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These days everyone keeps looking for guest bloggers to write guest posts for their blogs. Getting guest posts isn’t a hard task in fact it can be the easiest thing if you’ve have a high traffic blog.

If you look at my blog, you’ll see I get bunch of guest posts every day and many bloggers keeps asking me what I’m doing to get guest posts? Today I’m sharing 5 effective strategies that I’ve used to get guest posts on my blog.

1. Add Guest post Page

This is far one of the easiest way to get guest posts on your blog. All you need to do is to create a “write for us” page on your blog. If you never created a guest post page than here’s what you need to add:

So, you want to write for Blog Name? We love to publish your guest post. Now don’t ask for benefits, because we Blog Name is one of the fastest growing blog on the planet. The benefits are just much more then getting traffic or backlinks, you can gain exposure and introduce your blog to our fastest growing community.

Some simple Requirements

  • Posts are at least 450+ words.
  • Interacting and replying to comments is must.
  • Posts have a basic structure and are at least broken down into paragraphs.
  • Posts must be in good English.
  • Please don’t add more than two links.
  • The post you submit to us is unique.

How to guest post to Blog Name?

  1. Register an account here
  2. Add your Full name, second name and fill out a short profile Bio info, feel free to add a link or two to your blog/site (use HTML)
  3. Visit Gravatar.com, having an image is a must in your profile
  4. Write your post, save it and it will be reviewed and published asap!!

2. Invite Bloggers

You can contact bloggers with a good pitch and why you’d like to get the guest posts from them. This is very effective strategy and I’ve good success with it. You don’t have to contact high profile or A list bloggers, contact an average blogger.

You can use blogging communities to find bloggers, who may be interested in doing guest posting on your blog.

Blokube is one of those communities which can help you find great bloggers who can write guest posts for your blog.

3. Join Social Media Networks

This may not be very effective way but still a useful one. I did found few guest bloggers who wants to do guest posting for my blog through Social Media Networks like Facebook & Twitter. In order to get success from Facebook & Twitter, you need to be very active in those networks.

You can use free/paid tools to automate the process – Dlvr.it, Triberr, Bufferapp,Tweetdeck, etc.

4. MyBlogGuest

I’m sure most of you already know about MyBlogGuest, most awesome marketplace for finding guest posts for your blog. It is a forum community where bloggers give info about their blogs and then ask for guest posts from other bloggers/users.

MyBlogGuest is a unique community that is based on one simple principle: if you provide quality, you don’t need to pay to be heard. It is not just about getting more guest posts, it has forum, marketplace, gallery, find blogs for guest posting and much more.  It even has a Premium Feature & Ann did great work in branding it.

5. Run a Guest blogging contest

Last but not least – Run a guest blogging contest, like I’m doing on Blokube Blog. Give away cash/ebooks/tools as prizes to the contest winners who do most number of guest posts on your blog. This can be a very effective strategy but to be very successful with guest blogging contest, you need to market it properly. Here’s what you can do to make sure your contest is a success:

  • Contact bloggers/marketers and ask them to write a post about the contest
  • Get a banner designed and ask the participants to put it on their blogs.
  • Promote the contest on Forums like DigitalPoint, Warrior Forums & Webmaster Forums.
  • Use Buysellads to do some paid promotion.

Over To You

All the above factors contributed effectively my blog in getting quality guest posts and will work for any type of content in any niche, in case you find something to disagree with in this post or have an opinion on this topic, please do share it with us below. If you find this post useful than please share it on Twitter or Facebook!

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  • Andrew

    Typo in your final subheading Devesh – “Overt” should be “Over”. 😉

    Other than that, a cracking post! I registered with Blokube yesterday, so I’ll be seeing how I can use that to source more guest posts for Unmemorable Title.

    If you ever want to contribute, drop me a line!

  • David Leonhardt

    I have five of my own blogs and run/help run several for clients. On one of my blogs, I actively seek guest bloggers, so I set up a page: self-help.thehappyguy.com/guest-blog-for-us/ (hint, hint). For the other blogs, I tend to seek guest bloggers only when I have something very specific in mind. For instance, if I saw this post and thought of a really good alternative angle and I felt that you would be the perfect expert to write it, I would invite you to do so.

  • Ileane

    I’m still amazed that there’s been close to 50 guests bloggers on my blog so far. I never intended for it to be a multi-author blog but the content is consistently high.
    One tip I can share is that I asked a question on Facebook and I got lots of people saying – yes – I want to do a guest post on your blog.

  • Ilka Flood says:

    Hi Devesh,

    Very interesting article! One that I have bookmarked for further review. I’ve been toying with the idea of guest blogging for a while, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. Your article helped shed some light into it.

    Thanks for sharing your great insights!


  • Marbella says:

    Hi Dev,
    Bringing in guest posts are a good way to get more readers, usually writes guest blogger on his blog where they will be guest blogging, but it is important to choose well and in the same niche articles in any subject that is on every blog.

  • We have brought in guest bloggers and while it has helped get more traffic, it really hasn’t helped with user posts. I guess air conditioning isn’t a sexy enough topic (yet).

  • Satrap

    Great tips Devesh.

    I never thought about contacting other bloggers directly and inviting them to guest post on my site until I was approached by passionblogger to guest post on the site. I thought wow, what a great way to get people to guest post on your site.
    Lets face it, not embody knows you accept guest posts, so a simple email invitation can at least let them know that you do in fact accept guest posts. Thanks Devesh.

  • Nick Harris says:

    I haven’t been approached once this year yet my rankings are top notch for some keywords people should want to be associated with. Great tips, I’ll see if I can make my site more approachable to guest posts.

  • Kyle says:

    Guest posts are great! I love them actually, free content for a simple backlink to the guest posters’ site. My mother and I have a small anti-aging blog that does pretty well, and a number of the articles are from guests. I added a link in the blog’s main menu called “Guest Post”, then linked it to our Contact page. Works great!

  • Jacob Wilson says:

    Hello Webmaster,

    I found your site very helpful and informative. I wanted to ask you if you accept guest blog posts. Let me know I would love to contribute a unique post.


    Jacob Wilson

  • Zena

    Really useful advice! I have had a blog for a while and between social networking sites have over 6000 members, but I never thought about adding a guest post! Really useful tips with instant results. thanks for sharing!

    Recently posted: http://www.delightfullylight.co.uk/blog/post.php?s=2012-01-03-which-lowers-the-chances-of-depression-the-most-coffee-tea-or-chocolate