Will the New Google Knowledge Graph Have an Effect on SEO?

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Google is on the move yet again, but this time the news is better than the usual surprise Panda update. As of two days ago, Google launched its Knowledge Graph in order to better a user’s experience. The new feature will be rolling out in English in the U.S. first, but will soon be available in all languages. Matt Cutts explained that the graph is supposed to help make search results and algorithms “more human.”

How the Google Knowledge Graph Works

Because of the sheer amount of information about users and information about different topics that Google has available, this new feature has the potential to really get search right. Google will be using nearly 500 million different things (people, places, objects, ideas, etc.) and will utilize more than 3.5billion facts about all of the connections between these different subjects. Below is a screenshot Google provided to illustrate how the new graph will look when you type in a search:

As you can see, the bulk of a SERP will remain the same, but the right hand side of the screen will change. Although this map will not be a part of every single search at first, basic search queries will soon have this option.

Benefits of the Google Knowledge Graph

This new feature will do three things for users:

1.     Help eliminate ambiguous language so that search results are less confusing.

One of the main problems that Google discussed was the ambiguity of language. The new knowledge graph will help make separate different meanings of the same word. For example, the search query “staples” could mean the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the office supply store, or information about actual staples that hold together paper. The graph will work to make sure that these different results are more separated.

2.     Create an easy to understand summary of the topic.

The new graph will make it easy for users to get basic information quickly, much like Wikipedia style content. Google will pull information about past search queries for a given subject and base the summary on those past results. For example, if the majority of people have been searching for the novel To Kill a Mockingbird as opposed to the film, the summary will be largely based on the history of the novel.

3.     Help illustrate connections between different subjects.

The graph will help show connections between different things across the Internet. Cutts explained that one of the most important aspects of search is being able to learn something you didn’t even realize you were looking to learn; the Knowledge Graph will help make this possible.

Will the Knowledge Graph Affect SEO and Rankings?

Google changes always seem to mix up rankings and cause trouble for many small businesses, but this change isn’t intended to make things harder on your typical website. It seems as though information resources, such as Wikipedia, could potentially lose traffic, but the majority of websites are specific enough that people will still want to click. The Knowledge Graph will be kept to the side and should not affect rankings. However, it will be a few weeks before we can be absolutely sure.

Do you think the Knowledge Graph will affect a website’s SEO in any way? Do you think the Knowledge Graph is something needed or something that you will when you use Google? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Shane says:

    I wasn’t really aware how important Google knowledge graph is. But after reading this, I learned a lot of things about it. Thanks for sharing.

    • AmandaDi

      Absolutely. I’m not sure if it will be overly important in the long run, but it seems as though this project is really going to catch on. Only time will tell!

      • vijay says:

        nicely done article – superb insight. Kinda makes my head dizzy looking at the sheer amount of calculation the algo will do. Def will impact SEO. I feel more actively shared, talked about content will help rank?

        peace and love,


  • David Leonhardt

    I would think it will take more than a few weeks to know for sure what the effect will be. In fact. this is the kind of thin g that can change people’s search habits over the course of a year or more. I am not saying it will, but it is one highly possible outcome.

  • Marbella says:

    Hi AmandaDi,
    Google strives to get as much knowledge about our users as possible as a buyer, what we are looking often for, what we read, our interests, etc. that in order to sell us as a more accurate customer to buyers of ads on Google. Knowledge is power.

  • ketan raval says:

    yes, I believe it will affect a bit but not significant.. .. mostly it is more about authorship, connecting real world social entity in to internet social world..

  • Dennies says:

    yea i guess so! google wants to satisfy its users and not those webmasters.
    So i hope even this has a good impact on SEO for 2012 !!
    Not too important i guess !

  • Kate Reyes says:

    It seems that Google has become very active lately. It could be both a boon and bane to bloggers and entrepreneurs who rely on online presence to earn, but definitely a bane to millions of people who are seeking quality and truthful content. Anyway, Google has all the right to take steps. Thyy are in control of the future of the Internet.

    Great post. I’ll check this out!

  • Pershy says:

    Google has become very active lately. It could be both a boon and bane to bloggers and entrepreneurs who rely on online presence to earn, but definitely a bane to millions of people who are seeking quality and truthful content. Thanks for sharing.

  • Laura says:

    The Google AdWords certification program offers companies and individuals the opportunity to exhibit their aptitude by becoming certified experts..

  • AmandaDi

    Thank you so much everyone for commenting! I was out of town for a bit and I’ve come back only to realize that there still aren’t many clear-cut results regarding the Knowledge Graph and SEO. I think David is completely right…it could be years before we see any changes (if at all). Just on the surface it seems as though this will be a good thing for most, but only time will tell. Thank you for reading!

  • Darlina says:

    Getting a summary of a certain subject is surely useful. I don’t want to read lengthy results just to be disappointed at the end. I hope it will benefit most people

  • Kia Snite says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome information. Thus, it is very useful for a lot of people about this Google knowledge graph. By seeing your explanation, people will really get numerous benefits on it.

  • Nick Lawless says:

    I think we just have to see for ourselves if it will affect the rankings and if it does, then small businesses need to adjust to it and create a strategy to have their rankings back.

    This could be very interesting.

    Just my thoughts

  • That will be much better than lists of google ads on the right column.

  • saad naeem

    i think its gonna kill website’s like wikipedia or informational websites, i had a live score website and used to get 10million hit per month and not getting only 200k since google started displaying them on their search. sucks big time!