The Case of 60% (or Above) ‘Money Keyword’ Anchor Text!

May 8, 2012   //   by Obaidul Haque   //   SEO, SEO Blog  //  9 Comments

Anchor text has long been the SEO trump card. However, the last couple of algorithmic updates have turned things around quite a bit. On the one hand, Google’s Panda is targeting low quality sites (low value for the user, copied content). On the other, Google’s Penguin update is hitting those sites that engage in web spam (keyword stuffing, link spam). All these updates clearly signal that you can no more loophole your way to higher search rankings in Google.

The golden era of ‘exact match anchor text’ is finally over.

Thanks to manipulative link building techniques, exact match anchor text is fast losing its importance. In fact, Google is trying to close all the loopholes one after another. A lack of natural links is all you need to see your site fall apart.

Though Google had already been targeting sites that over-optimized their anchor text (for higher rankings overnight), its attack is now more intense than ever. The recently rolled out Penguin update has taken all the webmasters by storm. You can no more blast a site to the top of Google search results by getting tons of links with an exact match anchor text like ‘best seo company’.

According to recently conducted study by Microsite Masters, it’s come to light that sites that were negatively hit by Google’s Penguin update had used ‘money keyword’ in their anchor text as much as 60% (or above) of all linking text. Such a high percentage of money keyword in all inbound links of a site sent manipulative signals to Google. And that’s why these sites with aggressive exact match anchor text were negatively hit. Sites whose money keyword percentage in anchor text was below 50% were not affected by Google’s Penguin update.

Exact Match vs Partial Match Anchor Text
The fact that sites that had a money keyword as their anchor text below 50% were not impacted negatively also clarifies that exact match anchor text hasn’t lost their weight entirely. Yes, it definitely means one thing that you should quickly quit obsessing over exact match anchor text linking. Instead of focusing too much on similar anchor text, it’s a good idea to use partial match keywords.

If you want to rank for keywords ‘article marketing software’ for example, you can use partial matches like ‘the best software for article marketing’, ‘make your article marketing easy’ and ‘article marketer’s software’ among others.

Link Relevance & Diversity
Most importantly, you need to focus on two major elements of anchor text linking – relevance and diversity. When a search engine crawler crawls a link, it also tracks the degree of relevance. A good link value is, therefore, passed when the crawler verifies that links pointing back to your sites are from credible and related sources (both linking page- and domain-wise) . Apart from focusing on link relevance, you need to use different variations of anchor text.

Variations may include your brand name, the URL name, short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords and partial match keywords as anchor text. The more diverse your anchor text linking profile is, the more natural it will look to search engines.

This is What You Need to Do
The first step is to take a closer look at your internal or on-site anchor text linking (over which you’ve all control). Make sure you’re not over-optimizing. Second, you need to analyze the anchor text links pointing back to your site from external sources. If you notice a higher exact match anchor text pattern, you need to take action. If it’s in your control (in case you know site owners personally), you can tweak the anchor text with different variations. If this is beyond your control or doesn’t sound practical, you should start building links with different variations of anchor text to balance out things before it’s really too late.

What’s in your anchor text? Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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  • Irish Copywriter

    Viva la penguin! It’s helped my site quite a bit.

  • Marbella says:

    Hi Obaidul,
    As I have always said, build your site with the long tail method, both in the anchor texts and articles. Google likes it and it has the latest updates shown us all.

  • Obaidul

    Yes, using exact match anchor text via blog commenting has been quite common. Anybody that does this should stop doing it right away.

    Not only in blog comments, but you can use the name of your URL in many different places. There are many sites that would link to domain using your URL. It’s important to find these sites so that variation can be added to anchor text.

    I don’t think leaving your long-tail blog post URL under your comment (via CommentLuv) will do any harm, as it doesn’t usually contain ‘money keywords’.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Good post Obaidul. It seems having money anchor text links in the sitewide blogroll/footer were particularly deadly with this update.

  • Ray says:

    I still see quite a few complaints about this one going around yet. I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea not to focus on just a small group of anchor text. Better to mix it up a bit at least until we see what Google is going to do next.

  • Richard

    The sad thing is that so many newbies are still being manipulated by these people selling links and they will all be hurt in the long run. I hope more people read your post so that they do not spend more time and money destroying themselves.


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  • Rainbow SEO says:

    I am going to have to agree with this post. I think the majority of anchor text should be your URL as it naturally should be.. some anchor text is still OK and important in my opinion.