Top Three Link Building Tactics: Leave No Stone Unturned!

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We are all more than aware that in the world of search engine optimization, it is an ever-changing industry. With that being said, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of the game with your link building tactics, especially since many companies are continuing to rely upon outdated tactics that no longer work. I think that we can all agree that spamming is becoming more and more obvious to Google, even resulting in penalization.

To avoid this type of outcome altogether and continue to create genuine back links to your website that will last for years to come, here are some of the best lesser used techniques to get you started:

  1. Article Marketing: How is this a lesser known technique, you may ask? Anyone and everyone out there have already submitted an article to Ezine at this point, but the important thing to keep in mind is that you must provide quality content. This is advantageous because quality and hot content submitted to article directories will most likely be picked up by other websites seeking content. In many cases, your article may be picked up by a website of a higher page rank, automatically offering a link back to you as an added bonus. You can also take this one step further, if you see websites using your article in accordance to ezine terms then you can approach those websites with an offer for unique article with your links in it.

    So how do you create this hot content for the article directories? Instead of writing generic filler content related to your niche market, search for your keywords on popular sites like Digg and even Twitter for inspiration. These are sites run by and for the people, and you will find a slew of resources linking to the hottest news articles related to your keywords. From there, you can see what the people are really after and write a corresponding article that will be more prone to being picked up by a popular website for reposting. It’s as simple as that.

  2. Yahoo Answers: Again, Yahoo Answers is not a venue where you can spam to get easy back links. In fact, that practice is adamantly discouraged. Instead, you can use Yahoo Answers for the Holy Grail of link building, which is setting yourself up as an expert in your field. Once you have achieved this task, people will start to turn to you and your company for information, and they will also link back to blogs, articles, and answers that you have already posted. After all, you are the expert, so why wouldn’t people trust you?Yahoo Answers does not offer Do Follow links, but they do have a section within each Yahoo Answers forum to list websites as references for an answer. These links alone will often draw traffic back to the original website if you have provided a relevant answer. Of course, you do not necessarily need to only promote your website but instead, become a well-rounded expert in your niche market who provides valuable answers, and people will automatically be attracted to visit your website because of the authority you have created.

  3. Feature guest blogs. If you have a blog for your website or online store, this is the perfect way to continue to update it with unique content and to also offer interesting posts for your customers and readers. Beyond just updating your blog regularly with content, it is also a brilliant idea to incorporate guest blogging. Guest blogging will help bring inbound links to your site, and it will also build your reputation as a brand.

Start by reaching out to other blogs within your niche market, or use guest blogging resources, like Blogger Linkup. You can offer to do an exchange of guest blog posts with many companies, which will give a link back to your website as a bonus. Even better, the longer that your guest blog stays on a company’s website, the more valuable it becomes as a link back to your website. There is also a benefit in posting guest blogs on your own website because a blogger will normally promote his or her guest blog to their reader base. This means that all of the regular readers of a specific blog will take a swing by your blog to see the guest blog post, and they may potentially return if you have good content related to that niche. This means an instant spike in traffic for you if done successfully!

These three little known link building tips may seem complicated, but when you invest time in them on a weekly basis within your marketing plan, you are guaranteed to see serious results in new visitors and valuable links back to your website.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Great. I thought I knew the coolest tricks. I’m going on a limb here, but seeing as how it was a Tweet from @kikolani that brought me here – I never thought of using Digg and Twitter as keyword research tools.


    Big, fat, red “L” on my head – what a great article! Thanks!

  • virtual assistance says:

    You discuss all the issues very superbly about the mobile and website.I want you to keep doing such a wonderful work.

  • well, i am using both of the method, and they are fine,,, i never used yahoo answer, and i know that it can drive great traffic….

  • Excellent thinking men! Your discuss about all the maters is really superb. Keep it up. I hope I will come back soon for read your more valuable discussion.

  • Thomas says:

    While Yahoo Answers has been spammed to death…there are still a ton of answer sites out there that let you embed links.

  • Jon Cooper

    Great stuff here, but I’d like to point out a few things:

    1) Article Marketing isn’t what it used to be – the only links that carry weight on these sites anymore are on original content, and if you’re going to create original content, use it for something like a guest post (way more value from this & better links).

    2) Yahoo Answers is great, but consider moving some of your Q&A time to Quora, a newer Q&A site that Google likes A LOT (Starting to show up in the SERPs asking for you to connect your Google & Quora accounts).

    3) Can’t argue with guest posting, but know you’re audience first, & know what they’re willing to share!

    Great job Nitin 🙂

  • Nice post, we should also be sure that the site has relevant backlinks and yahoo answers also help sometimes for it could give you answers easier to understand. Readers should also be feature for you to help your blog feature in vice versa and could help you increase rank in SEO.