Do You Know These 5 Brutal Facts About Building A Successful Website?

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How many website owners have said this to you?

“I don’t get it! I am writing killer content on my blog, but don’t understand why my site is not building traffic or authority within my niche! I am at a loss about what to do, can you help me?”

As a reader of this blog, I am sure you come across many individuals like this.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Here are the brutal facts that you must know, if you want to solve this problem for yourself and for others that you work with.

Brutal Fact #1: Creating high-value content for your website is only one integral part to creating a successful internet marketing and website traffic driving strategy.

If you believe that only writing content on your blog will effectively bring traffic and links, you are sadly mistaken.

Here is some advice…

Stop listening to those individuals spreading the adage “If you build it they will come” because it isn’t doing you any favors. Planning out your content, and hitting the publish button is only half the battle. (The other half is generating traffic and links.)

While there may be the one in a billion exceptions every now and then where published content magically becomes viral, the chances that this will happen to you are very unlikely.

Brutal Fact #2: You must know how to leverage the traffic that will be driven into your site or else driving traffic to your blog will be a waste of time.

Here’s the truth…

You can take the time to create an awesome blog post and drive a ton of traffic through it, but if the content within your site doesn’t generate leads, or close sales, you are wasting your time exerting the effort to create the content and drive traffic to it in the first place.

Understanding how you will fully leverage the content on your site, and how it will fit into the entire website strategy to reach your goals is important. If you don’t have a pre-defined path taking your visitor from your content to a sale or other call to action…stop everything you are doing right now and take the time to figure it out.

Think about the exact step-by-step process you want your visitor to take after reading your blog post.

Do you want them to sign up for an e-mail list, send them to the products page, watch a video, or have people re-share the post? Make sure you have this figured out before you start publishing and driving traffic! I see too many entrepreneurs screw this up and waste time!

Brutal Fact #3: For your site to start generating a substantial amount of traffic and backlinks quickly, you will have to create and leverage your trusted Internet and in-person relationships.

Why do you think individuals who help websites drive a massive amount of visitors through them are massively connected? Do you think that is by accident?

It obviously is no surprise to those who know this secret! Here is the thing…

Taking time amid your busy schedule to grow current relationships and create new ones with individuals in your niche, is one of the unspoken secrets of successful bloggers and website owners.

Here is a tip: Make sure that when reaching out to new contacts, your intention is to create a win/win situation between the both of you. Always focus on what you can do to help the other person out first, and then more often than not, they will want to help you as well.

Brutal Fact #4: Having an understanding of your market, and knowing how to effectively create content for that market is an essential skill.


(This also includes having the copywriting skills to format content effectively that will capture and hold a visitors attention and lead them to a precise call to action.)

If you don’t know how to write killer posts for your site that will resonate with your market, you will definitely experience challenges.

Even though you think you may be creating high quality content, step back for a minute and ask yourself, “Is this piece of content something my market wants, and is it formatted in a way that will hold their attention from beginning to end?”

If you can’t say yes to this question quickly, go back to the drawing board and find a way to fix it.

Brutal Fact #5: Understanding how SEO and social media work together is a must when it comes to building backlinks and driving massive amounts of traffic through content on your site.

When you understand the impact how social media affects SEO, you really have the keys to the kingdom.

Knowing how to leverage your current relationships to drive the traffic into your site and create the backlinks to content with the appropriate anchor text, results in ranking high in google. The high rankings cause more continual traffic that is generated into your site long term from the search engines for key search terms.

Mastering these two moving parts takes skill, but they wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t focus on always continually building win/win relationships with individuals in your niche.


You can’t just write great content or create a website and expect the mere act of creating content to get you what you want, without the knowledge of how social media works, and the necessary skill of building and growing relationships with individuals who will help you as you help them.

Make sure that you take the time to learn the necessary skills, and connect with those individuals who can help you. Continue to do this as you focus on creating the best content possible for your site. If you need help in this area, go to people who are doing it themselves and ask for their help, or buy their products that teach you how to do it.

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  • Eric Canja says:

    Talk about BRUTAL… it's like getting a virtual sledge hammer dropped on a bare foot!

    The third point that you make is something that really resonates with me and I am learning how to communicate effectively enough to point out the benefits of the relationship.

    My biggest challenge is focusing on what it is that I want my potential visitors coming to the site to do. As a multi-passionate person that can speak on a variety of topics, there are times when there is more spinning in my head than there is any spinning progress forward.

    This was a very well written article and I appreciate the amount of concise information that you provided.

    It just goes to show that relationships will help in the game of traffic. This particular guest blogger is someone that I've communicated with a few times over what seems like a long period of time.

    Continue to have guest poster like him! Who knows, maybe when I figure out what it is that I am doing, maybe I can be one myself!

  • ehilary09 says:

    Relationships help in any business if you have the connections you have better chance of success

  • @jayphilips says:

    All wonderful facts. Everyone should understand the concept off quality and quantity.

  • Graham J says:

    This is true of a blog or news site etc. but not true of all sites. I ran a successful social network for a dozen years and didn't write anything.

  • I understand this.

    I've been writing for clients for many years. However, I only put up a blog of my own a few months ago… I always thought that there was no rush. As long as I can write killer articles, my site will gain popularity when I put it up.

    So, I put up my site, and learned that no matter how good your ideas are, and no matter how well you word it, unless it's seen and appreciated, all your efforts will be in vain.

    Now I'm studying everything related to becoming a successful online presence.

    When it comes to websites, I still believe content is king. But it needs keyword research, SEO and proper linking to achieve the attention it deserves.

    Thank you for this post, and I think I'll stick around and read through your other posts.

    • Bingo – When you say this…

      "When it comes to websites, I still believe content is king. But it needs keyword research, SEO and proper linking to achieve the attention it deserves."

      You are 100% correct. Good luck!

  • Nabil says:

    Whoa! I totally remember being the guy @ #1. As a relativetely new webmaster I always thought my websites would grow big one day automatically — thanks to my content.

    But it never did. And I later on found out about link building 🙂

    What I have to say to the guy: people most probably won't link to your content — no matter how awesome and valuable it actually is. So don't rely on it. Build links.

    /Nabil, from Sweden.

    My recent post Bukspottkörtelcancer

  • Spencer Belkofer says:

    My favorite has to be #2…so many people (including myself in past lives) have gone to the trouble of creating a website, putting of some good content, and then generating traffic to that website without considering how effective the website is at driving visitors to reach a specific goal. The best way to do this is with planning and Google Analytics. This allows you to monetize certain vistor behavior so that you can know whether or not your visitors or doing what you intend them to do.

    It's easy to get carried away with wanting to get folks to your site right away, but the truth is that you should be running split tests, A/B tests, etc. from the very moment you start sending traffic to your site. This will help you immensely in the long run.

  • Scott ..content is maybe 20% of it…the rest is just hard work when it come to doing great seo work..

    "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"
    My recent post Free Seo eBook Traffic Manual by The Black Seo Guy – Seo Marketing Services

  • Best SEO SMO says:

    The last one seemed to be important to me since I am also in a department where the Best in SEO and the Best in SMO get combined.

    Knowing the best technique in SEO and the best in social media optimization would only mean success for me. Oh I have to discover the best among the best in SEO, yet with social media.

    Thanks for sharing.
    My recent post SEO for Quality- Relevancy and Authority

  • Wayne Barker says:

    Hey Scott,

    There is nothing like coming to the point is there? No sitting on the fence here. You make a great point about 'build it at they will come'. There is no field of dreams but so many people have heard the phrase 'content is king' that they seem oblivious to the fact that there is so much more to it. having a superfcial understanding of any process can be dangerous for your business.
    My recent post AdWords Policy Update- Collecting Personal or Financial Details

  • Liz MCFarland says:

    Fierce but very true. A site is just holding up space on the Internet unless you drive people to it. Search engine optimization is essential for a business.
    Chatmeter offers a great service that provides online reputation management and SEO tips for small businesses and agencies.

  • Absolutely Wayne…Thanks for the comment!

  • Relationships help in any business if you have the connections you have better chance of success

    It means that if you have people with lots of sites they can help you to linkback to your sites and increas your ranking in google. Linkbuilding and Content is a good method.

  • Shawn says:

    A lot of these facts are correct. If you cannot get your site or your clients site seen then it is pretty useless. Content is king and will probably always be. Great post and keep bringing them.