5 Ways to Lose Blog Readers

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To put it as simply as possible, a blog without readers isn’t a blog at all. It’s just you talking to yourself. For a blog to be successful, it needs to have readers. More specifically, it needs to have readers who will interact with you and share your posts with their friends.

So what can you do to get more readers for your blog? To understand, you need to first know what things you shouldn’t do as a blogger. These are the 5 things that will cause you to lose blog readers.

  1. Not having a specific focus—Your blog needs to have a niche. I’m not saying you can’t push the boundaries of that niche, because you should. After all, no one wants to read the same old, same old time and time again. But your readers do have expectations, and if you suddenly switch things up on them, they’re going to leave.
  2. Updating inconsistently—How often you update is really up to you, but I recommend setting a publishing schedule and sticking to it. This way, your readers get used to hearing from you at a certain time each day or week.
  3. Giving out bad information—If you start dishing out bad advice and incorrect information to your readers, they’ll stop trusting you. Always fact-check your info, and make sure you’re comfortable standing behind everything you say.
  4. Turning your blog into a big advertisement—There’s nothing wrong with having advertising on your blog. The key is to incorporate it without ruining the user experience. No one wants to go to a blog that’s overloaded with advertisements. And while I’m on the subject, no one wants to read or share blog posts that are thinly-veiled ads for some product you’re pushing.
  5. Being a jerk to your readers—Interacting with your readers in the comments is part of being a blogger. But too many bloggers make fools of themselves when they do this. If you can’t accept criticism, you shouldn’t be a blogger. If you can’t handle readers sharing opposing points of view, you shouldn’t be a blogger.

What are some other mistakes bloggers make that cause them to lose readers? Share your tips by leaving a comment below.

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  • Ross

    In my experience, #2 is key. You have to continually and consistenty work on your blog, something I'm guilty of not always doing! Most blogs I drop off my reading list are ones that just stopped updating on any kind of regular basis.
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  • Ali Short says:

    As a reader few thing bothers me , 1st. Advertisement [too much of em of-C] , 2nd. seeing people having a dog fight in the comments , 3rd. a dull looking blog , at least leave it be the default wp template the fonts look decent and all , enjoyed this post thanks. Guess I finished kinda in the middle 😛
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  • Damon Day says:

    The biggest issue I have is that I am in a niche that is not prone to a following or sharing. I am a financial consultant and mainly write about debt relief scams and how to avoid them. Asking a reader to share the fact that they were reading an article about getting out of to much credit card debt is basically the same as asking them to share an article about how to get rid of herpes.

    So it is difficult to really build much of a community. I will usually get one off type comments to the site. Recently though I was thinking about a comment policy where I would offer a do follow link if they gave the article some type of social media click. I have commentluv on my blog and I do get other bloggers that come on and share information since it is a pr3 site the links back are good.

    What do you think of the idea of trading a social media click for a good do follow link? Especially since it seems that the search engines are really heading toward or already are using social media signals in serps.

    Since it is hard to get people to do it naturally, even if my content really helped them or saved them from making a major mistake. Sort of an ethical bribe if you will.
    Of course it would only work with readers that have websites as well.
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  • Ann says:

    Hi Eric,
    Interesting post. As a newbie, I am constantly reading any and everything I can about blogs. Your five items are probably the most important things to keep your blog fresh and flourishing. I too look at the site itself for presentation. Too many ads spoil it, too. Enjoyed the info and thanks for sharing it.

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