Facebook Optimization Strategy in 3 Easy Metrics

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This is a guest post from Sarah Nelson. It is part of  The “Bad Ass” SEO Guest Blogging Contest.

While many brands are taking advantage of Facebook pages for online marketing campaigns and customer service, many people question of how to create real engagement as well as what metrics to measure.

Each brand may have their own ideas about Facebook optimization (FBO) but here are three social metrics to help you plan your strategy.

1. Production Metrics

Tracking the number of posts and types of content you put on your page is critical because it allows you to see how often you should be posting and the types of content that resonates with your fans and prospects. For production metrics, I track the following each week:

  • The number and types of photos that I upload
  • The number and types of videos that I upload
  • The number and types of status updates that I publish on the brand page

Keep your posts fresh. For example, you may write a status update about an upcoming event in the morning, and in the afternoon, you could post a picture or give a valued customer some special attention. I try to follow the 80/20 rule for creating Facebook content. 80% is value added content for the fans and 20% is promotional content for the brand. If you aren’t posting often, you are not building and nurturing relationships. I recommend creating a Facebook content calendar to help you plan some of your posts and events in advance.

2. Engagement Metrics

Measuring your engagement metrics will help you get to know your community and have a better understanding of how to attract more likeminded people to your page. I recommend testing dozens of variations of content to see what ranks the best. The engagement metrics I frequently track are:

  • Comments made by fans
  • How many people “Like” your posts
  • The number of new Facebook Fans
  • The number of weekly page visits
  • The number of active users

The bottom line for FBO is whether you are fully engaged with your community. If your fans are writing updates on your page, write back to them to show you are listening. You should be able to analyze your engagement metrics and use this as a forecasting tool for creating more meaningful interactions.

3. Brand Building Metrics:

Using brand building metrics, you can understand how Facebook users feel about your brand and how to manage your brand presence in relation to your competition. I analyze how often people talk about the brand, what people are saying about the brand, as well as what is being said about other brands in the industry. The metrics I use are as follows:

  • Brand Mentions
  • Sentiment Analysis (track positive and negative)
  • Share of Conversation (how many times does your brand name appear vs. your competition)
  • Content reputation

You can see from the above lists that there are a variety of easy to track metrics that you’ll probably want to monitor and analyze, depending on your brand’s Facebook objectives.

Remember, monitoring data is only valuable if you track and analyze your metrics and apply what you learn toward improving your brand’s content, engagement, and overall Facebook strategy.

Have some favorite Facebook Optimization metrics of your own? Let me know in the comments.

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Sarah is a marketing strategist for The World Adult Kickball Association. She is also the Founder of Npress and Practice Marketing Revolution and has been helping doctors and dentists get new patients and keep them since 2007. Sarah and her team advise health care practices, organizations, and individuals on how to build strategic marketing plans and use interactive media to build relationships and deliver value.

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  • Ana

    Hey, Sarah: the question is HOW you track all these stats?

  • Sarah Nelson says:

    I track manually, use the Facebook insights on the brand page, and use free tools like Openbook, Facebook status analyzer, collecta, and social mention.

  • Dominique Lahaix says:

    Thanks for the article.

    All your metrics are quantitative and I think it's not enough.

    As an example if you're a brand -like us- selling to marketers, having marketers joining our FB page and even better influencial marketers has way more value than having people that may never buy nor spread the message right.

    It's the same for the mention of your brand.

    Social media is about relationship and time is a limited resource. Brand on one end and FB users on the other have limited bandwidth so it's critical for both of them to focus on who matters, not on overall numbers.

  • Very Good article. Social Media Optimization is new way to promote your brand and products. We should always remember that this SMO is public , so never put wrong information in your profile , it will damage your brand image.