The Golden Rule of Effective SEO Link Building

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SEO link building is a very important part of any search engine optimization strategy. If you do it right your keywords will improve on the search engine result pages and the organic traffic to your website will increase. But what exactly do you need to do?

The golden rule of effective SEO link building is to diversify your link building methods. Think of it this way, if you are a boxer that can only throw a left hook you will most likely lose all of your fights. In the same way links that are built by using only one method will not be very effective.

There are plenty of SEO link building methods around and when you combine them the impact of your link building efforts will visibly improve. Two link building methods will be discussed in more detail in this article and you are welcome to use them to diversify your link building (Tip – make a list of the link building methods that you intend using and draw-up a weekly link building schedule with slots for all of the methods.)

Content traps and article marketing:

  • One of the most effective link building methods available today is the use of original and unique content to build links and generate traffic.
  • Start by researching popular search phrases for your website, product or service and choose keywords with a low level of competition.
  • Write original articles using the keywords that you have chosen.
  • Submit the articles to article directories and Blogs.
  • Build new links by linking back to your website in the resource box of each article.
  • In addition your articles should show-up in the search results for the low competition keywords that you have chosen thereby generating traffic to your website (content trap).

Blog commenting:

  • This method has been abused but it is still very effective when used in combination with other link building methods.
  • Search for Blogs that are relevant to your website, product or service and ensure that they allow you to enter your name and URL when posting a comment.
  • Read the article and post a comment that is useful and informative (you need to give in order to receive.)
  • Webmasters delete comments that they view as spam and it is important that you add value with your comment and not try and sell yourself.
  • Post comments on both do-follow and no-follow Blogs to ensure that the search engines view the links as “natural”.

In addition to the two methods discussed above you can build new links to your website through the use of bookmarks on social sites, forum profiles and posts, submitting your website URL to link directories and the uploading of videos to popular video sites.  SEO link building is very effective when you combine three or more of the available methods. Start improving your keyword search optimization today by becoming a boxer with more than just a left hook in your arsenal.

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  • Great tips! One method of link building that I have found to be especially effective is to develop an award.

    When you give an award out to deserving websites with high pagerank, many of these sites will post the award badge on their site and link back to the awards post on your site.

  • David Leonhardt

    Absolutely. Variety is the spice of link-building life.

  • Andy

    Ezines is a great site if you're into article linkbuilding. There's a 7 day approval period, but they get cached pretty quick.

  • Mitch says:

    Might also add in to make sure the blogs or directories you submit your articles to are good resources. There are a lot of junky article databases out there that won't do you any harm or good.

  • Birthday Personalize says:

    There are SEO firms that offer this service to their customers, which is also done manually and spread out to look more natural. I know this because I work for one part time.

  • ktshoppe says:

    Linking from nofollow blogs although does not pass on page rank but may get visitors to your blog.

  • says:

    Variety does help, as does professional and helpful content.

  • Scenium says:

    Link building is a simple concept that creates a powerful communication tool that can be harnessed to deliver your business or organisational objectives.The important part of any online marketing plan is to create an effective linking strategy.

  • Jeorge Peter says:

    Having just one strategy might not work, you have to incorporate two or three of other working strategy.

  • The reason a lot of so called "SEO Experts" think articles for backlinks is a dieing phase is because they can't send out 100 duplicate articles and reap the benefits anymore. Articles are still very powerful as Heinrich mentioned….It has to be original non duplicated content that is relevant to your keyword/website. I still get a lot of juice from articles when done correctly. Great write up!
    My recent post ROI Unlimited Superior to Time Shares

  • Prince Zermic says:

    SEO Link Building can be done by you, the website owner, or by hiring an SEO professional. Depending on your time and budget, that decision is totally up to you. SEO Link Building takes time and patience. Establishing these links should be done each and every day for the best SEO results possible. SEO Link Building is the key to high rankings.

  • Jon Cooper

    At the same time, don’t just get a link per website and move on. Diversifying is great, but the best links come from places of authority, meaning you need to try and become an authority in some type of online community, whether it’s a Q&A website, forum, or blog.

  • classifieds

    What is the different between Black and good/white/golden SEO Link Building.

  • lose weight says:

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