5 Good Reasons to Start Using Google+ ‘Circles’ Right Away

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Google Plus has more than 90 million registered users now. The social network’s rapid growth clearly suggests it’s here to stay for a long time. According to Stacey Cavanagh (Digital Marketing Manager at Tecmark), Google might boast around 250 million registered users by the end of 2012.

And we’ve every reason to believe that prediction, haven’t we?

Google+ (or Google Plus) is growing at a tremendous rate. It’s launching new features every now and then. Recently, the social network rolled out its new design to further attract the attention of people.

Among all the features of this social network, I think Google+ ‘Circles’ is the biggest scorer. For those who are not still aware of this feature, ‘Circles’ allows users to segregate people in different groups based on interests, industries, areas of expertise, relationships etc. Google+ circles have the potential to create a win-win situation for people (or professionals) of just any background.

Here’re five good reasons to use ‘Circles’ for different benefits –

#1. Organize People
The most fundamental (as well as the biggest) benefit of using Google+ ‘Circles’ is that it allows you to categorize people into different groups. For example, you can create circles named ‘Tech’, ‘Blogger’, ‘Celebrity’, ‘Author’, ‘SEO’, ‘Google’, ‘Photographer’ etc. These are just a few examples. You can create multiple circles based on people’s interests, industries, businesses etc.

#2. Read Circle-Specific Posts
Once the segregation is done, you can check out only those circles of people whose posts you want to read. If you want tech industry news, you can simply click the ‘Tech’ circle. If you want to know what’s happening in the world of SEO, you can click the ‘SEO’ circle. It saves time.

#3. Share Content with the Right People
This is a major plus point with Google+. Not everyone in your network is interested in what you share. There are different target audiences for different types of content. Google+ makes the sharing of relevant content with the right people quite easier. If you want to share something that you think is suitable for a specific circle (group of people), you can leave other Circles out.

#4. Share Circles with Others
What’s more, you can also share your own Google Plus circles with others (friends, family, colleagues, business partners etc). The best part about sharing a circle is that the name of that Circle is not disclosed. That means, you only share the list of people.

To share a circle with others, you can follow these steps –

Click the circle that you want to share
Click the ‘share’ link inside the circle
Choose people you want to share a particular circle with
Click Share

#5. Enjoy Complete Privacy
Better privacy is what sets Google+ apart from other social networks. Many people call these circles as a new version of Google Groups, which is not true exactly. A Google+ circle is quite different from a group. Nobody knows who else you’ve put in a circle. The names of your circles are private to you. As mentioned above, you don’t reveal the name of a circle even when you share it with others. A Google Plus circle, therefore, is like a real life ‘private circle’.

How are you using Google+ circles? Or are you yet to begin? Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

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  • Jeoffrey says:

    I didn’t know the circles feature would have this effect. Now I know, all thanks to you.

  • Chris HELP!

    But how many of those 90 million users are people like me who joined to check it out but now don’t really use it? I have a hard enough time keeping up with my Twitter account!

    I do agree though that the Circles are a great idea and extremely useful. I just wonder if my social media efforts are better spent elsewhere. Although I suppose you could always make that argument no matter what social media site you’re discussing.

    Anyway, good post!

  • Mark

    I do think Google plus will prevail over all, it has to as then they can not be challenged for having a monopoly with facebook. It would seem that Google is getting in to everything where they can collect information so they can sell it back to us later on down the road.

  • Maryden25 says:

    What I like about Google+ circles is that you will not get any problems in gaining traffic. You can add whoever you want to add.
    Thanks for having time posting this!

  • Richard says:

    Hi Obaidul,

    Awesome information. People are now dragging themselves towards G+ due to its regular updates and creative features. I also use G+ but didn’t know how to share circles on among your friends. Thanks for telling this in this article.

  • Cristina says:

    The Blogger tool comes with a variety of settings. Some are designed to increase the security of your website and protect it from hackers, spammers and individuals who might poach the material it contains. You can use these settings, combined with inserting a JavaScript code in your blog’s HTML and using third-party protection, to keep your blog content from being stolen.

  • Marbella says:

    Google + will come with a lot of different news all the time, now it circles, tomorrow something else. I hope they do not change too much, so users get tired of all new things they must learn. The circles are probably a good step in the right direction

  • Heidi19 says:

    Hi Obaidul! providing this useful information why i should start using Google+ circles is really a big help. That is why i’m so excited to download this to see what Google+ circles can offer us. Thanks for sharing this to us and keep up the good work.

  • Roberto P. says:

    I love the Google + circles too. I love its purpose and I love everything about Google plus. How did they come up with such brilliant idea? I wonder. But anyway, thanks for a very interesting post.


  • biobank says:

    I do think search engine plus will prevail over all, it has to as then they can not be challenged for having a monopoly with facebook. It would seem that google is getting in to everything where they can collect information so they can sell it back to us later on down the road.

  • Daniel Meloy says:

    Google+ is growing incredibly fast. Some say that the average lifespan of internet giants, such as AOL, Yahoo, Facebook, etc., is about 11 years. If this trend holds true, then Facebook may be seeing a decline in popularity and use over the next few years. Google+ may take its place. Thanks for the share here.

  • Tobi

    Excellent post Obaidul.
    Here’s my quick tip to find a niche market that you can interact with on Google+:
    Type: “shared a circle” + keyword on Google.
    It’s a great way to add targeted G+ users to your circles,

  • Jamy Hoster

    Its a growing network but I think soon or later it will beat other social networks in web world as there are so many or I can say 90% or net users use google as a search engine if they come to join G+ then there will not be any bigger social media like it.