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This is a guest post from Melvin Dichoso. It is part of The 2nd annual “Bad Ass” SEO Guest Blogging Contest.

In general, there’s just one thing that you need to be really good at, in order for you to make money or simply just succeed in your online business. This one thing is called ‘internet marketing’, and its really nothing new.  But internet marketing is a very big subject that keeps on constantly moving and a lot of people can easily get confused with it. With that in mind, in this post I will be discussing why you should utilize the best internet marketing asset that you might already have – your blog.

Why Your Blog Is Your Best Asset

Blog is your best asset for the sole reason that it covers most of the things that you need in order to market what you have competitively. Also, everyone loves blogging so it shouldn’t be really hard for you to do this. You’re not going to do blogging lividly since its not really burdensome, you know what I mean?

If you’re still not convinced, here are some of the things that should nail it down for you:

It covers relationship building

Blogging covers the most important aspect of business which is relationship building. Because you’re writing mostly free stuff, it allows your popularity to grow but at the same time it helps you establish your expertise.

This is good because over time your adding more and more people to your blog which should then help you know more about your audience. It’s also inherently obvious that people start to buy what you have when you offer them good value continuously and in blogging, the good value that you provide is free.

SEO becomes nuts

While most people are going to work hard with search engine optimization for their business, you don’t have to because blogging will take care of that.

I worked with businesses that have their blog as the main driver of their traffic and also their main weapon for boosting search rankings. You probably have seen some companies use their blogs as well to increase exposure to their sites. Also, its not hard to rank at all really. You install a wordpress blog, grab all the necessary plugins, write good content and that should be it. The best thing about blogs is that they have what search engines crave for which  is content.

You can run list building

We all know how powerful list building is as gurus taught us, but is it really that powerful still? Are they not hyping it up a bit? My answer is probably! I’m sure lots of us have gotten tired with squeeze pages promising to give us something good in return for our emails. Hype just doesn’t work anymore I guess.

So how is blogging going to change that? It’s my belief that its hard to win out someone just because you sent them something cool but when you utilize blogging in building your list, people don’t just opt-in because you’re offering them something good. They opt-in because they want to learn from you and they find you worth following, not just because you incentivize them to do so. Obviously these are the type of people that you want as they tend to stick more to what you offer to them.

Social media becomes your friend

Its funny how a lot of these people teaching social media pretend to be an expert yet they don’t have respectable blogs to begin with. Don’t fall for this. If blogging is done strategically, this alone can bring you lots of benefits.

Imagine if you write a helpful piece of blog article, it’s your readers who will spread your content to lots of other people through social media which boosts your presence, thus you don’t anymore need to try hard. If you’re doing your job, then social media will take care of itself. That is of course possible thanks to blogging.

You learn more about your market

As mentioned in my first point, when you start attracting lots of people to your blog you will soon find out more about them. You will then be able to see their common behavior and how most of them react on things like what they like and what they dislike.

With this, you can easily make adjustments on your blog and in your overall marketing. This will further refine what you do which hopefully helps you more towards profitability. What’s a better way to find out more about them than for them to show it directly to you?

Start that Blog Now!

So what are you waiting for? Start your blog now! If you have a blog already and you’re not working hard enough to make it popular, then do so now. With those five things that I mentioned above, you should now see the importance of blogging and how big the impact it has on your online marketing strategies. I mean blogging alone can cover your entire strategy, isn’t it?

If you’re not utilizing a blog yet and you don’t know much about it, then you can take a day or two to learn the basics of it. There’s an enormous amount of guides out there that can you help you out on getting started. If you are looking to purchase some form of training, then just take one and use it to educate yourself. Don’t get into the circle of purchasing multitudes of products as this can heavily distract you from what your doing and shift your focus to other things. The last thing that you need is information overload so please just focus on one guide, educate yourself and build on that.

In any kind of online business and whatever it is, good content is your foundation and it’s where everything starts. Of course, blogging is the best platform to lay it out.  Make sure you’re not missing out EVERYTHING by not utilizing a blog as a marketing weapon for your business. After all, a blog all alone is probably enough to get things going your way.  What say you?

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  • says:

    The Best Internet Marketing Asset – Your Blog…

    In general, there’s just one thing that you need to be really good at, in order for you to make money or simply just succeed in your online business….

  • Mark says:

    Thanks for this post, Melvin. I’ve been planning to start a blog on my site, you just convinced me to do it sooner rather than later.

  • Love this! I am always having to deal with people trying to push me to register with companies to “optimize my SEOs” and such. Now instead of arguing with them, I’ll just send them to this link. Thanks!

    • Melvin Dichoso

      Cool! I’m flattered to hear that Amethyst. 😀

      Regarding the people that urge you to work with other companies, thats the case because they are either working for that company or promoting that as an affiliate. You can’t really blame them I guess. lol :p

  • Thanks for this very comprehensive post! I was always insecure about the mysterious SEO parts of blogging, but your point about it makes me want to go ahead and take my art blogging seriously.

    • Melvin Dichoso

      Glad to help as always. 🙂 regarding the ‘mystery’, it only becomes mysterious when people start thinking its mysterious. In reality, the whole concept of seo comes from content, good content so if you’re doing your job, seo takes care of itself oftentimes.

  • LogicalJack

    Nice read, it is a great method for drawing in traffic. I have typically been a little apprehensive with starting a blog for myself, but I am just going to keep it simple and see how it goes

  • A lot of people talk about the power of the blog in getting people to engage with you on your blog. One thing most don’t consider though is that with blogs, giant or small, only about .5% of your audience will talk to you in your comments section.

    When you see a post that’s got hundreds of comments, you can do the math and see that 95.5% of their readers are saying something.

    Tons of people are shy about having their opinion on display for everyone to see and yet they have questions and concerns and feedback and want to be heard. Because of this, I’ve noticed that WAY more people engage with me via email vs. my comments section. And the people who do so end up being some of our best customers.

    So it’s If you have a blog and you’re not making yourself accessible via email and phone, you’re missing out big time.

  • Missy

    Hey, Melvin:

    I agree anyone who has any sort of online business or runs an offline business but seeks to capture an online audience, should create a blog. For all the reasons you mentioned and more, a blog is a tool with many purposes. Whether lead generation, direct sales, customer relationship building or more – if done properly, a blog can be of great use.


    p.s. Good luck with the contest.

  • MARSHA BYRD says:

    A very excellent post, love all the data and you have mention that according to BEST INTERNET MARKETING. very amazing and valuable post.