For those looking to spread their message far and wide on Twitter, attracting ReTweets (RT) is a must. When your followers RT your content, it can create a snowball effect.—Your followers RT it, then their followers RT it, and then their followers RT it, and so on.

But to enjoy that snowball effect, it all starts with knowing how to attract those initial RTs. Here are 13 tips for getting more people to RT your content.

  1. Message your friends to ask for them—I’m assuming you have at least a few close friends on Twitter. To get that snowball rolling, shoot them an email or an IM asking them to RT your content. Most times, they’ll be happy to help. Just make sure you don’t constantly bombard them with RT requests. Moderation is key.
  2. Include “Please RT” on your tweet—It might seem a little desperate, but adding “Please RT” at the beginning or end of a tweet can help you get some good RT action. Again, this is something you don’t want to overdo as your followers will begin to ignore you. I prefer only using “Please RT” for important causes, rather than something that just benefits me.
  3. Install a Twitter button on your blog—Placing a TweetMeme button on your blog makes it easy for your readers to instantly share your content on Twitter with only a single click. Make sure the button is placed above the fold so readers easily see it.
  4. Include @mentions to those referenced in the post—Sometimes, you might quote or reference someone else in your post. Whenever you do this, include an @mention of that person. For example: “33 Copywriting Tips found on Twitter (include link) w/tips from @Copywritings @heatherlloyd and more” These @ mentions put you on the radar of those people, and it could lead to them ReTweeting your content.
  5. Don’t just drop a link. Add something to it—Take a look at the 50 most recent Tweets from your followers. I bet probably half of them are links to articles or blog posts. We’re constantly being bombarded with links on Twitter. To stand out, you need to add something to your link drop that makes it more intriguing.
  6. Repeat the Tweet a few different times—I like to repeat certain Tweets a few different times to ensure all my followers have an opportunity to see it. For example, repeating a Tweet in the morning and at night ensures people on both coasts will see it. Again, just don’t overdo it.
  7. Thank those who RT you—Whenever someone RTs you, @reply them with a simple thanks. It’s a small, simple gesture that can go a long way to getting them to RT you again in the future.
  8. Give unto others—Honestly, I should have put this at #1 on this list. You have to give if you want to receive. And you should always give more than you ask for in return.
  9. Take part in Midnight Moguls—Need a little extra social media love? Check out Midnight Moguls. This growing community meets up every night from 12 am ET to 1AM PT to help each other get more RTs, blog comments, links, etc.
  10. Keep Tweets short to allow room for RT—Don’t fill up all 140 characters in your initial Tweet, or else there won’t be room for someone to RT you (unless they edit your initial Tweet, which is usually too much work for most people). Aim for 120 characters or less to allow for easy ReTweeting.
  11. Use relevant hashtags—I’m not going to lie, hashtags can be a little annoying at times. But when used properly, they allow people who aren’t following you to see your Tweets they might be interested in.
  12. Leave yourself some breathing room between Tweets—A lot of times, people sabotage their own efforts by binge Tweeting. Whenever you drop a flurry of Tweets all at once, things get watered down, and all your Tweets run together. If you’re trying to get something ReTweeted, leave a little space around that Tweet so it’s easier for your followers to focus in.
  13. Tweet interesting content—It’s simple really: People RT content that they find interesting. So, you need to know what interests your followers, and Tweet about it.

How do you get more RTs? Share your best tips in the replies.

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