweeter (@cliquekaila), and marketer in the Phoenix area.

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  • Rudy Molinet says:

    A friend who is a wedding planner loves pinterest, and I can see why. And as a real estate agent, I can see your point — but what if an agent already has a very detailed website with in depth listings, and great posts and area coverage of each neighborhood, down to popular streets, attactions, etc. Wouldn’t this be redundant? Have you heard any success stories from Realtors. Social media is already overwhelming, another site might put one over the edge. 😉

  • Dev

    Hey Kaila,

    Interesting post about Pinterest. I keep hearing great things about this social bookmarking site. I love the idea of using it for weddings and anti crafts.

  • Kaila Strong says:

    You certainly make a good point Rudy – it might seem redundant when you have all your specs and probably even a 360 video of an awesome property on your listing. But does that fact keep you from running a magazine ad in a luxury living magazine or marketing your property elsewhere? I think it’s a good idea to look at all avenues and see if it works for you. It might not work in your particular situation but you don’t know if you don’t try, measure and test.

  • Tim Ryan says:

    The industries that you’ve listed would really find Pinterest very helpful. When travel and hospitality industry use it, clients who are looking for places to go to will have an idea of hat they should expect and would likely book it for their interest.

  • Bob says:

    I am a commercial real estate agent and I haven’t thought of using pinterest ( sp? ) to do what you suggested, like pinning pictures etc…

    Thanks for thinking outside the box…I hate boxes. 🙂

  • Sam Bruce

    Glad to see Travel listed here, I would certainly agree. I run a new ethical adventure travel site and having originally used Pinterest to just repin cool images for the extra exposure we have recently changed our tactic to use it entirely as an adventure holiday shop window with every image priced and linked. In fact, we will soon remove the first few boards we created and make it solely a products page. The results will be known in a few months so we will better know then how it could help niche travel sites generate more business. I can even see a lot of travel sites taking some serious design inspiration from Pinterest in the not too distant future. – Sam

  • Gary says:

    Great things will happen in Pinterest. You can post all your product and all things that you want people to notice or to see. Pinterest is really a new thing for us. Pin everything you want but just make sure that people will going to love it. Or everything would just be worthless.

  • M.-J. Taylor says:

    I finally succumbed. I get it now and I will grow to love it even if it is another time suck. I have a clear impression that will become a top ten Internet site. It already drives more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube combined, if you can believe Forbes and I think we can. 😀
    It has that certain something that no other site has … a je ne sais quois … only I think I do know. It’s visual bookmarking that appeals across generations. It is perfect for quite a few niches … weddings, clearly, real estate, photography and travel. For any business that has a strong visual story. I gotta go pin something now. 😀

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  • Jeremy says:

    Pinterest is the next level of social media marketing and keeps the interest of the visitor also. I love Pinterest for the fact that it can create unexpected opportunities for the business.

  • Alex Braker says:

    Yeah, Pinterest is really great social networking website through which you can share the ideas and it is very useful for travel and hospital industries because any one can easily search the location that are looking for going to the different places and they can book for their interest.

  • Chris Avera says:

    I totally agree with you. This field of business really ought to engage themselves in Pinterest especially now that Pinterest is growing. It really is a great way to brand a business.

  • Jeff

    I’m a commercial real estate lender. I’m going to dovetail off of your real estate suggestion for my lending business. Thanks for the post.

  • Jake says:

    I agree on wedding specifically and yes travel and fashion too. This will keep people from coming back. Just be sure to nice photos.

  • Sara

    I’m a wedding stylist and I use pinterest all the time. Generally when you ask a customer what sort of style they’re going for, it’s not something they’re asked a lot and they struggle to explain it. I use pinterest to provide a bunch of styles within a theme so I can better idea of the customer’s preferences.

  • Danielle says:

    I think this is most applicable to wedding industry especially they have good photographer. They quality of pictures they have is superb and amazing that you will be attracted to open it and click.

  • Kety Jomes says:

    You have really done a good research in Pinterest, i must say this. I agreed that these kind of social media websites are very beneficial for establishing your business image online. I have used Tumblr a many times before. I will definitely going to try Pinterest now for my business.

  • Jessica says:

    Some nice tips here, I’m a wedding planner and Pinterest is invaluable for sharing Mood Boards with clients. Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica x
    Soirèe de Luxe | Wedding Planner London

  • Steve says:

    I don’t see nearly enough Real Estate Agents in my city using technology, let alone the internet to assist their marketing efforts.

  • Sandra says:

    I think real estate too. They can post beautiful location and houses that will surely catch anyone attention.

  • Ed

    Totally agree with the suggestion for the wedding industry. I was just telling someone how great pintrest is for keeping an online scrapbook / as a bookmarking tool, so you don’t have to save all those links on your computer, and it’s visual too. People are atrracted to things they like the look of, right? I’m a wedding entertainer (close up magician) and I post videos on pintrest, so that people can see what I do before hand. What I do is really visual. Pintrest works for my business and I recommend it to other visual based business.

  • Ryan Clark says:

    Hi Kalia! Those are some great ideas for anyone working in the Wedding Industry! I think a lot of your suggestions have come true over the last year and a bit. I know we use to help inspire brides and grooms!

  • Pete says:

    I agree totally with the wedding industry having a presence on Pinterest.
    All the savvy people are on top of this, and the ones that aren’t, are being left behind.
    It is another way to highlight your business at what cost? The price of a picture!