Why you shouldn’t Give Up on Google Plus Yet

Nov 2, 2011   //   by Oliver Spencer   //   SEO Blog, Social Media  //  14 Comments

In just shy of a month, Google Plus had created a community 25 Million strong. In all of the hysteria of selective invites and profile creation, Google had created one of the fastest growing website in the illustrious albeit short history of the internet.  There were those who saw the meteoric rise as a sign that the writing was on the wall for Facebook and its flimsy definition of privacy.

However, that hasn’t exactly been the reality. The reason for the initial buzz falling flat should be all too familiar to Google. Last time, however, they were the beneficiary of the phenomenon. The easy recent comparison would be Microsoft launching Bing with ad budget in the millions. Google was able to stand pat and watch the well-funded upstart try to chip away at the empire that it had amassed. Not that the reminder is needed but Google remains king of the search.

With all that being said, there is great functionality to Google Plus, features that have yet to be widely discovered by the general public and could give Plus staying power.

  • Focused Sharing: Plus allows the sharing of content to select circles, you could say social media via scalpel. You can share works articles with your colleagues or post your weekend plans with friends, you have the tools to choose the intimacy of your networking. This comes in handy when you don’t want coworkers or parents to see your updates. Intimacy is vital to Plus and could very well be the differentiator between Facebook and Plus in the long run.
  • Authentic Social Experience: Facebook has become a true place of business, with pages and likes becoming a focus of most modern marketing strategies. If businesses begin to lessen the social experience, there is a chance that more and more users could seek out a new network the way that they left MySpace en masse.
  • Google Integration: One advantage that Google has over Facebook is that there are numerous reasons that the internet population is already using some Google functionality.  Gmail, for example, has built a base over the course of seven years. Switching between Gmail, Google Docs and Google searches will create a more seamless internet experience.

If Plus can foster the feeling of genuine connection that is being seemingly drained from Facebook, it stands a great chance of rivaling the current king of social networking and not becoming victim to the crash after a sugar rush.

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  • I have several clients now exclusively using Google+ due to the integration with Docs and Gmail. We will see if they stick with it or go back to Facebook.

  • DJ Colter says:

    Is there anything on the Internet Google won’t dominate one day? They have their hands in many different things, but I’ve always liked Google products and the integration between all of them.

    I don’t know if they’ll overtake Facebook in terms of social networks, but they’re definitely always going to be a player.

  • Marbella says:

    It is better to be on the train than not be on board. Google + will be really big, maybe as big or bigger than Facebook, and then it will be important to have been on board from the start, both for SEO and for trust in Google +.

  • Hangouts, period. Nothing compares and Skype integration with Facebook is sorely lacking by comparison. Sparks are also great for finding topics of interest and building networks, I had numerous people connect with me via Sparks already as well. Not to be overlooked!

  • Cris

    I am not giving up the Google+. It may seem lost in the trend to few but I still believe it will make a greater impact in searching. Let alone the plugin CommentLuv premium that takes into consideration the Google+ capabilities in ranking blogs. Google plays the most dominant role in the web today and its really next to impossible for them not to keep the status.

  • Tessa says:

    Google is dominating the whole internet world. It offers several useful products and especially i love because it integrates the product and make it more flexible for users.

  • Maria Pavel says:

    Google plus will surely provide more improvements in the future but the loyalty of most FB followers will remain. Yet most of bloggers who wrote in their discussions about the privacy of this latest Google media network. They felt more secured compared to FB. Anyway, when it comes to SEO, I’m pretty sure that Google Plus can be a greater help compared to FB, no doubt about it for a pretty visible reason.

  • Mihai

    Google+ it’s alright, but they really need to come up with something new and exciting if they want to grow, as this must happen very quickly.

  • Amit says:

    Google + is very important, it became a SEO factor and that’s noticeable. I’ve had a few + from Google and since then, my website’s ranking improved really well. We shouldn’t give up on Google Plus because it’s reciprocal, if we give up on them, they will give up on us, at least – that’s my opinion.

  • JC says:

    Give up on it? LOL! That’s crazy talk. They just spent 500 million dollars on development. I think that most people just have no idea of what it’s all about so they just make a bunch of uneducted guesses. This is going to be epic.

  • Tim Ryan says:

    People are still awed from the time that Google + was beta until now that ithas gone live. Google + offers a lot of advantage over Facebook. One that I like most is how it is conveniently integrated with Google docs and Gmail. Its like being able to access my office online and social media at the same time.

  • AlexTylor says:

    I would say using Google+ means having lots of work at one place, this is really time saving for those who works on internet mainly.