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We want what we want when we want it. This on demand nature can impact the success of your website and your business. From website speed to free downloads, there are a few things you can do today that can live up to the on demand requirements of today’s society.


Nothing frustrates savvy online users more than a slow website (pop-ups are certainly up there on the list too!). Increasing the speed of your website will help users download content faster, view photos with ease, watch videos quickly too and of course buy products.

A few areas you can increase speed today:

  • Compress images and specify image dimensions in HTML code
  • Consolidate the number of external JavaScript and CSS files
  • Minify HTML
  • Test your host – upgrade if necessary
  • provides a few more tips here


Have you ever asked your sales people, customer service agents, or other employees what the number one question they’re asked is? Find out what it is and make sure the answer is on your site. Seems simple enough but is often overlooked. And for those on demand folks they won’t wait to find the answer and many won’t even call – they’ll just go onto the next site that has the answers.


While an often debated premise, putting prices up on your site for your services and products can bode well for your bottom line. Certainly it depends on your services and industry, but many experts suggest adding prices to your website. For an on demand society they don’t want to wait to see what your prices are, or fill out a form just to get directed to a sales person. Give them what they want – prices!

Free Downloads

Using free guides or white papers as a way to bring visitors to your site is a great concept. Where some businesses may slip up is by making their content only accessible after a lead form is filled out. Check out these 9 epic free eBooks. Quite a few of them from large content marketing agencies aren’t opt-in. Before you automatically assume you should have an opt-in form think about making it 100% free to your visitors.

Sign In

When I happen to land on a site that allows me to login with Facebook or Twitter I usually do. One less form for me to fill out? Yes please! Using the login button for Facebook or for Twitter promotes a more engaged user base and makes the process of signing into your site much easier too. If a user wants to log in then let them do it quickly and easily by integrating these buttons onto your site.

Easy Purchase

Creating the easiest possible shopping process is ideal for eCommerce sites. Easy to access add to cart buttons, personalization options, ship-to-store availability, quick browsing, and reviews at the ready are all parts of making the shopping process easier on your site.


Sharing a new purchase with a friend or getting feedback from a family member on a possible purchase is a regular occurrence these days. Make it easier for prospective customers by adding share buttons to each of your product pages and thank you pages as well.

How do you deal with marketing to an on demand demographic? Let us know, in the comments below!

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  • Jim Calaman

    I have never seen the word minify but I like it. I hate popups and usually leave and when I sign up for free downloads, I usually get bombarded with tons of emails. I hate when people email me every day with some kind of offer so I usually unsubscribe. I guess I am old fashioned and don’t want to bombarded with junk. I like a website with good content and good products. I guess that is what Google is looking for also.Thanks for the useful info.

  • daniella says:

    SEO is how google eye can see your content and index in search engine for driving traffic , There are lot of tricks if you are new then place high quality of unique content on your site, Google automatically index you and you can get traffic due to natural link building which google love..

  • Tim Ryan says:

    These tips are awesome. Most on demand customers require just about everything that you discussed. Speed in specific is what they look for. Nobody wants to stare at the computer screen for more than 5 seconds just waiting for the page to load. Prices also, should be reasonable and should always be shown in the website. In our time today when everyone has their own piece of space in social media platforms, sharability is important. These clients also become your own brand ambassadors and marketers when they share tour product/service.

  • Caleb

    For the free downloads I agree that it isn’t always necessary to make ppl optin for it because in side the download you can have links to other promotions that gets the signup or sales. Plus making ppl optin sometimes defeats the purpose of trying to make it go viral 😉

  • lavanya says:

    nice article i learned something

  • les says:

    Very good article, being new to online link building, I find these articles to be of great benefit, thank you.