Funny Friday: 3 Reasons Guest Blogging is Awesome for SEO

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No matter how hard you try to avoid it, if you want to do SEO, you’ll eventually have to come face to face with the fact that content is necessary. One of the best ways to build links to your site is through guest blogging; which is a simple process. You write an article that is published on another blog for free; the payment you receive in return for writing the article is a link back to your site.

Usually, you want to create some context for the link by writing about a related topic, which can be tedious and in all honesty, boring. Today, right now, I’ve decided something monumental; screw that noise, I’m going to write about why sometimes, if you choose to throw caution to the wind, guest blogging kicks ass.

My attempt here is to create a satire about guest blogging, but believe me that there is some useful information within the allegory. Please, do me a favor and share this; it’s on you, dear readers, to prove that an article like this can indeed do well!

Plus, sometimes we all get so caught up in the SERP chase that we forget to slow down and have a bit of fun. Hopefully you can learn a bit of something, and have a laugh this Friday, courtesy of me and SEM-Group!


Reason 1: Artistic License


Look it up if you must, but artistic license means one thing: I can make up whatever I want, call it art, and its 100% ok.

This is a fairly obvious point, because sometimes, you have to write about something that is just so monumentally draining that you have to throw in a couple of curve balls to keep people awake.  With that, lets transition to when this principal is generally used, allegory.

In 2007, the mortgage bubble collapsed because the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Basically, many mortgages that had no chance of being paid off were combined with low risk mortgages and sold as a moderate risk investment to people who buy those things. It got to the point where imaginary money was generating imaginary money, which was then used to back more mortgages that couldn’t possibly be paid off.

Eventually, all of this unsustainable spending did what it was apt to do, collapse. In 2008, Pete Wise was elected as supreme emperor-chancellor-minister-king (S-E-C-M-K) of the stock market, saw this impending doom, and was far too busy swimming in pools bursting with imaginary money to do anything about it. When it really started hitting the fan, he was prompted by his S-E-C-M-K computer to do something about it; I was given two options.

1)   Help the Situation by implementing a sound fiscal strategy

2)   Delete Everything

Sadly, whoever had appointed me to this position didn’t read the fine print of my employment contract, which clearly stated that if ever given the option to delete everything, I have to accept. So, true to form, I deleted everything, immediately headed to 7-11 to get a burrito, and went home to have a nap. That is why the stock market crashed.

That is my artistic interpretation.

See that last bit, in bold and underlined? That makes all of that totally OK, and this is one reason why guest blogging can sometimes rule. You’re welcome politics, that entire recession, is all on me now.


Reason 2: Having Fewer Reasons in the Article than the Title Advertises


When guest blogging, sometimes you find that you decided on a topic to write about before you actually sit down to write it. You basically cover everything you wanted to in a fewer number of points than you originally promised. When this happens, you are left with a couple of options; you can revise the title, or you can forge on ahead and try to find another reason to add to the article to satisfy the title you’ve already chosen. Since this article is a satire of guest blogging in general, I’m sure its clear what I’ve chosen.

The reason that you have to choose a number is pretty simple; list-type articles do quite a bit better on social media than articles of most other kinds. In an effort to drive up social markers for articles, content marketers follow trends. Websites like generate top-X type lists almost exclusively, and get thousands of Facebook likes within a day. If you don’t believe me, here a screenshot of an article published TODAY, by a writer on their site.

Social Metrics we Dream Of!

Content Marketers dream of creating that sort of buzz, and rarely, such as the case of Larry Kim ruining the Facebook IPO, it happens. Far more often, we do our best to scrape every Like, +1, Stumble, and Tweet we can for our clients. We love doing it because SEO is honestly one of the most interesting fields to work in. Sometimes, we have to let loose, and that’s when you get articles just like this one!


Reason 3: Lying About the Number of Points in Sub-Categories, and Bad Grammar


Simple, because I can. Also, this usually happens because you think of something pertinent while writing the article that you want to share. I also know that I’ve switched between first person and third person in this article enough times to make the grammar-sensitive among us cringe. I’m sorry, but this is my party, so deal with it.


Reason 4: Because Unique Content is King

At the end of the day, the bottom line is simple. With every algorithm implementation, it is becoming more and more clear that search engines want to see websites create unique content that engages the reader. Keyword stuffing, cloaking, density, and anchor-text optimization are quickly becoming things of the past.

More and more, it seems to me that SEO needs to emulate the marketing strategies of brick-and-mortar businesses. Penguin more-or-less confirmed this for me, when it became important to have a link profile balanced between branded links and anchor text links. We all saw examples of sites that had over-optimized for a particular term become penalized, and some sites that had built links for those same keywords dropped off the SERPS entirely.

The message is clear, content is what Google wants to see. Far too often over the past 5 years I’ve heard complaints from my clients about how they have an awesome site, with a ton of content that is unique, but are being outranked by more spammy sites. We longed for the days that search engines would punish those that gamed the system and rewarded those that tried to make a website that truly engaged its users.

That day has arrived, and as guest bloggers, we couldn’t be happier. Above all other reasons stated in this article, this is why guest blogging is awesome for SEO. Do what Google wants and create good content, and you will be rewarded!

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Pete Wise

Pete Wise is a White-Hat SEO Jedi and SEM Analyst. An ultra-statistical SEO, he spends his days with Magento On-Site optimization, Google Places Management, Social Media Engagement, Link-Building, and Content Writing. He worked at Customer Paradigm until July 2012, whom employ the most experienced Magento Developers on the web!

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  • Richard says:

    Unique content is definitely king. Google is finally updating itself to reward those who spend the time to write quality unique content. Almost every topic has been covered, but there are so many ways to tackle it from different angles and make it uniquely your own. Great post. It got me thinking a lot.

  • Guest blogging only when you publish top quality content. However, there are many who would only use this online marketing technique as a way to spam the web. If you are cranking out guest posts one after another, brace yourself!


    • Pete Wise says:

      Of course there are those that will use guest blogging for evil, but if you source your posts from good places, like myblogguest, then you can be assured that it is at least mostly unique.

  • Marbella says:

    Unfortunately, many guest articles are rewritten articles that the guest has found in some other blog. I have several times found the same article in different blogs with the same guest writer.

  • Abhishek says:

    Hi Pete, I completely agree with you. With all the changes done by search engines to algorithms, the importance of guest blogging has really increased. It helps to diversify the link profile, makes backlinks look more natural and also connects with you to a number of readers of the blog where you posted the article (some of the readers may turn out to be prospects as well)

    • Pete says:

      Gotta hate here man; its not about LOOKING more natural, just MAKE your link profile more natural.

      I’ve found, that with few exceptions, anyone who is trying to look good is not good. The overall health of your site is important, and the punishment is too harsh to risk. Guest blogging exchanges content for a link, and you can imagine its only a matter of time before Google can tell if an article is spun. Write good, unique content, and you’ll never have to worry about an algorithm change again.

  • Elena Anne

    I agree Marbella. I too have found blogs repeated across the internet. Unfortunately (or maybe it’s a good thing), makes one more skeptical about what you are reading. Does this person really believe this? Do they really care about the topic? Why should i engage with them if they don’t?

  • Yeremi Akpan

    I have found guest blogging to be very important for SEO. Apart from my personal experience, all the persons I look up to in the blogosphere tell me how guest blogging was instrumental to their success.

    Ron Morrows, Carol Tice, Oni Bamidele, Danny Iny – and the list goes on an on – are all in agreement on this one thing, despite the fact they differ on a lot of other positions.

    They cannot all be wrong…

  • Joy says:

    With all the updates Google is coming up with, it’s good to know that those who really take the time to play a good. clean game of providing relevant and unique contents will finally be rewarded.

  • Carl Potts

    What I personally find difficult is the inspiration or Eureka moment for developing for new content on my site , ie stuff thats interesting or useful

  • Luke says:

    Hello Pete,

    It’s a great post you got here. Content writing definitely is the sauce of guest blogging. White hat SEO is what google is looking for.

  • Abhishek says:

    Hey Pete

    Guest blogging is a great way to get a genuine back link to a website. Guest blogging requires high quality content. Blogs with inferior content are already being punished by Google. So that keeps the saying going- Content is the King.

  • Will says:

    I agree about the reason number 4. Definitely unique content is a KING. Great stuffs you shared, Pete.

  • Alex says:

    Guest posting, guest posting. I promised myself that I need to do more of these but always procrastinate. This post showed to me the benefits of guest posting and there’s even hard data to back it up. No more excuses. Must start writing. Using Google Analytics and the goal feature is a great idea. I was wondering is it possible to set up a goal where the entry is a guest post from somewhere else and the exit is a page on your site? Please share how to do this if you know.

    • Pete says:

      This is simple Alex, create a custom segment, and then choose the “Source” to be where the link points to on your site from the guest post.

      Then, further qualify that segment by adding an “if” statement, with the “Source” containing a part of the URL of the site the guest blog is located on.

      Problem, solved.

  • Sanjib Saha

    Hi Pete,

    I was very happy to read the introduction. I think you must have studied English Literature. I thought so, because you used the term ‘allegory’ which others would not know. Your entire article is interesting and as promised you made me laugh.Got some tips too for guest blogging.

    Sanjib 🙂

  • Matt says:

    I think guest blogging is probably a quite an effective method of SEO, one which i have not focused on currently. However, i am puzzled to know were people find the time to do all these things. As i am not working at the moment, i have the advantage of spending a good part of the, if not all day on my website. Through spending a good 2 months designing my website and a further 2 months trying to build links without any prior knowledge i am learning and improving every day. However, i never no how someone can successfully build backlinks, write good content, design and biuld mirror links all at the same time.