The Role of Colors in Your Blog’s Success

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Every color is associated with a specific quality or emotion. They have the power to impact shopping habits of consumers. They can make readers happy or sad. They can fill visitors with excitement or depress them. Bad or unmatched colors can also drive users away. Today, bloggers are more concerned about creating top quality content and using social media to increase shareability. That’s fine. But you can never ignore the value of colors when it comes to building a blog your target audience will love coming back to over and over again.

Before we delve deep into how colors can make a difference to your blog, let’s have a look at different specific qualities of different colors (according to the North American mainstream culture).

Major corporations spend thousand of dollars to identify colors that work best with their target audiences. Whether it’s about developing a product or packaging it attractively, colors have a vital role to play. It’s because different colors have different meanings for people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Significance of Blog Color Scheme
If you understand the meaning of different colors and know how they can affect visitors’ behavior, you’ll be able to choose the right colors for your blog. Use of appropriate colors in designing can increase the time spent on your blog by readers. It can also compel readers to return again.

According to a study, 52% of visitors didn’t come back to a blog only because they didn’t like its color and design. That means any mistake in choosing the colors for your blog can make a huge difference. Whether you want to build a brand, gain the trust of your blog readers, enhance readability on your site or make visitors feel at home, you should pay careful attention to choosing the most suited color scheme for your blog.

Choose appropriate colors for each of these blog sections –

The Header
The Content Body
The Sidebar
The Footer

Colors can increase blog readership by around 40%. They also ease the process of learning and comprehension. The color of images you add to your blog posts also plays an important role in holding readers’ attention.

The size of the blogosphere continues to swell. If you don’t choose the right color scheme, it might be tough to stand out in the crowd.

Think of Your Readers (the Target Audience)
Colors for a blog should be chosen according to the specific requirements of its target audience. To achieve success, you should first try to gather as much information about your readers or the target audiences as possible. Elements like cultural differences, class differences, gender differences and geographical locations are important considerations for selecting colors that your target audience would be comfortable with.

People belonging to the working class prefer colors like blue, red and green while those with high educational backgrounds like obscurer colors. Likewise, most of the women prefer red and orange colors. People from different geographical locations also respond differently to different colors.

Don’t Forget Your Brand
Colors have the potential to increase brand recognition by as much as 80%. That’s why the color scheme selection must always be done in the light of the brand value that you desire to create. If you have a blog attached to your website, you should never ignore the known brand colors.

Does your blog use the right colors? Please feel free to talk back in comments.

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  • Erica Price

    I’d never really thought about colours as such, more about images in general. As luck would have it my main colour across the top of the blog is blue, so that seems to have been a good choice.

    • I had a look at your blog. It looks nice. But I still feel that you should get it redesigned. Giving your blog a professional design can really take it a long way. I really hope that you would get it redesigned soon.

      And please feel free to get in touch if you need some advice on the color scheme.

      Thanks for your visit, Erica.

  • Eric Siu

    Great post! I think as long as the color scheme isn’t disrupted (like the bright blue above), it doesn’t bug me. I personally like red the most and I’m happy to see so many positive traits surrounding it 🙂

    • Yes, a professional web designer knows how to keep that color flow. However, it’s important to have at least some sense about colors. Red is definitely a powerful color, as it represents so many positive qualities. The most significant of all these are energy, strength and power. Niche industry blogs like and also use the red color. But you should never forget about the requirements of your target audience and experiment a little to know what works best.

      Thanks for commenting, Eric.

  • Ray says:

    I think a little color or brightness can help attract attention as long as it’s not too much and done right. I don’t like darker colored sites so much especially when the background is black and the text is a bright neon type of color. These hurt and strain my eyes.

  • Zinedine says:

    I read that blue and green are the best. And I must say that I am noticing a lot of these colors around the web.

    • Definitely, blue is most popular color around the web. The best part about using blue color is that ‘it builds trust’. [Facebook uses the blue color]. Green color stands for freshness, so it also works quite well.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • Lily Rose says:

    I love that color theory. My favorite is green!

  • If it’s an academic blog or a fashion industry blog, would you still like to go with green (as it happens to be your favorite)?

    Thanks for your comment.

    • Lily Rose says:

      One of the things I love about the green color is the fact that it has the biggers number of shades and tones. So, it’s doable but I wouldn’t insist on it.

      For example, the fashion blog could go in some kiwi shades combined with yellow and dark green, while some more serious blog would be in white and pine green.

  • Marbella says:

    Hi Obaidul,
    I have worked with clothes for many years and each audience has its own special color, it is also the kind of blog you have. Is it to young girls, the bright pastel colors that go best economics blogs – navy blue background, etc. It is about finding the right color to the right blog group.

  • Elena Anne

    For my blog, that has to do with well-being, health, vegans, exercise, I chose shades of green, orange and yellow a bit. I wanted my visitors to feel intimacy and calm when they enter. That’s why I wanted this to be minimalist. I kept the body white and clean.
    Very interesting post Obaidul thank you.

    • I think you chose the colors right. I checked your site just now. Yes, all the colors that you’ve chosen are easy on the eye. Though the homepage looks good, I would suggest you play a little more with green on inside pages.

      Glad you liked the post, Elena.

  • Brian

    I probably should pay more attention to colors but my two largest websites are basically white with some blue in the footer area. One other area of color are the links. I noticed how white means pure but it would be interesting to see what colors mean in other countries. I have heard white is the color of death in China. I think it would be very interesting to find out the color that represents death in a variety of countries/cultures.

    The color of death should definitely be one all bloggers should stay away from.

  • LuccyT05 says:

    Background color really has a big impact on you site.. I really love the color black.. Thanks for sharing the meaning of the colors.. 🙂

    • Definitely, the background color has to play an important role in the overall design of a site. If a specific background color interrupts readability, it’s never the right choice. A good background color should mix well with other components of the site as well as provide users the ease of reading. Though lighter backgrounds are always easy on the eye, you should never stop yourself from experimenting with darker shades to know what works best. White backgrounds also work well if your site has adequate elements of visual interest.

      Glad you liked the post, Luccy.

  • Chique Weiz says:

    Colors and Images do a lot in blogs. There are visitors who are attentive on colors and images while they are others who loves to read in depth. Having the right colors and images make the blog more in demand and the must-see blog.

  • Sheila says:

    Bad or unmatched colors can also drive users away. Today, bloggers are more concerned about creating top quality content and using social media to increase shareability. That’s fine.

  • Kathleen says:

    Use Google Analytics tool that tells you everything about the visit / traffic to your blog. When you sign up you get with even a good explanation of how GA works. A tool that tells you the truth about your visitors. And it’s free! This helps you tell what people search on to find your blog and how many pages they read and more

  • Nicole says:

    True! Colors really did a big part on your blogs. Every color has it’s every meaning. Thanks for sharing this.. Great job!

  • Alex Fatcow says:

    Sounds cool to me. I have a lot of blue colors and the meaining sounds promissing. I think that the way our blogs looks reflects who we are and our personality.

  • Lee says:

    Hi really good post
    I must admit I am new to Internet marketing. I knew colors were important but reading your article has put a new light on what colors and how I use them on my site. I will be honest I stumbled upon your blog by accident. Glad I did though I had just been using colors on what I thought looked good and not on who I am targeting. Big lesson learned.

    Thanks again learned loads.

  • Alex Braker says:

    Yes, I agree colors are very important for any kind of the website and blog. It attracts the users to your blog. Every color has its own importance. One tip I want to include that you should choose the color according to your brand and services because it changes the mood of the users of your blog.

  • Adam says:

    This is an excellent article, indeed. For anyone with a blog, myself included, this is a must article to read and apply to their blog. Using the right color for the blog niche is sure to be the to bring more traffic. Branding a website/blog with the right color is something a lot of people with websites and blogs might not consider. Thank you for this article.

  • Use search engine Analytics tool that tells you everything about the visit / traffic to your blog. when you sign up you get with even a good explanation of how GA works. A tool that tells you the truth about your visitors. And it’s free! This helps you tell what people search on to find your blog and how many pages they read and more

  • Jamy Hoster

    This is great blog as I am fully agreed with you the colorful blog is always been captured by the readers eye. As you have said that you must know your reader then you have to be careful making your blog color and it dose not mean that fill your blog with paintings or color schemes but make it better with the content and use of images where it need.

  • Lee says:

    I am glad I came back to this post as after I read it the first time I started playing about with colors and will be honest have been tinkering and tweaking different aspects ever since to see what works best. At first though I didn’t leave it long enough and got inpatient for it to make a change. Color makes a huge difference to any site.

    So tor great info thanks lee