The Best Use of Zombies in Online Marketing Promotions

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Zombies have a strange appeal to the world’s psyche.  And where it seems vampires have a firm grasp on movies and television, zombies make their home on the Internet and in the Internet’s favorite past time, video games.Knowing web surfers’ insatiable hunger for brains, marketers have been using zombies in their campaigns to great success for some time.  In this article we’ll take a look at the best examples of zombies in online marketing.

Zombie Harmony

Mingle2 had a viral success with this fake dating website that hoped to help the undead find love.  This website was purely created with marketing and SEO in-mind, but the level of detail done on the site and the subject matter made it a hit as it spread from blogger to blogger and social bookmarking site to Facebook.

This marketing effort also happened to be one of the first campaigns created by now-famous Internet success story Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal.

Tea Party Zombies Must Die

In the spirit of this years Halloween festivities and political climate, advertising agency Starvingeyes released the viral game Tea Party Zombies Must Die.  The game is a Doom-style first person shooter that let’s the player run around various apocalyptic arenas while trying to destroy as many politically mis-guided zombies as possible.

The game is very much a vehicle for a political agenda, but you can tell a lot of work went into this excellent marketing ploy.

Zombie Preparedness Center

National hardware chain Westlake Hardware takes a stab at the zombie spirit with a whole section on their site to give tips for when the zombies attack.  In a good mix of fun versus education the tips are actually helpful for home repair whether the attack was form a zombie or a fallen tree branch.

Another well executed marketing attempt that takes advantage of the holiday spirit.  Once again you can see that it is the level of dedication that earns them a mention in AdAge.

Zombie Boy Cover Up

Dermablend make-up takes the opposite approach to zombies by taking Rico Genst aka the Zombie Boy and turning him into a normal person.  Genst has covered his body with tattoos in an attempt to look as close to a zombie as possible.

The video is pretty remarkable.  The video has also received millions of views and been blogged about on a ton of blogs.  Makes you wonder though if Rico had any regrets after seeing how well he cleaned up with the make-up on.

Hot Girl vs Zombie

Axe of course get sin on the zombie act with their video depicting a girl being chased by a zombie in her underwear.  I won’t ruin the ending, but if you’ve ever seen an Axe video, you know exactly where this is going.

Guns, Guns, Guns

Although completely appropriate, it seems strange that bullet manufacture Hornady and gun magazine Guns and Ammo get into the zombie act.  I guess it is all fun and games until you start talking about actual guns meant to kill zombies (zombies are as of yet not real remember).

Hornady has made a very impressive zombie video to launch their ACTUAL line of bullets claiming to work best against zombies.

Guns and Ammo simply has a link bait article with completely made up “facts” as to how best deal with zombies.

With the popularity of zombies in popular culture only increasing, we can only wait and see what marketing efforts with zombies will be created for next year.

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  • Gerald Weber

    How about these

    • CDC blog post Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse
    • Allstate had one recently too Zombie Survival Guide: Be Prepared For Any Disaster

    Both rather amusing.

    I love the Zombie Harmony one listed here too. The fake website is totally funny! LOL

  • Ann Smarty

    Thanks for the awesome round-up. Something definitely to think about: zombies are one of the always-popular topics that almost never fails to work!

  • Kaila Strong says:

    Haha these are awesome. Did you see Allstate’s Zombie Preparedness post? Basically can be used to prepare you from just about anything – including zombies.

    I really liked this one, and had never seen the Zombie Harmony. LOVE IT!

  • David

    Yes, I have a friend who makes a point of blogging about zombies once every year, even if it doesn’t fit the theme of his blog. I`ll have to show him this post.

  • Yup, I would be the friend David was referring to :). Somehow I manage to mix zombies in with buying a car (or finding a car to survive the apocalypse).

    You really don’t ever need an excuse to talk about zombies!

  • Nishadha

    That’s a rather innovative way to market your product. As mentioned in the comments they always seem to get users attention.

  • Awesome, “All Limbs Intact” so clever it’s brilliant. And yes, Zombies are everywhere lately, Zombies are the next Vampires 🙂

  • Jim Calaman says:

    I like tea party zombies must die. There are lots of zombie runs around Va Beach and they raise a lot of money for charities. I think Zombies are less scary because they walk so slow and seem so pathetic. But usually there are about 50 of them so you can’t escape.

  • Marbella says:

    Hi Frank,
    There are dating sites for all sorts of people, but this will probably take first prizes in the strange dating sites.

  • Frank says:

    Ah, I totally missed the AllState one. And that is a lot of zombie articles for your car site 😛

  • I do like plant and zombies. I know that zombie’s are ugly and creepy, but people love them and i just dont know why. Thank for posting the zombie thing.

  • Michelle

    Cool 🙂 I always had a passion for zombie games. Great reading this pretty well documented round up. Good job.