Amazing Marketing Idea For The Holidays!

Dec 7, 2010   //   by Zeke Camusio   //   SEO Blog  //  1 Comment

I recommended this idea to a client of mine and she made a killing! It’s a marketing idea that’s great throughout the year and is perfect for around the holidays.

As you already know, getting business from your existing clients is a lot more effective than getting new clients. One of the best ways of capitalizing on your existing clients is by asking for referrals. Around the holidays your clients will be catching up with family and friends, and also meeting new people at holiday parties and gatherings. It’s a great time for referrals but ASKING would only spoil the holiday cheer. GIVE them something instead.

Here’s a very clever way to ask for referrals without having to ask. This is how it works.

  1. Give your current clients gift cards. Not the kind you buy for a store like Best Buy, but rather a gift card that can be used to pay for your own company’s services.
    • – Make sure you’re giving something with real value (i.e. $200, one month free, etc.)
    • – Make sure that it’s something free and not a free upgrade.
    • – Using a dollar amount is much better than offering a discount percentage- $200 has real value; 50% off the first month doesn’t have as much value.
  2. Spend some money to get nice gift cards; a piece of paper with a dollar amount on it won’t do it. Just check out Google for custom giftcards.
  3. Don’t give your clients 20 gift cards; give them two or three. Play the scarcity card here. If you give them too many, they’ll feel they don’t have value.
  4. Include a card, wishing them a happy holiday and thanking them for their business. Don’t tell them it’s because you’re asking them to promote your company.
  5. Your clients will give these gift cards to their friends and they’ll probably use some of these themselves. Plus, if your client happens to meet someone at a holiday party that’s in need of your services, you’ll be on their mind.

It’s a great WIN-WIN-WIN for the holidays. Your client wins because people like giving gifts to their friends, their friends win because they’re getting a gift and you win because you’re getting new clients.

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  • Jay Ehret says:

    This is a great idea, Zeke. A few years back a potential client asked for a proposal. In my proposal I included a gift certificate for one month's free service. They got to try my service for free for the first month and then decide if they wanted to continue. Three and a half years later they are still my client.
    My recent post How to Make a Billion Dollars Through Marketing