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Video marketing is hot right now, and chances are you may have already tried to capitalize on that with some videos on YouTube. You may think you are done once you have uploaded your video, optimized it for searched, and shared it with your audience. But if you’re only checking your number of views from this point out, then you’re missing out on some important data – your video statistics.

Public Video Statistics

When logged into your YouTube / Google Account, you can go to your video and click on the statistics button under the video.

YouTube Video Statistics

First, you will see the public data about your video, viewable to anyone who clicks on it. This view will give you the overall traffic history, plus some details about specific “discovery events” that led to the most amount of views including search queries and sites it has been embedded on.

YouTube Public Video Statistics

To make this data private, you can click on Private next to Privacy settings. Then, you can continue to the juicy data by clicking on the View more statistics link – the stuff only available to the video owner.

In-Depth Video Analytics

Within your private video analytics, you can set specific date ranges including the last seven days, last thirty days (default), this month, last month, this year, last year, lifetime, or custom range. I prefer using the lifetime option which will include data from December 2009 to the present. Then you can see the following information on the Overview screen for the data range specified.

  • Number of views.
  • Channel subscriber changes.
  • Video engagement (likes, dislikes, comments, shares, favorites added, or favorites removed).
  • Demographics (top viewer locations, male vs. female).
  • Video discovery including top playback locations and traffic sources.

You can click on any of these boxes for more information. I find the most useful areas to be the following – you can access them using the menu on the left hand sidebar.


YouTube Analytics Demographics

This will show you where the majority of your viewers are coming from and the gender breakdown between male and female viewers.

Playback Locations

YouTube Analytics Playback Locations

This will where most people watch your videos. You can also click on the link for Embedded player on other websites to see what websites have embedded your video. This information could come in handy in a variety of ways, such as asking someone who likes your video to link to your website, connect with you on a social network, or accept a guest post from you.

Traffic Sources

YouTube Analytics Traffic Sources

This is another hotbed of information about your video. Click on the links to see where on YouTube your video receives views (such as another member’s favorites or your own channel page), external websites linking to your video, YouTube search terms leading visitors to your video, Google search terms leading visitors to your video, and more. The search terms leading visitors to your video can be especially helpful when you want to create more videos but are unsure what keywords to target.

Audience Retention

YouTube Analytics Audience Retention

Not sure if your videos are too long or too short? Wonder what part of your video content makes people leave? Find out by looking at the Audience Retention graph which shows you what times during the video people start to exit. This can help you change the length of future videos to fit your audience’s attention span.

Engagement Reports

Engagement reports will tell you more information about people who subscribe to your channel, like or dislike your video, favorite your video, comment, or share. This can help you learn more about the audience that actually engages with your video as opposed to just watching it.

Do you use your YouTube statistics and analytics? How has this information helped you in future video marketing campaigns?

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  • Tessa says:

    I am not involved on video marketing. But it is interested to note about YouTube statistics and analytics. Your post gives best idea to analyze the statistics.

  • Very nice information. It looks like Google Analytics for video. If I can figure out how to SEO a video, I might start experimenting with it.


  • Techblaster

    I am not using video marketing to came across this. But this info is really interesting. Today is the first day I heard about YouTube analytic. Thanks for sharing.

  • bbrian017

    Kristi, your the best of the best, you know I’m surprised I haven’t seen you join our contest, you know were giving away the $1000 USD year end prize again. Anyhow this was a great article. If you knew how little I paid attention to analytics you would say that’s what’s slowing down my growth. If I knew where people were converting I would spend more time there marketing. Thanks for the tips!

  • Crescent

    I know it’s off topic but I have to say it. I actually went and looked up the stat’s for Justin Beiber’s signature song, “Baby Baby” and the audience is predominately female 13-17, male 13-17, and male 35-44. I swear I’ll make good use of these techniques but I had to, I just had to.