How to Know When It’s Time for SEO Marketing Services

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Many startup companies put SEO last on the list because you can “fake it.” A business absolutely has to have a finance department and an IT department because these are such specialized fields, and many see paid search as beneficial because you can see the results of your campaign immediately, but many assume that SEO can be figured out by anyone. It’s a long process and it takes a while to see results, so that can just be put on the back burner for a little while, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to discover that SEO is not easy to figure out and SEO does need to be part of the initial strategy for a startup company. However, many small startup companies can get away with implementing SEO strategies without enlisting the help of SEO marketing services. This then begs the question: How do you know when it’s time to hire an SEO marketing service?

Top 5 Clues You Need SEO Marketing Services

For those who are unfamiliar, SEO marketing services can come in two forms: In-house or agency SEO services. No matter which route you decide to take, an SEO marketing service is in charge of your organic search rankings. Below lists a few clues that tell you when it’s time to stop attempting SEO on your own and begin searching for SEO marketing services:

1.    If you’re so overwhelmed with social media that you are only sharing your own content.

Social networking is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of SEO and user experience. In fact, Google+ is now beginning to integrate social and SERP rankings. This makes growing your social media communities extremely important although it can be time consuming. You must try and build a community of strong followers and industry leaders on at least LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. With the new Facebook Timeline layout and the new social media analytics tools, social media is becoming more and more overwhelming. If you are finding that your company cannot manage building these different communities and sharing others content, it’s time to get help.

2.    If you find that you can’t understand the Google Panda/Penguin algorithm changes.

Seeing that your rankings are dropping is one thing, but understand why they have dropped is quite another. Google is constantly changing their algorithms that determine where a site will rank on a SERP, so it’s important that your company is able to keep up with all of these updates and really understand what they mean. If you’re finding this is too much to handle or you don’t understand the terminology, you have your second clue.

3.    If you’re still ignoring your competition and keyword research.

Those who don’t have a lot of experience in SEO generally just plug in a few keywords here and there and try and track the results. While this is a good strategy, it is only a fraction of the things needed to create a successful SEO campaign. It’s important that your company understands how to complete keyword research for SEO and look at the competition to determine where improvements can be made.

4.    If you’re getting hit with Google penalties and you can’t understand why.

This is one aspect of SEO that a small business can probably figure out on its own, but it would likely be time consuming. SEO marketing services, whether an agency or an expert, can usually tell right away what needs to be changed on a site—Meta descriptions, content being copied, authorship tags, etc. Google penalties need to be tended to right away to ensure that you don’t get banned from the search engine, so if you realistically don’t think that you have time to figure out why you’ve been penalized, an SEO marketing service is probably a good idea.

5.    If your website is designed for aesthetics and not user experience.

Many websites begin by trying to look nice. Although this is a big plus, this isn’t always best for SEO and user experience. You want your site to be easy to navigate for users as well as search engine bots. If you’re unsure how navigation changes between the two or if you created your website without any consideration for either type of navigation, you’re likely due for a redesign. An SEO marketing service can help.

Usually an SEO marketing service can come into your company and tell you quickly what needs to be changed and what needs to be added to your current strategy. The practice of SEO is now a full-time job, and as businesses get larger it doesn’t make sense to continually assume you’re doing SEO correctly and effectively. If any of these clues are popping up in your business, it’s a good idea to at least get a consultation by an SEO marketing firm.

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Amanda DiSilvestro is a graduate of Illinois State University. Although she graduated with an English Education degree, she found herself working as a full-time blogger in the SEO/social media department at HigherVisibility SEO, a leading franchise SEO company.

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  • Margarita

    you are right – it is so overhelming to do everything at once. Even if you know what you are doing, it is a lot. If the pressure is high, it is very easy to give up. I am interested in the first clue – how to share someone elses content.
    Thank you.

    • AmandaDi

      I absolutely think it can be overwhelming at first, and I have experienced this first hand with my own website. Between your full time job and all of the other things that go into creating a successful business, SEO sometimes seem like too much!

  • Marbella says:

    Hi AmandaDi,
    A website is a must for any business today.
    In the past had the bigger companies a PR agency that handled the marketing.
    Today, I would recommend all businesses small or large to have an SEO company that handles their PR, large companies should employ a webmaster full time.

    Business owners should concentrate on what they are good at and submit the SEO responsibility to those who can seo.

    • AmandaDi

      I like the last part you said about business owners concentrating on where they really excel. SEO really isn’t something you can “kind of” understand. On that same note, marketing departments have many other responsibilities–paid search, email marketing, etc.–and SEO is a full time job. Thanks for reading!

  • Dorothy says:

    Thanks for this post Amanda. You are absolutely right about getting into SEO marketing services. Many are struggling today because of the problems cause by Google Panda/Penguin, and choosing the right SEO can be of great help.

    • AmandaDi

      Absolutely. I think that Panda and Penguin have really changed the game. The updates are constant and it is a full time job trying to keep up and accommodate (and I happen to know this first hand!). Thank you for commenting 🙂

  • Michael says:

    I’m thinking about hiring my cousin who does SEO after I talk to him on Father’s day

  • Christine Balch says:

    Very helpful clues. It is really necessary to get SEO services when you have a website online. If you want to get more traffic, the SEO firms will help you achieve your goal. Thus, SEO firm will use their effective SEO tactics in order to make your website top one on the search engine and for that it will increase traffic on your website.

  • AmandaDi

    You are exactly right Christine–SEO firms know the latest tactics to make it happen! And I think that hiring family is a great idea. Make sure that you really look into some of his past accomplishments, though, because SEO is actually pretty easy to fake! On that same note, it’s always important to really do your research. Thanks for reading!

  • I think right now it’s hard to know which SEO company to work with after all the updates that have been happening.

    • AmandaDi

      All of the Google updates have made it so important to find the right SEO company. I would say that if an SEO company was responsible and successful in the past, they are likely going to be able to stay on top of the changes. If it’s something you’re suspicious about, that would be a great question to ask. See if that company understands not only what the updates were, but how to help sites that were hit by the changes. Thanks for reading!

  • Really seo marketing services is very important because SEO has become very competitive.

  • Eva Haley says:

    If you want to be successful online, you must need SEO marketing services.

  • Great post. To increase a traffic of your website that is the time you may need this SEO marketing services.