6 Kick-ass Ways To Market Your Blog

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This is a guest post from Devesh. It is part of The “Bad Ass” SEO Guest Blogging Contest.

If you are trying to market your new blog, chances are you’ve already looked into search engine optimization then here are 6 Kick-ass ways to market your blog:

1. Building Mailing list

My single biggest mistake was not to build a list from beginning. I did not realize the power of list building until later on.
Building a list is an extremely popular aspect of the internet marketing industry. Everyone says repeatedly all the time, “the money is in the list!” And it is totally true.

Here are 5 reasons why you should build your list

  • Connect – Emails give you an opportunity to make your fans feel more closely connected with you.
  • Referrals – Put you in a position to receive regular referrals.
  • Easier – Make your sales process easier and more productive.
  • Sart conversations with people you are targeting.
  • This gives you a chance to build a good relationship with them and to show them that you will only provide them with quality products that can really help them

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting, one of the easiest and most effective way to market a new site/blog and get targeted traffic and backlinks. If people can see you being so active and commenting everywhere they end up, they will be more inclined to comment on yours, because you become memorable.  Take the time to leave a useful comment often enough, don’t just write “great post” or “thanks”. Don’t SPAM or self-promote when leaving blog comments. Another added benefit to blog commenting is that if you leave useful comments regularly, the blog owner will eventually notice. This greatly increases your chances of establishing a great new business relationship that could result in more links, traffic, and more subscribers to your list.

3. Guest posting

This is one of the best ways of getting website traffic to your squeeze page and/or blog. Make sure it is very high quality, and is something that provides genuine value and your chances of your request being accepted will increase.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should do Guest Posting.

  • Drive targeted traffic.
  • Build contact with other bloggers.
  • Increase your brand awareness? (How to Build a Great Brand for Your Blog).
  • Build high quality Backlinks to your blog.
  • Get new subscribers.

How to Find Blogs For Guest Posting

It is simple to search for those blog, simply do a Google search. Google, “Your Keyword” Guest Post or “Your Keyword” Guest Blog.  Remember to replace ‘Your Keyword’ with your keyword.

For Example – If i have to search for make money blogging blogs than i’ll simply type “Make Money Blogging” Guest Post in Google.

4. Social Media

One of the best ways to succeed on Social media is to get really involved. It is a great source of communication and the start of new friendships. It was built for genuine people who want to talk as humans and make connections. Sending people messages directly are another great way to get in touch with them on a personal level. It’s simply an incredible viral means to drive a large amount of sustainable traffic to any website over a period of time. Using it is crucial to your social marketing success. I try to submit every article to social media websites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious.

5. Search Engine optimization

Anyone who works for, or in, an online business knows how incredibly valuable SERPS positions are.  Being listed first in Google means you are bound to gain 55% of all available clicks while second place gains only 25% and the numbers decrease so dramatically that I’d rather be 10th then 7th because people sometimes click on the bottom result before moving to the second page.

  • 5 Houston Search Engine Optimization Tips

6. Forum Posting

If you take the time to answer some of the members’ questions thoughtfully, be genuine as you participate in discussions and help others out, you’ll establish a good name for yourself. This strategy can really help your traffic explode because if someone from a related forum visits your blog and likes what they see, they will send people visiting their forum to your blog, thus increasing your traffic exponentially. I’m usually active on Digital Point and Warrior Forums.

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  • Aminul Islam Sajib says:

    I believe blog commenting is the most effective way to bring more readers on board.

  • Kathy says:

    I'm not sure that building a list would be considered a method for marketing your blog, would it? Wouldn't the list be more for marketing things other than your blog. After all, if someone visits your blog and opts into your list, the marketing your blog part has already been accomplished. Hasn't it?

    Maybe you guys use a list for different purposes than I thought?

    Commenting = definitely more traffic.

    Guest posting = great SEO links = higher SERP ranking = more targeted traffic

  • Some good tips Devesh.

    I think one thing to keep in mind when doing these tactics is understanding who your core audience is. For example, when you are guest posting I always will look at Google Analytics to see how relevant the traffic it drove to my site is. Seeing if they are staying on the site for a while, downloading free content, becoming an RSS subscriber…all is very important when deciding which blogs you should guest post on.

    Thanks for the post! Great info.

  • Ana

    You know what the best thing about your post is, Dev?

    The fact that you do what you preach. I constantly see you everywhere around the web marketing yourself and your blog and your efforts are certainly paying off.

    Great post; thumbs up from me.

    Ana Hoffman

  • Wow! Really great post Dev,

    You are absolutely right with your first point and one of the mistakes I made was not building a mailing list from start, now having subscribers in the hundreds my list is beginning to pay off.

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

  • Hey kathy,

    Mailing list is the most important asset in online business.
    If you have a newsletter list on your blog and you’ve written what you consider to be a key blog post – include a link to it in your next newsletter. Doing this will drive traffic but also signal to your readers that it’s a pillar post that you feel deserves their attention.

    PS. only do this with your best and most relevant posts.

    Thanks for the commenting.

    • TheAfter5Edge says:

      This is a great idea! Send out newsletters gives your marketing strategy a life of its own because many of the recipients will send it onward to others who aren’t on the initial mailing list!

  • Hey Sajib,

    Blog commenting is really great way to market and brand your blog.

    Thanks for commenting.

  • Hey Mark,

    That’s exactly right. Understanding the audience is very important.

    Thanks for the nice comment.

  • David Leonhardt

    It is amazing what can come of a really in-depth, well-thought-out forum post can lead to interest from active people in one's niche.

  • Hey Ana,

    Thanks for your awesome words ana. Keep up the good work :).

    And thanks for the nice comment.

  • Hey Onibalusi,

    That's great to hear.

    Thanks for the nice comment.

  • That's exactly right David.

    Thanks for commenting.

  • Jaja says:

    Hi Devesh, do you mind if I link this post to one of mine? It'll really be great for my viewers… Don't worry! I'll be placing a link bank to your site and to this post in return. Thank you!

  • Abhishek says:

    Hi Dev
    You are absolutely right with this point.And the other three in your email newsletter.
    Thanks For Sharing

  • Hey Abhishek,

    That's great to hear man :). Thanks for the awesome support. Much Appreciated.

  • Yeah jada. But please don't forget to link back to the original post.

  • samuel says:

    great post bro! more power to ur elbow! 5stars for you man, this really helps. thanks for sharing and keep the good work up.

  • Hi Dev,

    I agree with Ana. You do practice what you preach and every single one of these things is a great way to market any website or blog.

    Cheers and good luck!

  • This is a beautiful post bro…well written these are few of the methods I strictly believe in, but I use only Forums and blog commenting effectively.

  • Your suggestions are very valid, especially blog commenting helps a lot in engaging with people and encouraging them to check what you have to say in your own blog.
    I like to comment on the blogs I read regularly if I have something to say and if I feel I have something to add to the discussion.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice Post Devesh,

    This is very true that we can use this six tips that will help us to get more visit.
    But here I have to suggest one more thing that when ever you are thinking for Internet marketing first gone through http://www.hexainfosoft.in that will surly helps to get more specific tips related to internet marketing.

  • Shariq says:

    Build a mailing list and then do what? Don’t people use subscription thingy for this? Well if this list can be used to get traffic, I would definitely want to know how…

  • Jane

    Interesting post Dev. These are some of the most effective tips around to market a blog. Especially guest posting markets and SEOs a blog! Great!

  • Hey, Devesh! Thanks for sharing the wonderful article for us! It help me a lot!