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Infographics (short for information graphics) have almost flooded the web in the recent years. I love infographics for their sheer capability to quickly translate complex ideas into a format that’s easy to scan and fun to look at. If you’ve adequate time and resources, you can definitely create your own infographics and publish them on your site while using them as part of a linkbait campaign. If you’re a blogger, you can use infographics to generate interest among users and attract their attention immediately by engaging them visually.

MBG (My Blog Guest) is already doing a great job bridging the gap between publishers and guest bloggers. I always recommend people who are looking for guest posts to visit MBG and experience how well it works.

This time, MBG has gone one step further. In addition to offering an ‘Articles Gallery’, MBG has now introduced an ‘Infographics Gallery’. That means you can now find both guest posts as well as guest infographics in one place. But before you head straight to MBG’s infographics gallery, you should make yourself clear on how it works.

Let’s have a look.

It’s a Win-Win Situation Again
The best part about MBG is its very pragmatic approach of thriving on their community members’ suggestions. The new feature – the Infographics Gallery – is also therefore a brainchild of user suggestions. And that leaves no doubt that leveraging this useful gallery can create a win-win situation for both the guest infographic author and the publisher. Publishing infographics on your blog, on one hand, diversifies the content. On the other hand, getting infographics published on someone else’s blog helps the content go viral quickly.

Bonus Tips on Creating Great Infographics
I would also want to use this opportunity to expand a little on how you can create infographics that look great and encourage more shareability. A lot of businesses (big and small), bloggers and internet marketing companies are already leveraging the exciting benefits that infographics have to offer. The dark side of the story is that there are still plenty of infographics that address trivial topics and ignore the most important principles of information design.

Here are a few quick tips that you can use –

Define your purpose of creating infographics
Identify the kind of audience you want to address
Gather insightful data that your target audience will be interested in
Synthesize the gathered data while cutting out the fat
Create an attractive design (consider data density, accuracy & Readability)

Yes, there are several free tools that you can utilize also to create visually impressive inforgraphics. For assistance, you can check out tools like Creately, Many Eyes, and StatPlanet.

Infographics carry high shareability as compared to images or text. If you’re planning to spruce up your blog, make it more interesting and engage readers quickly, publishing and sharing infographics is just the perfect way to go. With a resource like MBG’s Infographics Gallery, it’s not hard to find infographics belonging to a range of niche industries.

Thanks Ann for giving us one more great reason to use MBG !

Don’t forget to watch this video that provides a detailed explanation of how the main gallery at MBG functions.

Please feel free to share your views too.

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  • You’re welcome, Ann.

    And thanks once again for listening to and doing what users actually want.

  • Julie says:

    I haven’t heard about MBG before, thanks for sharing it. The infographics gallery looks really nice, I have always wondered how those nice infographics came from. I think I’m gonna use it, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Whether you want to share your own infographics or publish someone else’s on your own blog, MBG’s Infographics Gallery makes it all simpler. The use of infographics is increasing at a rapid rate. Anybody who doesn’t use them is definitely missing out on a huge opportunity.

      Thanks for your comment, Julie.

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    • Glad that you liked the blog. Thanks for your visit, Miki.

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  • Tessa says:

    What a great idea ! It is best and easy way to help infographics go viral. I like to use any of the infographics from MBG.