5 Ways to Get Great Results from Your Social Media Efforts

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This is a guest post from Onibalusi. It is part of The “Bad Ass” SEO Guest Blogging Contest.

One problem many people just starting out in the social media world face is that they find it difficult to get traffic and attention from all their efforts and they believe they have already done all they can to no avail. Social media is great and really effective and it is not meant for some specific type of people only. Everybody can get the best from social media.

Before I continue, I will like to tell you that getting the best from social media is not about having a gazillion followers but it is all about the impact you are making in the social media world, this post will be talking about some great ways to get the best from social media.

Have The Right Friends

This is the first and most important step you must consider when trying to get results from your social media efforts, it is of no effort to have fishermen as friends when you are a barber. The saying birds of the same feathers flock together is also very applicable in the social media world and you must make sure you get many valuable friends in your niche.

Your friends are the one who will promote and share your posts and it must make sense to them before they will share it, if you are writing what they can’t resonate with then they would not share your posts. It is also very important to have the right friends because they are the ones that will help spread the word about you and they will also be your customers.

One of the best ways to get the right friends is to make sure your friends are from your niche, for example, if you are trying to add more twitter followers to your account you can search using keywords related to your niche because this will make sure your friends are targeted.

Another great way to get the right type of friends is to make sure you build your follower base naturally, i.e. you allow people to follow you of their own interest without automating anything as this will make everything easy for you and you will be able to get the right results.

Don’t Introduce Your Business First

Another great mistake many people make when trying to get the best from their social media efforts is that they keep on pumping their business on other people without even thinking about what others will say about them. Take this as an example, if you meet a stranger on the streets who just told you to buy something or your trusted friend introduced the same thing to you, from whom would you buy first? It is very important to try your best to build strong relationship with people before trying to introduce your business to them, doing otherwise can be disastrous.

Help People Out

One of the best ways to get what you want is by helping others get what they want. Another great way to get the best from your social media efforts is by helping as many people who need your help. If you see people contacting you for one help or the other, feel free to help them and they will be willing to return the favor one day.

Another great reason you should help people is that they will also introduce their friends to you and they will also go about spreading the good news about you thereby leading to more social media influence and results on your path.

Share Great Content You Like

Another great way to make sure you are getting the best from your social media efforts is by helping people get what they want. Knowledge they say is power and the more people you help increase their knowledge the more they will be grateful to you.

It is always very important to always share great content on your favorite social media networks because this will make your readers value you the more and it will also give them an impression that you are not there for your interest. It is always very important not to just share just any content but to share what you know people will like and what you know can impact their lives.

Be Reciprocal

Another great way to get the best from your social media efforts is by being reciprocal, if someone tweets your posts, move over to the persons post and tweet any of his post you find interesting. Try as much to help your friends and those who help you because this will make the come to respect and trust you the more and it will also help you get more results.

Another great reason for you to be reciprocal is that you might need your social media friends to help you once in a while and if you have been reciprocal then you will have no problem with them but if not it might be difficult to confront them.

Social media is great and if you do the right things at the right time your efforts would not be wasted, the above are 5 great things to get more from your social media efforts.

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  • David Leonhardt

    Having the right friends is crucial. That's why I really don't care about how many Twitter followers I have…but I care very much that the people I want to interact with are following me and that I'm following them..

  • Exactly David,

    You are absolutely right

    It is very important to have the right friends because social media is all about interaction. Why have them as friends if they won't interact with you?

  • Hey Onibalusi,

    Great Post man. You’ve made some valid points.
    I think having rights is very important….!!
    Thanks for sharing this great Post.


  • Exactly Dev,

    That is the mistake many people make.

    Many people don’t have the right friends and this will affect them in so many ways.

    Thanks so much for commenting,

  • Abhishek says:

    Hi Onibalusi
    Awesome Post.I agree with your every point will use them.

    Thanks For sharing

  • Great Abishek,

    I am glad you loved the post and I will really be happy to see you implement the points.

    Thanks so much for commenting,

  • samuel says:

    Great post bro!!!!!!!! aweesome points proved here! I guess i need to restructure the way i use Social media! thanks for sharing keep the good work up!

  • Peter says:

    I think the "have the right friends" is a key component. Ones that are there to support you and help you out when necessary.

  • I absolutely agree, Oni. "Having the right friends" and reciprocating is critical to social media success.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Julius says:

    I totally agree with you here. As you've mentioned helping other people out is extremely important. I believe that not enough people do this. But if you want to get great results through social media that's what you have to do.

  • Melinda says:

    Great points. Just like anything in life, you get more the more you give.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Exactly Bro,

    That will really be great and I will be happy to see how everything goes.

    Thanks so much for commenting!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Exactly Peter,

    Having the right friends is the most important thing.

    Many people just have many friends that are of no value, you can easily communicate with your friends and both benefit from each other.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Yeah Michael,

    If you don't have the right friends you might not get the desired results but having the right friends gives you added advantage.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    You are absolutely right Julius! Many people go ahead using social media sites to self-promote without thinking about others. The most important step is helping others, try to help as many people as you can and they will also reciprocate.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Thats true Melinda,

    The more you give the more you get! Try to give and help as many people as you can and it will also come back to you in multiple folds.

  • Ernestp says:

    Great post from you my friend. Sharing be gets sharing. If you share something to someone that someone will return something from you more that you can imagine. But we need not think of something ion return because that is definitely a foul behavior. But as for you my friend, you have helped a lot of newbie blogger such as myself. You are one great blogger and can be an online mentor. Definitely.

  • azblogtips says:

    Great article @Oni. I am happy to see you as participant here. Good luck!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Hi Ernest,

    You are absolutely right! Giving is the best way to recieve but it is very important to give without expecting anything in return. So true!

    Thanks so much for your continued support!

  • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Yeah Tinh,

    I am also very happy to be a participant. This is a really cool contest 🙂

    Thanks so much for the support!

  • Gloson

    I really agree with you, David! It really isn't the quantity of your following/followers, but the quality relationship that you have with them.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Yeah Gloson,

    Your relationship with your followers is really what matters, you can't just expect people to help you evevry now and then when you don't even care to know who the are..

    Thanks so much for the RT, you rock!

  • Felix says:

    Yes finding friends that is related to your niche is very important factor. But I guess it is not mandatory to every blogger.

    Let's say for example.

    You are a blogger that helps people from the outside world to start blogging and make money online. Why engage to those people who already knew about blogging and already create a blog? Instead, make friends to those people who you want to help.

    But the majority of social media marketing is to make friends that are related to your niche. That's one of the generic principle of social media marketing.

    Thanks for sharing this great information. I will keep this in mind.

    Felix Albutra http://www.bloggingaccess.com

  • Manish says:

    Hi Oni,
    Well, that's an awesome tips. Having a right friend and helping others out is an important factor.
    The more you help/share, the more you gain(credibility, friends, network )

    Good luck for the contest …


  • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Hi Manish,

    Wow! It is really great to have you support me for the contest and thanks so much for my guest post that was recently published on maxblogpress.

    You are absolutely right, the more you help people the more credibilty and freinds you have.

    Thanks so much for commenting,

  • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

    Exactly Felix,

    Finding friends related to your niche is really an effective way to improve your social media efforts.

    Thanks so much for commenting!

  • Having good relationship with fellow social media marketers will do the trick for you. But you should also be very careful in choosing them. Thanks for awesome post, Oni.

  • Having good relationship with fellow social media marketers will do the trick for you. But you should also be very careful in choosing them. Thanks for awesome post, Oni.

  • Shiva

    Those are some great tips Onibalusi, I think you have mentioned some good points. Social media Optimization mainly depends on the type of people you add,.Are they related to your business, can they be your potential customers or readers are the things one should think before adding people

  • Saksham says:

    Nice post Oni!! Relationships do matter!

  • Thanks for the lovely tips bro 🙂

  • Richard Chidike says:

    This point is an eye opener and a well outlined. I guest it’s time i start making the most of social media marketing

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice Post Onibalusi,

    I have also recommended social media. Because it will help to get relevant and more specific traffic on your website. For more social media tips you can register on http://www.hexainfosoft.in

  • Yeremi Akpan


    Leveraging social media is important in this post Web.2.0 web. At a time, backlinks were all that was required to succeed online, but now search engines want ‘proof of humanity’.

    Your audience must show themselves, and they do that by liking, mentioning and sharing your content.