How Often Should You Optimize Your Content

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No doubt there are many different answers to this question. Some people like myself, tweak content on a daily basis. Others have never optimized a single page on their website. Ultimately, the decision of when to take time to optimize your content is up to you, but there are situations when you should take time to optimize your online presence.

Optimize your content

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During a Redesign

Let’s be honest, the main purpose of most website redesigns is to optimize their performance. A true redesign is built from the ground up. There is absolutely no better time to ensure that your website is configured to attract maximum interest from readers than when it’s being reimagined. You can build SEO and speed optimizations right into your new design. You’ll have a better looking, faster and more productive website when you’re finished.

When Adding Content for All Pages

Adding fresh content that will appear on all the pages of your website is also a great time to optimize your content. First of all, make sure that the content you are adding is optimized. It’s going to be appearing on every page of your site. If it’s well optimized, every page will benefit.

This is also a good time to tweak individual pages. You’ll be visiting every page on your website to make sure your new content is properly integrated. As you click through your content, keep an eye out for ways to optimize each page.

When Circumstances Change

There are any number of reasons why the circumstances of your situation may change. Sometimes they’re personal reasons. Other times their professional. It might be an opportune time to make some adjustments to your website, especially if the circumstances necessitate a change or update to your website.

When it’s been a While

If you’re reading this and thinking “I haven’t optimized my site in months”, that would mean now is a good time to get to work. If your website and your business are running smoothly, you may not think you need to optimize your site. After all, it doing well and so are you.

Remember that a website that is doing well is a website that is often updated. Make a point to go back and revisit your optimization strategy on a regular basis. Even if it’s just a routine checkup to make sure things are functioning properly. Your website will thank you.

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  • Darryl Thode says:

    Thanks for useful information !

  • Jamy Hoster

    I think nice information comment is not a justice with you this blog as your have mentioned all points which is necessary for a website according to the time and the demand as there are lots of changes have been done in last few days in search engines so that site must have changes as they needed for the optimization.

  • I appreciate for this valuable information.You have shared such a great and valuable stuff.

  • I have added optimization to my editorial calendar. Just to make sure that it is done.
    Content is one thing, but as mentioned here the, the platform is also important.

  • Stinki says:

    Yes its good to keep on track and dont forget to periodically maintain you website not only to optimize it once and then forget because google will put it back on the back pages.

  • weekend getaways near delhi says:

    Impressive Post it’s really very awesome to read and i like it.

  • Monty Manatee

    I have a long list of blog posts to optimize on my to do list. They’re mainly from my early days of blogging when I knew how to pick a keyword but not much else!

  • Brian Jones says:

    This is something I have been wondering about with my website. I don’t post very often because my idea well is dry or I happen to be extra busy. These are going to be my new words to live by: “Remember that a website that is doing well is a website that is often updated.”


  • Ray says:

    I manually optimize for speed and performance the most often. In terms of SEO I usually do this at the time of posting. I rarely go back and update or change anything. Some of my older posts and pages I have been thinking about tweaking slightly, but after all this time I am keep telling myself to just leave it alone. You definitely should try to do a routine check up. I come across things all the time that are missed or overlooked from simple spelling errors to missing alt image tags you name it.

  • Great article, It reminds me that I should optimize the contents aswell, not just the title tags and suchs…

    Thanks for the wake up call..

  • markincense says:

    Well I do it when time change and when I update with content I change design but its not with time changes its according to the content there are lots of advices I have received from many readers who send me tips through commenting on my blogs.

  • Dougy Hunt

    Thanks for the information. In what ways do you optimise your content?

  • Aaron says:

    Useful info that’s definitely worth bookmarking – especially for budding web entrepreneurs.

  • Steve says:

    I tend to optimise content on a monthly basis after looking through my analytics logs for popular incoming keywords that I might be able to boost my ranking for. It seems to do the trick because obviously the top 3 positions in the natural search rankings receive the bulk of the click-throughs so if you can move up into these, you can see large gains from little effort.

  • John says:

    Thanks I had thought of going back and revisiting some older content, but never seem to get around to it because there is so much new stuff to do. However I will now try harder in future. Cheers

  • There a lot of good things to consider when optimizing a site nowadays for SEO beyond the keywords. Site speed, responsive design, minimalistic layout all come to mind off the bat! Take advantage of all the things you can optimize for a better user experience!