Which Seinfeld Character Are You When You Blog?

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After all of these years, I still challenge anyone and everyone to find a show that can trump Seinfeld in overall awesomeness. Smart, funny, easy to connect with and understand—Seinfeld is everything you wish your blog was. That said, I got to thinking about the characters on the show and what they’d be like as bloggers. Here are a few of the best and the worst. Which one best describes you?

  • Jerry—Sure every Seinfeld character was funny in his own way. And honestly, I don’t think Jerry was the funniest character at all. However, funny was (and still is) his business and he has a knack for taking mundane topics and talking about them in a way that they haven’t yet been addressed. Of course, this sometimes led him to get hung up on issues that didn’t really matter, but let’s call that a minor character flaw. Overall, I’m thinking Jerry would make quite the blogger.
  • George—Liar. Self-loather. Sloth. Largely unemployed. Completely unlikable. Yet he’s probably the most adored Seinfeld character amongst diehard fans. A George Costanza blogger would be one who BS’s his way through just about everything. He’s a good writer, but can we really trust anything he says? Whatever it takes to get someone to buy a product or click an ad.
  • Kramer—Some bloggers just write about the strangest things they can come up with. Except they aren’t “trying too hard.” They’re just downright quirky. A Kramer blogger is a fun but not so deep read. And chances are, he’s going to get super lucky and win a blog contest.
  • Newman—Completely unlikable, yet irreplaceable. Newman makes his sole mission to instigate at every turn. As a blogger, he would garner a large audience by pissing people off. People would love to hate and comment nonstop.
  • The Soup Nazi—Some bloggers just have no patience for those who don’t share their opinions. This blogger either heavily moderate their comments or else he constantly get in fights in them. But his words command your attention, so you keep reading his blog. And if the Soup Nazi was a forum moderator, you’d be watching your every word because you’d get banned.
  •  David Puddy—Let’s face it—Puddy was stupid. If he was a blogger, bottom line he’d suck. If you’re a Puddy blogger, you might have a few fans like Elaine who like you for, well, some reason or another. But do yourself a favor and quit.  Disclaimer: When I say Puddy is stupid, I don’t mean I don’t like his character. He was hilarious. Just dumb in a typical paint-my-body-and-go-to-a-football-game kind of way.
  • The Maestro—Was there ever a Seinfeld character more pretentious than this guy? Remember how he insisted that everyone call him the Maestro, even Elaine? The Maestro made everyone around him feel like they weren’t as good as him. And who likes that guy? Certainly not blog readers.

I’d like to think I’m a Jerry blogger. But sometimes I can come off as a Maestro blogger. Which one are you? And what Seinfeld characters should I have included here that I didn’t? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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  • David Leonhardt

    I think I’m a Kramer. But maybe a bit of Jerry, too. I notice you are missing out Elaine. She could be pretty neurotic, like a cross between Jerry and Kramer. Oh, no…what does that say about me? (Just rereading this comment, and I think I am proving to be more a Jerry than a Kramer.)

  • Gerald Weber


    I think I’m kind of a combination of Kramer and Jerry.

    LOL 🙂

  • Leonor Miller says:

    Hey I feel the Jerry character is the best comedy scene or character I can point out I feel this is something really a very important to have some fun also in the life. this is going to be a very interesting post

  • Jesse says:

    What about Fragile Frankie Mermen – Jerry’s friend that runs into the woods every time something doesn’t go just perfect for him.

    I see plenty of Fragile Frankie bloggers that when their article gets criticized they delete the comments or quit writing altogether.

    This was great, what does Seinfeld not relate to?

  • Igor B. says:

    Don’t forget to blog responsibly.

  • Lola T says:

    hey I feel this is going to be the funniest kind of blogging ever created on Internet and that being compared to internet blog I feel we should also not forget the social responsibility and even the blog respect as well.

  • I think I want to be Jerry. You haven’t included Elaine, I’m thinking, what kind of a blogger would she be??? Great idea for a blog post!

  • Antonio says:

    Fantastic post. Thank you for opinion about bloggers; I’m one of them, and I’m felling identified with this article.