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viralcontentbuzz_bee_mascottI have to say that I’m quite proud to look back and see just how far Viral Content Buzz has come in a little less than seven months. But while we’re really happy with what we’ve accomplished, that doesn’t mean we’re going to sit back and coast. On the contrary, we’re happy to announce the rollout of a bunch of new features!

Since we’ve been gradually testing and adding some, here’s a look at everything we’ve added over the last few months, as well as our brand new features:

  1. Pinterest Support: Share any infographics or other images that you want through Pinterest. This VCB post has some tips that Pinterest newbies will find especially helpful.
  2. StumbleUpon Support: Just like Pinterest, we’ve now made it super easy to use VCB in conjunction with StumbleUpon. And as with all the sites we support, you have full control over exactly what you promote and share.
  3. Bookmarklet: If you want to use VCB with a single click in Firefox, Chrome, IE or Safari, all you need to do is grab the VCB bookmarklet here. And if you’re on your iPad, you can get a bookmarklet for it here.
  4. Scheduling Tool: This makes it really easy to control exactly when you want sharing to happen.
  5. Customizable Dashboard: Easily switch between a traditional scrolling layout and a Pinterest-style layout that puts multiple stories on each row.
  6. Labels and Folders: Under “My Projects,” you can use labels and folders to keep everything organized by topic, site, client or any other structure that you want.
  7. Karma: Our one-liner for this feature is “the more approved posts you have, the closer you are to being a trusted member.”
  8. Project Report: Easily see who shared what, and when they shared it. We’ve also made it dead simple to download and/or email a report.

Viral Content Buzz Labs

Last month, Ann published a post detailing what the Labs section of Viral Content Buzz is all about. While I highly recommend reading her post, we’ll go over a quick summary now.

VCB Labs is all about coming up with tools and resources to help content marketers. Currently, there are three free tools that anyone can use. They are:

  • Pinterest Analytics: Get stats for all images on your site that are being shared. This tool also provides features to help you encourage Pinterest users to share your images.
  • Activity Analyzer: Put in any URL (including an RSS feed link), and you can see detailed information about its performance on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Google+.
  • Twitter Chat Client: Makes it easy to start and engage in a Twitter chat simply by using our Twitter chat application.

That’s Not All

In addition to all the new features that are live and ready to use, we’ve got several more in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for:

  • Facebook Page support
  • Google Plus support
  • Being able to create & send multiple Tweets at once, and then they’ll automatically be spaced out based on the settings you choose (similar to Buffer)

Ann and I truly appreciate all the users who are helping to build VCB into an awesome platform, so be sure to let us know what you think about all the new features in the comments!

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  • Ansh

    Seems great. . I will give it a try. . thnx

  • Ileane

    Hi Gerald. Congratulations on the fantastic job you and Ann have done with VCB. It’s really one of my favorite places to hang out these days.
    The interface is pretty smooth and I just started exploring LABS yesterday. Lots of potential there.


  • Kaila S says:

    Awesome to see the progress with VCB! I can’t wait for the twitter option, that will make things so easy when you’re trying to tweet out and schedule direct from VCB. Thanks for all you and Ann do to support the content marketing community.

  • Julie Joyce says:

    You guys have been busy as, um…bees. Nice job!!

  • I feel like all of these new features are absolutely crucial. I’m always looking for a tool that has it all in one place; not just some of it. Most tools that I use don’t have the functionality to work with all of these different networks, so this is a huge positive. Should have known Gerald and Ann would be the ones to make it happen!

  • Brad Knutson

    Really looking forward to the Google Plus support – that would be awesome!

    What is this about Karma? I haven’t seen this yet in VCB but it sounds very interesting.

    Keep it up Gerald and Ann – you both do great work!

  • Great post, this sounds like a great feature – Activity Analyzer. Going to give this a try.

  • I like VCB. I want to be in the mix but I only have less than 100 twitter followers. I am not able to do much with the retweet. I’m picking my places to hang out by how much it increases traffic on my blog.

  • Don Sturgill

    Good work, Ann and Gerald. VCB is a valuable tool–and you just keep adding value to it. My best comment is, “Wow.”

    • Gerald Weber

      We appreciate the compliment and really glad you’re finding it useful. Although the platform has only actually be live for about 7 months. Ann and myself have been talking about and planning VCB for a couple of years now. So it’s really satisfying to see it’s really becoming a valuable tool for you guys.

  • Brittanie says:

    Awesome updates! I agree, these updates were really critical. But now that they are in place, this really has even more potential. I’m looking forward to the final result.

  • Devesh

    Fantastic update and you guys have done a great job. VCB is really a great resource.

    Looking forward to the future updates.

  • Antal says:

    Very good article. In my opinion, Activity Analizer is a very useful tool. Very good article.