I’m obviously not the first person to write a list of WordPress plugins. However, I use some pretty interesting plugins (specifically a couple that I have not really noticed on other lists), so I thought it would be fun to take a little time to talk about fifteen of the best WordPress plugins I use. Hopefully, you will find a couple that you haven’t checked out before!

Wordpress & Flickr
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Photo Dropper: I really appreciate all of the great photography that is available on Flickr, and because I want to see it continue to grow, I always try to play by all of their rules. Fortunately for me, Photo Dropper is an awesome plugin that makes it easy to search for a Creative Commons photo on Flickr, add it to my post and have the appropriate credit links appear directly under the photo.

Platinum SEO Pack: I know everyone talks about the All-in-One SEO Pack , and while that used to be my SEO plugin of choice, once I tried the Platinum SEO Pack, I never looked back! If you want to make sure that all of your on-page SEO is taken care of for your WordPress blog, you can’t go wrong with this pack.

Referrer Detector: As I have learned throughout my journey into social media, one of the best things you can do is create a personalized experience for the people you are trying to interact with. It’s for this exact reason that I’m a big fan of Referrer Detector. When I’m bringing in visitors to my blog from a social site like Reddit, this plugin makes sure that they are greeted with a personalized welcome message and a nice reminder that positive votes are always appreciated.

Logo of YouTube
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Smart YouTube: While you would think that adding a YouTube video to a post would be an easy thing, it doesn’t always turn out that way. Luckily, the Smart YouTube plugin ensures that you won’t ever have another headache as a result of trying to add a YouTube video to a post.

SRG Clean Archives: By default, WordPress archives aren’t necessarily attractive or useful. However, once you add this plugin, you can have a really cool archive page just like my own.

Thumbnail Viewer: If you have heard of the Lightbox JS plugin, then you know exactly what the Thumbnail Viewer does (it creates a nice on-page popup of an image when you click a thumbnail). However, the great thing about the Thumbnail Viewer plugin is that it is lighter and more simple than the Lightbox JS plugin, so you get the same outcome without using as much of your server resources.

Tweet This: You have probably heard of Tweet This before (which adds a link that allows users to Tweet your posts to their account), but may have been skeptical of whether or not it actually works. Well, I can tell you from my personal experience that this plugin has helped some of my posts go viral on Twitter, so I definitely give it two thumbs up!

You Don't Know Seth Godin
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What Would Seth Godin Do: Works like the Referrer Detector, but instead of promoting a social web site, it greets new visitors and suggests that they subscribe to your RSS feed.

WP Ajax Edit Comments: In addition to allowing me to edit comments, this slick plugin allows other commenters to edit their own comments over a limited amount of time (which is great if they think of something they want to add right after they hit the Submit button).

WP Super Cache: Not only have I been lucky enough to attract some major traffic from social media web sites, but I have been even more fortunate to avoid a major server meltdown. Without a doubt, one of the main reasons for this is the WP Super Cache plugin, which has ensured that I have gotten the full benefits each time I have hit a social media homepage.

WP DBManager: This may not be the most exciting plugin, but it can really save you. I know I have invested a lot of time into this blog, and having this plugin ensures that I don’t lose everything I have created as a result of a database meltdown!

Limit Login Attempts: While the WordPress team is always working to make WordPress a more secure platform, there will always people who try to hack their way into blogs. Therefore, it makes me feel better to have security themed plugins like Limit Login Attempts, which can help deter people with bad intentions.

photo credit: Nai.

commentluv: I appreciate every comment that I receive on this blog, and as a result, I like to show appreciation to all of the people who take time to contribute. Therefore, commentluv is the perfect solution for me, because it displays a link to the latest blog post of the person who left a comment.

Brian’s Threaded Comments: If you are like me and do your best to respond directly to your commenters, you should add Brian’s Threaded Comments. It makes it easy for you to engage directly with your commenters, and also allows them to engage with each other in an organized manner.

Gravatar: If you decide not to install Brian’s Threaded Comments but would still like your users to have an avatar displayed next to their name, make sure you get the Gravatar plugin added to your blog.

As always, I love when you guys and gals contribute to my blog (just see #13 on the list), so feel free to drop a comment with a couple of your favorite plugins that I didn’t put on my list!

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