Is It Wise to Rely 100% on Link Networks?

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Do you remember what happened on March 19? It’s the day when majority of BMR’s (Build My Rank’s) network was de-indexed by Google. Search engine giant Google has always been on a mission to detect spam. But now, it seeks to destroy spam even more strongly. Build My Rank has done a lot of good to publishers and SEOs for many years. That’s why the news of BMR getting de-indexed shattered the entire SEO community.

What does this step by Google indicate?

[There are two things.]

First, link or blog networks are on Google’s radar now.

Second, links still matter.

If you conduct a search on Google, you can easy find hundreds of reviews that recommend BMR as one of the best SEO tools. Now that the de-indexing has happened many of the reviewers feel sorry about it.

Here’s what Steve (of SteveScottSite) has to say –

Lis (of Lis Sower Butts) says this –

There are high speculations that Google will de-index many other link networks. But what we know for sure is that BMR’s blog network has been de-indexed already. The owner of this link network has honestly shared the details of this de-indexing on their site. In addition, BMR also offers a tutorial for its customers to help the latter remove backlinks to a particular site.

If You’re Building Links via Link Networks…
Obviously, not everyone out there is utilizing link networks to build backlinks. But there are definitely those that rely on link networks massively. Though it’s not entirely bad to use such networks, the best idea is to not depend on just one link network for building backlinks for your niche sites. There are still multiple blog networks that are going strong. However, you need to use your brains and take every step with caution so that you can prevent (unexpected) penalties.

Don’t freak out. Google will always continue to do things it wants to do. The biggest piece of advice that you can use is to diversify your link building efforts as much as possible. If you’re using several sources to build links, it won’t destroy everything in case one of those networks gets hit.

Building a diverse backlinks profile is all about finding more opportunities, analyzing them and leveraging those that look credible.

A truly diverse backlinks profile may include –

Text links
Image links
Country code domain links
Do-follow links
No-follow links
Links from .net, .org, .edu sites

You May Still Use Some of Those Networks!
The de-indexing of BMR is a special case actually. What you must note in this case is that BMR is built around a network of sites that are owned by the same link building service. [These sites belong to just one owner]. On the other hand, there are other link networks that thrive around a community. They have a network of sites that belong to different individuals like you and me. That’s why you really need to rack your brains before making a SEO decision.

Getting the point? Please feel free to share your own opinions and thoughts by casting your vote in the poll below.

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  • Isha Singh

    According to me why to take risk by relying of link networks where we don’t have our control. we can take some time from busy schedule to do it manually!!

    • Obaidul

      SEO is not just about building links. It’s about having a great design. It’s about having great content. It’s about user-friendliness. In short, SEO is now about building your site’s trust in the eyes of search engines. That’s why, you need to focus equally on each of the aspects that make up a great site.

      Thanks for your comment, Isha.

  • Homeforgeeks

    you have mentioned some quite interesting points!
    After BMR fiasco every one would be reluctant to wholy depend on Link Building networks!
    HFG team

  • Marbella says:

    Hi Obaidul,
    There are no shortcuts in SEO work and link networks or similar is doomed by Google, so you’ll be in something so it’s time to end it immediately.

  • Obaidul

    Glad you liked the article, Watson.


  • Ray says:

    Google seems to be on a update kick lately. Who knows what they are up to and might change next. Like you mentioned it is a good idea to diversify your backlinks. If Google decides to devalue or penalize one form hopefully one would have enough other types so they wouldn’t take a huge hit.

  • Watson says:

    you have mentioned some quite interesting points!
    After BMR fiasco every one would be reluctant to wholy depend on Link Building networks!


  • It certainly isn’t wise to rely completely on link networks as your link building strategy. Although there was a time when it might have helped a website’s rankings, the best links will always be the ones willingly given by authority websites within the same niche. Unfortunately, those are also some of the hardest links to get, no matter how good you think your content may be.

  • Shirley Fai says:

    I agree that BMR is one of the best SEO tools and I am sure a lot of people are already aware with it…I have read some reviews reccommending to use it…

  • Justin Mazza

    Hi Obaidul,
    I try to be as simple as possible when it comes to links for my website. I rely on social bookmarking, commenting and getting my online friends to link to one of my posts.

    Google is getting serious when it comes to getting the best content to their search engine users.

    • Obaidul

      Definitely, Google is now targeting spam harder than ever. When it comes to link building, it’s vital to acquire links from authority sites and diversify the sources as much as possible. Search engines like Google now understand people as well. That’s why social shareability is also a crucial factor for improved search rankings.

      Thanks for your comment, Justin.

  • Ashley K. Froelich says:

    I like this article it has a lot of good thing when it comes in Link Building networks! it helps people and specially for those who is searching like this post.

  • Intropoint says:

    I was thinking about using BMR. Thanks for heads up. I think it is best just to rely on natural backlinks even it takes more time.

  • Jeff

    I think the moral of the story is, Content is King, and there are NO shortcuts in life! That being said, it’s too bad about the fall of BMR. I would imagine a new “system” will come out of all of this.

  • Jimmy

    Well it couldn’t come as a surprise, if you don’t play fair you will get hammered by big “brother” 😉

    But this also sets it strait ones and for all, that natural link building are the only if you don’t want to end up in the sandbox.
    Although I don’t totally agree with you on the .edu and .gov links, there is to much spam comments on a lot of those blogs/sites which imo has gotten Google to devalue them somewhat.
    Thereby not saying that links from those domains doesn’t work and have value, more saying that don’t use the ones that has auto-approve and a ton of spam comments. 😉

    And as @Jeff points out content is the king.!

    Have a great weekend. 😀

  • Donald V. Smith says:

    Good thing you post such useful information like this. It could help us, It looks much better.Thanks for the nice idea.I hope you can update your blog and for sure, we will be happy to read it. Thanks that you shared.I love this link up;

  • Obaidul, I’m wondering what link networks may be next. Much of what we do for backlinks is hardly “natural.” Bloggers are using whatever white hat methods are acceptable. It’s disturbing when the rules change mid-game.

  • Vapegrl says:

    After what happened with BMR, I don’t think I’d ever rely on a link network for any portion of my website’s backlinks. Link networks are like the “easy way out” for link building. They may work for a while, but it’ll only be temporary. I’d rather focus on safe, proven long-term strategies for getting inbound links.

  • Kate says:

    I think that in our business, it is never a good idea to rely on only one thing no matter how safe it may sound or feel. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

  • Jigar P

    I’m not so concerned. Affiliate marketers are smart. We’ll find a way to make money online. Google did something like this before when they were banning loads of sites. Now I find THEM calling ME to sign up with them for PPC. No thanks. What will they think of next?