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If you want to strengthen your personal or business brand’s visibility, then one of the top things you will want is to have strong social media profiles that rank in the top results for your name along with your website and blog. Having a strong online reputation that is comprised of nothing but content that highlights the best about your personal or business brand will allow you to keep undesirable results at bay, such as bad online reviews or mentions.

You’ve probably read lots of posts talking about how to properly optimize your social media profiles for search, and they’ve probably all sounded a little like this.

  • Be active – Yes, this is true. Just like Google loves regularly updated blogs and websites, they equally love regularly updated social profiles.
  • Optimize photo filenames – This only works on some networks, which I will mention below. It doesn’t hurt to upload photos with your name or keywords in the filename, but networks like Facebook rename the photo filenames anyway, so for some networks, it’s useless.
  • Engage with your followers, fans, and connections – This is a good thing to do regardless of the SEO value of it. Engaging with others will keep your profile updated often, and being helpful will also lead to other’s recommending you to their audience. Search #FollowFriday to see what I mean.
  • Vanity URL – From what I can tell, the URL does not count for anything but branding except on specific networks. For example, my Facebook fan page name is Kikolani, and the username for the URL is artofblogging. The fan page does not rank for art of blogging, but does rank for Kikolani. But again, it all depends on the network.

While these are great tips for your overall social media strategy, they are not the end all of SEO for your social network profiles. Certain networks use specific elements of information that you supply in your profile to optimize each profile on their network. The following will guide you to the right fields to optimize for the best possible search optimization of your social networks. The best part is that all customizations noted are using each site’s free accounts – no need to upgrade to Pro if all you’re looking for is optimization!

Quick and Dirty Onsite SEO 101

Before we get started, here are some key things to keep in mind about the following mentioned SEO elements of your social profiles. The order of importance is generally SEO Title, Meta Description, header tags (H1, H2, H3), image ALT tags, image filenames, and bolded text. Also, when it comes to search results, the typical result will look like this with the SEO Title as the linked information and the Meta Description as the details beneath it:

But what if you don’t care about the SEO?

That’s ok – this post still has some great information for you! Usually the parts of your profile that are used for search optimization are also used for the network’s own search results. So if you don’t want to think of it as SEO work, think of it as simply social optimization!

Google+ Profiles

Let’s start with the hottest new social media network of them all – Google’s own Google+. Whenever you are filling out your Google+ profile, be sure to note the following areas of information that will enhance the search optimization of your presence on this network.

Google+ Profile Social Media SEO Optimization

SEO Title: Your Name – Google+

Google+ is all about the personal branding, and they insist that you use your real name for your profile. So don’t try to stick keywords or business names in your profiles – not yet at least!

Meta Description: Your Name – Your Headline + Your Occupation

The Meta Description for your Google+ profile is a combination of different pieces of profile information, starting with your name followed by your headline (the line below your name), your occupation, your first employer listed, and then your introduction text. So make sure that the first 160 characters count by writing a great headline and occupation title. Also make sure those areas are set to be seen by anyone on the web.

Extra Search Tidbits: Your Links

From what I can tell, the links within the introduction content as well as the ones under other profiles, contributor to, and recommended links are all dofollow. So don’t shy away from anchor text as this is a prime Google property!

Facebook Pages

Assuming that not much changes when Facebook decides to revamp the fan pages as they have recently with the personal profiles, the following areas of information contribute to your fan page SEO.

Facebook Fan Page Social Media SEO Optimization

SEO Title: Your Page Name | Facebook

If you didn’t consider keyword optimization when you created it, and you have less than 100 fans, you’re in luck. You can still change your page’s name. What you will want to keep in mind is that your branding may be more important than your keyword rankings, especially if you want people to be able to find you if they are searching your brand.

Meta Description: Your Page Name + Your About Description | Facebook

To edit your About information to make a great Meta Description, go to your page and Edit Page > Basic Information, and fill in the About field with a 140 character description like you would with any website Meta Description.

Extra Search Tidbits: Your Fan Page Updates Have SEO Value

Did you know that each of your status updates on your Facebook fan page have a page of their own (click the timestamp of one to see). If you’re posting a standard status update, the SEO Title for the individual page of your updates will be pulled from the first 18 characters (though sometimes it is a bit less). If you’re posting a link to your fan page wall, you’ll have an option to “Say something about this link…” – the first 18 characters of what you enter in this field are going to be the SEO Title of that status update.

If you’re concerned about optimizing your updates while considering them as individual pages under the umbrella of your fan page, then you might want to consider sticking some keywords right at the beginning of your comment. So if you’re posting an update about keyword research, just start the update with keyword research. It is a simple, effective way to keyword optimize each update.

Twitter Profiles

Twitter doesn’t have much in the way of traditional SEO elements for your public profile, but it has a few important things to keep in mind.

Twitter Profile Social Media SEO Optimization

SEO Title: Your Name (username) on Twitter

On Twitter, your name under the Profile Settings and your username are the title tags for your profile. So keywords in your username might just be worthwhile if they are still available.

Profile Image: Filename and Your Name as ALT Tag

When it comes to your profile image, be sure to optimize it by using your name as the filename. Twitter will automatically use your name under the Profile Settings as the ALT tag for your profile image as well.

Extra Search Tidbits: Keywords in Your Bio

While they may not come up in the standard SEO elements for your profile, your bio information is key. Services like Klout pull your Twitter bio information as your Klout profile description. FollowerWonk, Formulists, and other Twitter search engines use keywords in your bio in search results when people are looking for similar tweeps to follow. You can also include a link or another Twitter handle if applicable.

LinkedIn Professional Profiles

LinkedIn, the leading professional social network, has the most user-controlled SEO elements out of any other network I’ve checked out. Here are the areas you can customize!

SEO Title: Your Name| LinkedIn

While some people suggest adding keywords to your name field, the LinkedIn terms of service discourages this practice. Be confident that your personal branding is strong enough not to need the extra keyword stuffing that you can do later in your profile.

LinkedIn Profile Social Media SEO Optimization

Profile Image: Filename and Your Name as ALT Tag

Just like Twitter, you should make sure you use your name as the filename for your profile image. LinkedIn will use your name as the ALT tag for your image as well.

H3 Tags: Your Job Titles

Are you ready to get some keywords into your profile? Make sure your job titles for current and previous positions include some great keywords and those keywords will be in your profile page’s H3 tags. Mine include freelance writer, blog marketing expert, photographer, and guest blogging contributor.

Extra Search Tidbit: LinkedIn Search Optimization

According to the LinkedInfluence program by Lewis Howes, if you want to rank well for keywords searched within LinkedIn’s people search, you will want to include your targeted keywords in the following:

  • Your Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Specialties
  • Skills

I also think that belonging to some industry appropriate groups that are publicly listed on your profile can add to extra keyword usage on your profile. So choose your groups wisely!

YouTube Channels

YouTube offers a lot of great SEO options, from the channel to the videos. Here is what you’ll want to make sure you include in your profile.

YouTube Channel Social Media SEO Optimization

SEO Title: Your Username’s Channel – YouTube

This is one of the cases where your username which doubles as part of your URL counts in terms of the search optimization, so make it count – just be sure you do so with your branding in mind more so than keywords. It will be a lot harder for people to find you if they search SEO company vs. Your Uniquely-Named SEO Company.

Meta Description: Your Channel Description

Whenever you are setting up your channel, pay extra attention to the Channel Description which is under the Profile > Edit settings. This will be your channel’s Meta Description!

Extra SEO Tidbits: Your Website & Your Videos

Ever wanted a backlink from a PR 9 domain? Then your search is over – whenever you create your YouTube channel, be sure to fill in your website link. Granted it has no anchor text, but it’s a dofollow link sitting on a strong Google property.

When it comes to videos, the reason they do so well in search is because the video title doubles as the SEO Title and the video description doubles as the Meta Description. And even though Google doesn’t supposedly care about Meta Keywords, they do use the video’s tags in that space – just group multiple keywords in quotations. My search story uses the tags “kristi hines” “freelance writer” “online marketing consultant” scottsdale arizona. Keep these fields in mind to rank well in both the YouTube and Google results.

Also, be sure to get your video-specific keyword ideas using YouTube’s own keyword tool. It looks at what is searched the most on YouTube itself.

Biznik Professional Profiles

Biznik, another popular professional social network, has some areas that you can customize to optimize your profile for SEO.

Biznik Profile Social Media SEO Optimization

SEO Title: Your Job – Your Location – Your Name

The SEO Title for your Biznik profile combines three important parts of your profile – your current job title, your city and state, and your name. It’s perfect for keyword optimization, local search optimization, and personal branding!

Meta Description: Your Google Summary

Unlike most profiles where you have to condense your About Me information into 140 characters, Biznik allows you to have a What You Do description for visitors and a separate, optimized Google Summary for your Meta Description.

H1: Your Name + Your Job

In case the SEO Title and Meta Description are not enough, Biznik also uses your name and job title as your profile’s main H1 Tag. Nothing like a little extra optimization!

Profile Image: Filename and Your Name as ALT Tag

Just like Twitter and LinkedIn, you should make sure you use your name as the filename for your profile image. Biznik will use your name as the ALT tag for your image as well.

Extra SEO Tidbits: Your Website

Your Biznik profile allows you to add one website link with your preferred anchor text (you can have two if you go Pro for $10 / month) . It’s dofollow, so don’t miss out on adding it for visitors and for search engines!

Quora Profile

Quora, one of the hottest question and answer networks, offers a little SEO optimization for users who join their community.

Quora Profile Social Media SEO Optimization

SEO Title: Your Name – Quora

As is the trend for most networks, Quora uses your name in your profile’s SEO title.

Meta Property: Your Long Bio

Quora is a bit unusual in the sense that they use the Facebook Developer’s Meta Property=”og:description” instead of the traditional Meta Description for search results. For this, they pull the information that you include in your Long Bio which should be one to two sentences long. If you search your profile in Google, however, you will see that it pulls your name, your Short Bio, and then your Long Bio as the actual Meta Description snippet.

H1 Tag: Your Name + Your Short Bio

The H1 Tag for your Quora profile will be your name plus your Short Bio. It unfortunately cuts off your tag at 50 characters, so be sure to get your main keyword into your short bio first.

Extra SEO Tidbits: Including Your Websites in the Long Bio

Although the links are nofollow (and mashed up into some crazy looking code), one thing I have noticed about Quora is that you can generate a lot of views and followers fast by answering questions. So SEO value or not, be sure to include your main website links in your Long Bio box. Just type out the URL – it will automatically hyperlink. Profile is one of my favorite online business card sites. It allows you to compile your social profile links, blog, and a short description all on one page. The nice part is that it is a well-optimized page! Social Media SEO Optimization

SEO Title: Your Name (Your Username) on is another network where both your name and your username count heavily in the optimization of your profile.

Meta Description: Your Biography

Although you can write as long of a biography as you want on your profile, remember that the first 160 characters count for your Meta Description. This also means if you use a link in your biography, it will be counted as part of the Meta Description, so try to save the links until after the first 160.

Extra SEO Tidbits: Website Links

There are two ways to add website links to your profile. One is through the biography mentioned earlier. The other is through the Services as Flat URL’s. I prefer adding them in the biography because not only are they dofollow, but the coding within the biography is cleaner than the coding used for the Flat URL’s. It may not make much of a difference, but since every bit of link juice helps, it doesn’t hurt to use the most cleanly coded HTML possible.

Bonus: How to Check Your Profile’s SEO

Curious about more networks than the ones listed? Check out your social profile’s SEO by doing the following in Google Chrome using the SEO Site Tools extension.

Google Chrome SEO Site Tools for Social Media SEO Optimization

  • Logout of the network. You want to see your profile like a search engine sees it with whatever information you have made public and accessible to anyone, not just those logged into the network.
  • Click on the SEO Site Tools magnifying lens button and look under Page Elements. Here you will see your SEO Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords.
  • Scroll down through the Page Elements for additional information such as Img Tags, H1 Tags, H2 Tags, H3 Tags, and H4 Tags.

Chances are you will see elements in your social profiles that you can control in those tags – be sure to optimize your profile accordingly from there!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please be sure to share it with others so they can also reap the benefits of a SEO optimized social media profile for better personal and professional branding! If you’re curious about the SEO optimization elements of other social networks, feel free to ask in the comments and I will check them out for you! And let us know what profiles rank the best for your name or brand!

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  • Ileane

    Hi Kristi, Excellent advice! I’m finding more benefits from using YouTube but I hadn’t thought too much about Quora. It’s amazing how SEO Site tools can help you hone in on everything from DoFollow to the meta information – even on your social profiles.
    Biznik looks like something I need to sign up for. Thanks for the awesome content Kristi!

  • Aaron says:

    Really interesting article, So we can use Google+ profile, Youtube Channel, and other social networking sites to get free do follow links. I didn’t know about it. After readig your post I can easily say that I’m not using my social media profile at it par.

    • Kristi Hines

      I’m always a little surprised when people aren’t taking advantage of these links Aaron. Just having one on your profile simply so visitors can visit your website after watching your YouTube videos or checking out your profile on Google+ is important for traffic alone. Getting dofollow links from Google owned properties is just icing on the cake!

  • Hello Kristi,now i am worried about my few social media profile’s SEO,especially Google+ and youtube,because they are not as much optimized as you have described here.Do follow links are missing from my Google+ profile.This article is like a treasure hunt for me,i am gonna practice this right now on my these social media profiles.Thank you for sharing this valuable info.

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    Very cool Kristi… You’ve taken what I knew about this and tweaked it up a level.

    Great to have the breakdown of which where are the meta tage, dofollow links and such. Makes it easier to sculpt profiles for maximum results.

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    • Kristi Hines

      You’re welcome Marbella! I messed up registering a few of my fan pages and other profiles and would brand them differently if I could go back, but you have to make the best of it and just do what you can to get the most out of them!

  • Ming Jong Tey


    This is great information about SEO to social sites. So far I am using it to fanpage only. Will slowly get into other social media. I’ll check out SEO Site tools too. Any similar plugin for fire fox? I am not really into Chrome…


    • Kristi Hines

      You can use the SEOmoz toolbar for Firefox. You don’t have to have an account (although I think you get more information even with a free account). Just install the toolbar, go to your profile, and click on the Page Elements button. It tells you most of what SEO Site Tools does. πŸ™‚

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    What an in depth, well articulated post on social SEO. Recently I have been noticing links shared on social media pull higher in SERPs than the original page. Ignoring this isn’t an option, especially if you’re a small business. Thanks for sharing!

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      I think this is my new found purpose in life Brankica – to keep people busy. πŸ™‚ I’d like to think these steps don’t take too long though, and reap some pretty high rewards!

      • Brankica

        Here is more πŸ™‚ I have trouble formulating the short bios and about me stuff because of the language. Sure I can speak it, but I can’t write something short and meaningful. It is just different, my brain won’t work on it πŸ™‚

        So any time I want to write something like “social media enthusiast” which is a perfect formulation, I realize it would be straight copy-catting you. How about a blog on how to write short bios and some examples we can use without looking like copy cats! How about that and keeping you busy LOL

        • Kristi Hines

          I don’t consider it copy-catting on the social media enthusiast part. There are lots of social media enthusiasts out there. If you search “i ama social media enthusiast” you get about 95K results. So I’ll just welcome you to the social media enthusiast club! πŸ™‚

          I had a hard time figuring out my 160 character bio. It’s like your own personal meta description. I have changed it many, many times and finally settled on what I used in the bio here (sometimes with online marketing consultant mixed in and just blogger instead of blog marketing expert). I wanted it to have my main professional keywords and also a little bit of personality. So it’s really six keywords / keyword phrases strung together, but works pretty well. I think of it as if someone only reads this about me, what I would I most want them to know.

  • r0b says:

    Should mention that rel=”me” is on bio links for Twitter. Author Authority ftw

  • Hi Kristi. Excellent stuff here! I have always had SEO & Optimization in the back of my head when putting together my Social Media stuff, but now you have put everything together in a clear and easy to understand format, I think I may have to revist to ensure I have ticked all the boxes! Wonderful Stuff!!

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    More and more is trendy the concept that social media is affecting SEO, so it’s vital to have optimized your social channels (and the shares) for boosting in SERPs.
    Great collection, and I didn’t know about Biznik. How much traffic or new relationships you see coming from Biznik and Quora?

    I’d add to the list the hidden source of traffic StumbleUpon, now equal or more than Facebook, in terms of sending traffic πŸ˜‰



    • Kristi Hines

      Hi Gera,

      When I was more active on Quora, I saw some traffic from it. I just need to get on it again! As far as Biznik, I’ve been on there for awhile, but never been active. Just starting to try out the groups and see how they pan out. Either way, they’re good profiles for your online rep! πŸ™‚

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      Thanks Eamon! There are other sites out there like – even if you don’t give it out as your main point of contact, it still doesn’t hurt to have it. Makes for a good first impression!

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    • Kristi Hines

      Hi Accessory Gal,

      Twitter definitely has a lot of local marketing opportunities within it if you start engaging with Twitter users in your region (find them on Wefollow, Followerwonk, Bing’s Twitter map, or even just using the advanced Twitter search feature). After that, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Those are the four I suggest everyone join because you should be able to find someone interested in your industry in all of them. πŸ™‚

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    BAD ASS.

    Thank you Kristi for taking the time to do this and show what a ninja job you’re doing of putting these strategies to work for you and reminding me how bad I’m doing with mine πŸ™‚ and how I can improve.

    • Kristi Hines

      You know Lewis, I felt bad for making the post so long because of the images. But at the same time, I know that when you read a big blob of text instructions, then go to the site, you spend a lot of time searching for things. Images just make the process so much simpler for everyone! Glad it will help you get your profiles optimized! πŸ™‚

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      Thanks Lisa – I wish I could sometimes too, but I just work with what I have. Better to have more fans so that you can’t change it instead of not having the fans and still having the option. πŸ™‚

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    One thing worth mentioning with Google+ is I’ve noticed lately when I google ‘website design’ in Australia it’s now showing my pic which is quite cool and it’s because I have linked my blog to my profile with Google’s rel=author syntax

    This potentially a big deal SEO wise at least while they are playing around with this author thing. The other thing you can do is add each site that you contribute to to your Google profile and ask the site to link back to your Google+ profile with the same syntax, powerful stuff.

    Thanks again

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      Hi Rose,

      I would suggest branding your profile for your ecommerce store name, but using the other fields (meta descriptions, H1, H2, etc.) for keyword optimization of the products you sell. πŸ™‚

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    • Kristi Hines

      The key in the case of social media is just making sure your descriptions sound natural. I manage to get six keywords / phrases into mine and it just sounds like someone trying to describe what they do in a fast elevator pitch. πŸ™‚

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  • Thanks for posting this Kristi. Just a quick point, Meta Description is almost always (probably always) a part of the source and not the front end. It doesn’t do anything for SEO, but it does help in generating clicks on the SERPs if users find the copy intriguing enough.

    Either way, good stuff.

    • Kristi Hines

      If you can customize it, even just to generate clicks, that certainly makes it well worth it. There are several networks where no meta description (officially) is pulled, so it’s nice to know which ones you can work with. πŸ™‚

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