SEM, SEO, Social Media and their Connection to Each Other

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This is a guest post from Melvin Dichoso . It is part of The “Bad Ass” SEO Guest Blogging Contest.

Most people who have just got started in their online ventures usually focus too much on SEO. It’s no secret that its really one of the biggest misconceptions most beginners and even experienced guys run into as far as their online businesses are concern. Today in this blog post, I’m very much hoping I can address this by writing about SEO as well as its connection to SEM and Social Media.

First and foremost I’m not an SEO guru or whatsoever. Heck, my blog is even PR0 up to now, although I have managed to reap a lot as far as  the blog’s traffic is concern. Just consider me as you’re typical online entrepreneur and blogger.

Setting up some Initial things

So what does these three things I mentioned above have something in connection? When building a website or any online-based project, you want to build SEO in it from the get-go. You want to optimize it for those key terms that you’re looking into from the start. I know you’re saying, “how can you do that, you don’t even have content yet?” Yes, you’re right but what I mean is that with every websites you can already set up things from the start that would give you a dramatic effect later on. Let me explain.

For example, if I’m building a site based on a WordPress platform, I can start fine-tuning the site’s search goals by doing the necessary things like adding an All in One SEO pack, canonicalizing the domain, setting up the meta descriptions properly and creating a robots.txt (and many more of course). You see, these are the things that you can already do from the start yet it doesn’t take that much to do those. On the flip side, it may not yield that much results for the first few months but its future benefits would be enormous for sure.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t a short-term goal in the first place right? Organic rankings is something that can be achieved over time and if you’re getting lots of traffic from search engines then you know what I’m talking about.

Before the SEO our site picks up

Now we all know that ranking in search engines does not happen overnight, but does that mean we’re going to wait that long before doing anything? No! That means we have to work on something that would alleviate the lack of traffic from our new site.

There are two things that you can do that would offset the need for SEO for short term. One is utilizing social media and the other one is via search engine marketing. Let’s tackle both of those things here.

Social Media

Social Media is something that everyone these days wants to utilize but only few can do it well. With that my tip has always been to focus on one niche targeted network first and forget everybody else. If you’re into Stumbleupon then focus on it, work on it first.

The problem with people is that they try to get everything from each and every social media sites but the truth is its never gonna happen. These social sites have different audiences and you can only target the ones which is the most relevant to what your business is. Also social media has an effect to search rankings. Indirectly you can see that it can boosts links, search rankings and web traffic in particular.

Popular site Mashable has even written an article on how SEO and social media goes hand in hand together.

Search Marketing

Unlike social media, search marketing does not have an effect with your search rankings. Instead this can be a quick way to boost your site’s traffic immediately from the start.

Let’s go back to our WordPress Site example. After we’re able to set up all the basic SEO-related stuff to our sites, we can immediately focus on running search campaigns for our sites via Pay Per Click. The way I do it is I focus on the top three networks, Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN Ad Center. These three have the biggest market share and there’s no reason to go to other 2% of small search engines that can give you almost no traffic.

Running pay per click campaigns can be really tricky and hard. You need to focus on a lot of things like Ad copy, keywords, targeting different demographics, quality scores and a whole lot more. I had learned all of this for quite some time and to be honest, I spent a lot of money testing things but  I could say it’s all worth it.

I know not all of us can run PPC campaigns so there’s always an option of hiring a search marketing person or a team to run your campaign for you. This can be an investment on your part but the way these guys could do the job for you could later on offset the cost.

The logic behind running search campaigns is to immediately drive traffic to your site, find the top markets and top demographics for what you’re business is about and penetrating that market. We could also experiment on our campaigns and as a return this could only give us the whole pie of what we’re trying to achieve. We could forever do these campaigns until our search traffic starts picking up. In short, SEM is for short term and SEO is for long term.


Driving traffic to our website, more generally our business is an unending cycle. We as business owners continue to tweak and test things and try to find more sources that could give us the maximum return for what we spend.

These three components that I mentioned namely SEM, SEO and social media play a key role for that. They have their own ideal time to get implemented and it’s all about connecting them and making  them work harmoniously.What do you think?

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  • This is true yet SEO is still something that does not guarantee you anything. The truth is there's still a lot that lies on the primary things like keyword research, picking the right market and whatnot. And even if you do those things and eventually rank on search, there's still a low probability that you'll profit from it. That's why I really don't do SEO that much as I'd rather focus my attention on doing other things like PPC and building relationships

  • Cherry says:

    Good tip Melvin. I agree with you because SEO is not really a short-term goal. I know a lot of people praise SEO but if you take a look at most sites, they make money and they're popular because they get traffic from their loyal readers. Its not really that all of their traffic comes from SEO, a part of it maybe comes from SEO but thats the proof that you still need to do other things aside from implementing all the search tactics

    • Melvin

      From one aspect you’re right but for me personally you don’t want to get the majority of your traffic from search. The only reason some websites I think do that is because they make good money with Adsense and if you’re into selling business and growing customer base, driving something mainly from search is not that good of an idea.

  • Im really a big advocate of search marketing. This is something that I've been doing for quite a long time. I just hoped you tackled the PPC part more and on how to get a good landing score or better ad copy and etc. Either way I agree with you on utilizing SEM first before anything else.

    Last question, do you really think PPC doesn't affect SEO? I know its kinda stupid but I want your take with it

  • Matt says:

    How about your search campaigns? Do you find it better to use Adwords or the other ones? In my experience, YSM and Ad Center are good cheap alternative ones since the bids on Adwords are ridicuously high on some proftiable terms. The traffic may not be as huge as with google but I think the conversation could pretty much compensate for that.

    • Melvin

      Adwords is my primary PPC engine but I found some interesting campaigns to run with Yahoo as well because they have much lower cost yet the traffic is almost the same with that particular niche. I never have used MSN and will never for the mean time. You’re right about Adwords, its kind of like saturated in a sense because the costs are really off the roof!

  • Doshi Parth says:

    SEO is one of the difficult thing to do ourself, and also charges a lot of money, but the money being paid is worth because the traffic you get is good. But for maintaining good traffic the person need to have good information on the website.
    But the main disadvantage for this is that, people post many keywords which are not even related to the website so it reduces the traffic after sometime. So to develop traffic first you need to develop the topics and then try SEO’s.

    • Melvin

      Your statement is debatable. Its worth it if its really for a big project and you have a big budget to run your SEO with guys like seomoz or something like tht. But again personally everyone can do it themselves with proper reading and education.

      With regards to spamming keywords, it doesn’t really worry me because they really don’t rank for those aggregated keywords

  • Imran8989 says:

    i was totally n00b before reading this on SEo now leared too much !
    thanks for such great Post !

  • There is no doubt that the link between seo and sem exist. You also need to ensure that you drive traffic to your site at all times, otherwise there is no chance that you will earn any revenue directly from your website.

    • Melvin

      Yep thats where conversion comes in. Initially what you want to do is focus on traffic first. Either via PPC, or social media, you want to get as much people first to go to your website. and then from that, you want to start tweaking and optimizing what you have to convert those traffic into sales.

  • Naser says:

    Hi thanks for the tips, I agree with your point that SEO is not easy to learn. Does PPC advertising affect our seo rankings ?

  • shek says:

    I was knowing about SEO and Social media marketing, but now I cam e to know a new term SEM by reading this article, and also the relationship between them.. Thanks for sharing dude .. 🙂

  • I Loved To Read This Article !! But Frankly speaking SEO Can Be Made A Business as It Known By Very Few Webmasters And Its Very Important !! Ya Also Term SEM Is to rare as shek also specified That He Came across it now !! But by reading this I got great Knowledge !! Thanks especially for sharing About SEO with me

  • Neocash24 says:

    I know SEO, search marketing, PPC, Adword but here I see a new term that is SEM. And I see SEM is an important term. Here I come to learn about SEM .

  • Tusher52 says:

    For getting traffic to our sites , there are lot of ways and techniques but SEM, SEO and social media are good and best way I thing to get quality traffice and visitors that will returns fruits.

  • Parag says:

    I see Social Media And Search Engine Marketing is great way to turn our site to our goal. Everybody is running to SEO but why we are not concern about Social Media And Search Engine Marketing.