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It seems like there are so many questions regarding timing when it comes to SEO. You can learn how to do something regarding SEO and you can learn why it matters and where it really matters, but your efforts won’t be nearly as successful if you don’t understand when to make the right move. After all, many aspects of business focus on timing—when to close the sale, when to make a purchase and file your taxes, when to launch a new product, when to discount a product, etc., and the SEO field is no exception. As the cliché saying goes, “timing is everything.”

Unfortunately, many companies do not realize that SEO also has a strategic timetable that helps it succeed. Because SEO is (believe it or not) still a fairly new aspect of business, many company owners complete crucial changes to their SEO campaign out of order.

Top 4 SEO Decisions Where Timing Really Matters

Below are some of the most crucial aspects of SEO that should only happen at certain points in your SEO campaign:

1. Target New Keywords

Most companies target a list of four to seven keywords where they hope to rank. Once your company has done its keyword research and determined which keywords don’t have much competition, it’s time for linking, sharing, linking, promoting, and some more linking. However, it is never a good idea for a company to target the same keywords over and over.

  • When to Target New Keywords – Your keywords should change when your content changes. There is no specific amount of time that you should wait before targeting new keywords, but in general it makes sense to target new keywords when you are at a standstill with your current set. If you are not moving up or down in rankings for your keywords, it might be time to change them.
  • What Happens If You Don’t – Targeting the same keywords for too long will begin to waste your time. Ranking for a keyword for a long time will be remembered by Google bots and will serve you well. People will continue to click on your article and link back to your website because it has been ranking for so long, so doing this work on your own won’t be as necessary. In other words, you would be missing out on opportunities to make this happen with another keyword.

It is also worth noting that you should, in general, swap out your keywords for your new keyword list. While it is okay to add a few keywords to your list, you shouldn’t think of your new keywords as “extras.” When it’s time to move on, move on and give your new list your full attention.

2. Hire an SEO Agency

Earlier this month SEM-Group wrote an entire post answering this very question, but it is something that still seems to get people nervous. Hiring anyone is a nerve-racking process for a business owner because you want to hire the right person. Hiring an entire SEO agency to help is even more nerve-racking because it is more money, a lot is at stake, and you won’t quite know whether or not the agency is doing well until you’ve been paying them for a few months.

  • When to Hire an SEO Agency – The biggest indicator that it is time to hire an SEO agency is when you keep getting hit by Google Panda and Penguin updates and you don’t know why. These updates will kill your rankings if you are unprepared, and you have no choice but to recover if you’ve been hit. If you don’t know how to recover and can’t keep up with all of the changes, an SEO agency is crucial. SEO agencies usually also help manage your social media, so if you are finding that you just don’t have time to connect with others or do anything but your own promotion, it’s the right time to hire.
  • What Happens If You Don’t – Your website is sure to drastically drop in search engine rankings if you are unable to keep up with SEO. This will in turn affect your brand’s visibility, and in the majority of cases you will see your sales and overall success decrease.

3. Begin Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to earn backlinks to your website. This takes a good amount of time to make happen and often requires a company hire writers who understand SEO, so it’s a big decision. Nonetheless, guest posting is one of the ways that you can ensure that you are receiving the backlinks that you deserve. After all, if you can create great content for another website your website is likely full of great content—people just a need a little push in finding it.

  • When to Begin Guest Posting – Guest posting should become part of an SEO strategy once a website is ready. In other words, once your website is easy to navigate and has a good library of content and information, it’s time to start guest posting and building up some backlinks.
  • What Happens if You Don’t – Many sites do well when it comes to search engine rankings even without guest posting, but it generally takes longer. Guest posting is one aspect of SEO that you can really control.

4. File a Re-Consideration Request

Many sites find themselves losing rankings after a Google Penguin or Panda update, and many feel that the loss in rankings is unwarranted. If you think that your site was wrongly hit by one of the algorithm changes, you may want to submit a re-consideration request to Google.

  • When to File a Request – If you know that you have violated the guidelines or were hit with a spam issue you should always file your requests after you have cleaned up your site. It’s also a good idea to file a request if Google notifies you that something was wrong with your website (your website was hacked, etc.). Finally, if you really feel like nothing is wrong you can file a request.
  • What Happens if You Don’t – Your site will continue to drop in rankings until Google bots discover that your site has been cleaned up. If you don’t clean up your site and just assume that nothing is wrong, you will continue to drop in rankings.

The “when’s” in SEO have always been tricky, but doing things in order will help ensure that your SEO is at its best without any wasted time. SEO results take long enough to really see and really benefit from, so understanding the big picture will help save you time and energy.

Is there anything else that you’re unsure about when it comes to timing? Let me know in the comments and I would be happy to help!

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Amanda DiSilvestro is a graduate of Illinois State University. Although she graduated with an English Education degree, she found herself working as a full-time blogger in the SEO/social media department at HigherVisibility SEO, a leading franchise SEO company.

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  • Rick

    Nice tips – but how to find a good SEO company? I have been looking for that for a while but the chances they dont deliver are actually pretty high and that could cost a lot of money. It could be interesting to hear from other users if they could recommend a really good and affordable SEO agency who actually delivered what they promised.

    • Gerald Weber


      We actually offer SEO services here at Search Engine Marketing Group ( the blog you’re on right now)

      That’ being said, finding a good SEO/client relationship is kind of like dating. We have to get to know you a bit (and you should get to know us) so we can understand your goals, expectations etc and also so we can tell if we can help you or not.

      One thing we will not do, is simply collect a check if we are not more than confident that we can show you a return on your investment.

      If you are interested in knowing more about our services feel free to request a proposal

      Have a nice day! 🙂

    • AmandaDi

      Thank you for commenting Rick. Finding a good SEO company can definitely be tricky because there are many ways to “fake” SEO. In other words, there are lots of companies out there that take advantage of those who don’t really understand SEO and how it works.

      I have been writing about SEO for a while now and post on a lot of SEO-related blogs, and I will vouch that SEM-Group is a great company (and not just because I posted on this site!). I have been working with Gerald for a while and he really knows his stuff–plus their services are quite affordable in comparison to some of the other companies I’ve seen.

      If you’re looking for anything very specific in regards to an SEO company feel free to let me know on here or send me a DM on Twitter…I know quite a few! Thank you for reading!

      • Gerald Weber

        Thanks for the vote of confidence Amanda.


        And back to my dating analogy. I think it’s also important to check in with several SEO companies to find one that may be a good fit for you. Like Amanda said, there are a lot of companies that just “fake it” but there are also many legit companies that may or may not fit your needs. So it is a good idea to shop around a bit.

    • Robert

      You can go for WarriorForum to find some sellers there. They charge less than a company, but the result is better (In case you have chosen the right one)

  • Howard Jones says:

    Actually I have fallen victim to the companies that say they offer SEO services when everything is just fake. Getting the right SEO company can be so hard sometimes. But according to what you have said Gerald, it seems there are still genuine companies out there, yours being one of them.

  • gabrielle says:

    Guest posting is one of the best strategies to get noticed and get the back links you deserved.

  • Ray says:

    I probably should change up and target different keywords more often than I do. I think I just get in the habit and used to using the same ones so often that I forget to change it up a little.

    • I think a lot of people forget to change up keyword, or they are just on a roll and don’t want to stop. You shouldn’t always just quit cold turkey on keywords that are really performing, but it’s always great to add in a few more each month!

  • Thanks for the tips Amanda. Getting the right SEO Company can be so hard sometimes. But according to what you have said Gerald, it seems there are still genuine companies out there, yours being one of them. Great job and god bless….

  • Jake

    Do you think having keywords in you’re blogs would be really effective? And i guess guest posting is really important in a huge way when coming to new areas in business. I have benefited from so much reading this blog!

    • Keywords are crucial! You want to make sure your content sounds natural (you only need 2% keyword density in your content), but chances are if you’re writing about that keyword it will naturally fall into place. I’m also the perfect person to vouch for the effectiveness of guest posting–it’s my full time job! Great to hear you’re learning from this blog 🙂

  • Absolutely true, sometimes it happens like; visitor takes much more time to understand the content easily if you don’t create your landing page attractive, no matter how much time you’ve invested to write that content. Some people get bored quickly with that, so try to be more in more simple way in email marketing.

  • Well, There is not at all any suitable time for SEO or there is no timetable defined for SEO but whenever any new site comes to the market and owner of that site feels he/ she wants to optimize his/her site better to gain much more visitors then you can divert your mind to SEO, though SEO comes with not at all any expectations, still many of the companies works hard to beat their competitors and get good results of course!

    • I think you make a great point that I didn’t really address in my article–SEO does not have any rules. There is no set timetable when it comes to SEO. Some people can ignore these suggestions and do just fine, but others need to be more calculated. It all depends upon your site and how much you understand the Panda updates (and honestly…how much time you have). Although I think these suggestions will help the majority of people, these aren’t set in stone. Thanks for bringing this up!

  • Centrelink says:

    Hi Amanda!

    This are good guides to seo for starter. I always like to do article submission when do seo and second is have a guest post.


    I read one of your comment that you offer seo in this site. What are your Seo package?


  • Parminder Singh

    Nice tips AmandaDi … but do you realy think these tips will work for low budget peoples creating blogs ….

    PLZ share some more tips for new fresh bloggers like me who has low budget and cannnot higher company for SEO ..Wo cannnot invest more

    PLZ make a post sooner so that it can healp atleast me
    Thx again

    • AmandaDi

      You can absolutely optimize your site on your own and these tips should work just fine. I know that guest posting is time consuming, but if you’re a good writer you will be able to make it work! As long as you understand how to incorporate keywords into your content you will be off to a great start. Keyword research is a little bit trickier, so I would probably make this your second step. First understanding how to use keywords (consider downloading SEO Yoast for your blog) and get your name out there to gain some visibility!

      If you have any more questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter and I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for reading!

  • SNPlanet

    Time always matter and your article explain this well.

    Regarding SEO Companies I don’t trust any of them, I prefer to do all the work by myself.

    My SEO plan is not just a keyword plan but a full business project so its something that I prefer to manage and adjust frequently so I don’t feel confident to outsource it

  • Jon says:

    Yeah I really liked this post and I have been a big fan of guest posting for a while as a superb way to get quality, relevant and organic links for ones website. Really happy you mentioned that as some people over look it. I think they do this because it can be time consuming and would maybe rather gain ‘easier’ links, but for long term success the steps you discuss above are very good. Thanks.

  • AmandaDi

    @SNPlanet I have met so many people who feel the way you do and it works great! If you can really understand SEO and have the time to put into doing it right, more power to you! I’m still doing the SEO for my site myself and it’s been going well 🙂

    @SEO Perth, I think you bring up a great point when you talk about how people want the “easier” links. Guest posting is more time consuming, but it is worth it in the long run. As a full-time guest blogger I have seen the great things that guest blogging can do for a website, so I’m a supporter!

    Thanks for reading everyone.

  • Personally I really enjoy the aspect of guest posting, because of the fact that I like to create. If you are creating new quality content on a regular basis, you feed your viewers demand for information/content and the chances that they pass that on or share it should significantly increase. Overall well done article that had plenty of useful information and tips, keep up the good work,

  • Ap Recovery says:

    Nice to read a about Seo and i think before hiring Seo agency we should see their previous Seo works that what the tactics they are using and what the results there Seo work is getting and then take a decision to Hire a Seo agency or not and Guset Posting is the most effective way to get some good results.

  • Becca says:

    true thing is white hat always work great it may take time but gives you what result you want and that is always genuine and if you are planning for long run then white hat seo is always recommend to get more traffic and baklinks.

  • craig

    Another great post (just finished reading and commenting on another of your posts in another window!)

    I have been using guest posting and although it seems to be limited in the amount of traffic it sends it has helped with my search engine ranking and I have seen vast improvements in google traffic since I started guest posting.

  • Abhishek says:

    Great post, just would like to add a point to the filing of reconsideration part. I think one should think many times before filing a reconsideration request. Even if you have been penalized, do a thorough analysis of the link profile and remove all the bad links. Then wait for a month or 2 for crawlers to crawl the website so that the bad links go out. In the mean time continue adding relevant and good backlinks. Filing a reconsideration request can be a bit tricky since the website will be thoroughly manually scanned by google which can create more harm than good.

    • I think that’s a great point that I didn’t mention. It is of course best to fix your site up as much as possible, but then the waiting begins. It’s sometimes hard to be patient, but I agree with you completely when you say that it’s important. Google needs time to reevaluate your site on its own!

      • Abhishek says:

        I agree completely. The wait is really long. If the website has been penalized by google, getting it back to normal shape is a long and tiring process. Infact very tiring with a possibility that the damage can be beyond repair as well. BTW i have added you on skype and would like to connect sometime so that we can chat and learn more about this.

  • Richa says:

    Hey Amanda

    These are great tips. Finding a good SEO company is very important for a website’s success. Guest posting has been of great help to the new bloggers to get recognition as well as get good traffic and rankings. Creating quality content on a regular basis can help get rankings. Thanks for this wonderful share.