Emerging Trends in SEO: What 2013 Has in Store for Us

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We’re just wrapping up the 2nd month of this year and, already, we’re seeing the rise and fall of many trends on the World Wide Web. No, it’s not the Harlem Shake that’s gotten everyone on craze mode.

I’m talking about the onslaught of new trends in SEO that are both promising and terrifying. Promising because they’ll surely bring down unsuspecting spammers, and terrifying because what if those “unsuspecting” people include us? What if the trends we so look forward to slap us right in the face and boot our sites to the lowest position on the SERPs?

Scared yet? Don’t be! Worst-case scenario is you will get booted. However, you still have a second chance at redeeming yourself and your website.

But in the first place, what “fads” will take root in our industry this year?


mobileIt’s hard to find people these days who don’t have a smartphone. Whether it’s iOS, Android, or even Windows Mobile, smartphone users are definitely now a huge part of the Internet browsing audience. On top of that, Web searches through mobile devices are garnering attention, especially as the numbers go up and higher each month. It won’t be long before websites clamour for updated strategies to make their pages more appealing to the mobile-using industry.


Hold on to your haunches, this one’s a major surprise! Well, not really. We all know how our link profiles influence our rankings on SERPs. This year, it won’t be any different.

Google and other search engines will still set their sights on proper link building strategies, condemning website owners who are still participating in black hat SEO cults and other I-can-get-away-with-this SEO techniques. 2013 is no longer the year of link spamming; instead, it is the dawn of the era of organic link building. In a gist, it won’t make sense if 2,000 links sprout up overnight in your backlink profile.


It cannot be denied that Google is indeed the king, no, emperor of the search engine market. Because of this, it has the unofficial privilege of changing the course of the entire Internet industry at the mere snap of its fingers. Why? We are ALL clamouring for a spot in its coveted search results.

This year, expect the “clamouring” done through the help of Google+ and Google Authorship. Both services allow website owners or authors to claim their work or content by linking the Web page to their G+ accounts. Sure, it’s a genius way for Google to promote their brainchild social network, but that’s beside the point. To put it as simple as possible, if you’re not on Google+, you’re committing a BIG mistake!


Pretty soon, we’ll be bowing down to our benign robotic overlords, watching as they lead humanity into a better more advanced never-before-imagined inter-galactic future.

But that’s just me trying to make a joke. Though seriously, robots are the next big thing! They’re not just hot and awesome on cinema screens, but sizzling as one of the most efficient digital marketing techniques ever.

Using Robots.txt

I’m talking about robots.txt files. This year, more and more people will realise the importance of utilising and maximising robots.txts, particularly in building their websites. Since Author Tagging has become an immense part of our SEO strategies, site builders will know exactly how to play with their robots texts to, shall we say, please Google and satisfy its hunger for top-quality Web pages.


Remember this because you’ll be hearing about it for the next, say, couple of years! CRO is the new buzz around the Internet because EVERYBODY wants conversions! Who doesn’t, right?

In the context of online marketing, this is the method of enhancing browser experience on a website with the goal of “converting” visitors into consumers. It’s a pretty straightforward technique that goes a long way towards increasing your potential on the World Wide Web. It is an excellent addition to actual search traffic, particularly because some sites rank for specific niches, but don’t actually get “conversion”.

In a gist, there’s a reason CRO and SEO rhyme, and it’s not because they both end in optimisation.


It’s not surprising that these are dominating headlines in 2013. After all, they’re one of the most crucial aspects of our SEO strategies.

As it turns out, Google and other search engines will look into title tags and headings on our content to gauge the quality of our posts. No longer are content and links the main focus, so are anchor texts and alt attributes. As long as it’s applicable, SEO writers should sub-divide their write-ups into keyword-based sections, if only to up the chance of ranking on the SERPs.


I’ve said this over and over again, quality is what’s important people!

But other than that point, content marketers are no longer just concentrating on single-faceted Web content. Take for instance a single topic, which you can turn into an article, a podcast, an infographic, a Slideshow, and a stop-motion video. Scatter all of these on forums, blogs, websites, social networks and you already have an arsenal of relevant marketing campaigns.

Better yet, save your “more meaty” content on your website and entice Internet browsers to your original page by giving previews through social media. Not only will you be generating links, but you’ll also be amassing traffic by the numbers!


2013 is no longer “just around the corner”, but is already strutting down the street and intimidating us with its awesomeness. But before we bask in the sure glory that is two-oh-one-three, we must first understand the possibilities that lie in our future, particularly with our standing in SEO.

Only then can we assure ourselves that, “Yes, I will rise from the ashes and come out alive come 2014!”

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  • Jennifer Cunningham says:

    Enjoyed the article. That’s a unique approach–attracting fb to your site with promise of a meaty article.

  • Good post shared!!!
    Google is focusing only on content and seo field is badly affected, though some quality techniques are to be done for bette results..

  • Saif says:

    i feel like this article was written for me. great post. looking forward to more from this author!

  • Micheal

    Well we are going to see lot of social media activities in 2013, especially Google Plus is having bigger role in predicting the search engine rankings.

  • Well framed write-up Stuart!

    Mobile marketing will be the trend in 2013 followed by conversion optimization, Google authorship and fresh quality content being important factors to get preference from Google and rank with sustenance.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Abhishek says:

    Thanks for these wonderful tips…SEO has changed a lot in the last 1 year and with google focusing more on quality in coming years we can expect more changes in days to come…Its very necessary to be on top of search engines in case one wants to be an expert at SEO and articles like this surely helps a lot…

  • Dan says:

    Thank you for this article. There is a lot of useful information in here and it is also well structured. It seems that Google will have a major say in this after all. People should reconsider using google + in their advantage. Once again, thanks for the info!

  • Laura says:

    Of course Google claims he doesn’t like link building campaigns, he has Adwords which brings him money, d’oh! We’ll just have to be careful, that’s all. Do things with moderation

  • Samfrank says:

    In 2013,increase social media network is more useful for deriving traffic.As more and more of the data about what’s trending on their platforms gets collected by social media sites, more of it will also become available for review by Google.

  • if u want to get ranked well i also agree with you mate a perfect strategy which comprise of time duration and covering all aspects of resources through which quality link can be deduce…

  • Mobile search, deservingly at the top! It will be huge the next couple years!

  • Stuart

    Thanks for the comment.