Google AdWords Quality Score is the overall grade of the efficiency and success of your ad. It can range from one to ten, one being the lowest grade and ten being the highest. Having a high Quality Score means that your ad has proved to be relevant and useful for the “clickers”. However, having a low Quality Score means that your key elements (such as keywords and landing page) are proved to be irrelevant to someone looking at your ad.

Just like it is in your personal interest to have a high Quality Score ad, it is in Google’s interest as well. Google rewards high Quality Score ads by reducing the cost of the ad and putting it in a better and more visible position (higher on the page). But how do you get higher Quality Score? Well, for that we will have to examine the factors that influence your Quality Score grade. In other words, we will have to see how Google calculates the Quality Score.

Every time someone does a search that triggers your ad, Google calculates a Quality Score by means of which Google takes several things into consideration. Here we will examine three factors that can influence Quality Score – Expected CTR, Landing Page experience and ad relevance.

Expected CTR (click-through rate) is a prediction of how likely it is for your ad to get clicked when shown for the specific keyword. There are three possible statuses you can get for your Expected CTR – average, above average and below average. To measure this Google takes into account how well that very keyword has performed in the past by comparing it to all other keywords across AdWords. Google only looks at exact matches when determining your Expected CTR. As mentioned above, Expected CTR is a prediction, so it differs from the actual CTR shown in the “CTR” column of your account.

Landing Page experience refers to the experience a viewer gets when he goes to the landing page (the page your ad sent the viewer to when he clicked on it). Just like the Expected CTR, Google AdWords doesn’t rate Landing Page experience with numbers but rather with these statuses – Average, Below Average and Above Average. But how do they determine the Landing Page experience? To determine Landing Page experience, Google AdWords go through several criteria.

First of all, your landing page (or destination URL) must be original. By offering useful and unique features or content will do the trick. Secondly, your destination URL must be directly relevant to your ad text and keywords. For example, if you are offering a discount or any kind of special offer, make sure it appears on landing page as well. Moreover, your landing page must be user friendly. It must provide all the possible information the user needs. Make it easy for them to find your contact information or any other information considering your business they might need. And finally, don’t be afraid to use strong call to action. Phrases such as Buy now or Sign up or whatever you want the user to do on your landing page, will help and inform the user of what he should do next.

The third factor that influences the Quality Score is Ad Relevance. This factor describes how well your keyword matches the message in your ads. In other words, how relevant your keyword is to what a customer searches for and how relevant your keyword is to your ad. For example, if the user searches for the very keyword and your ad shows up will your ad is directly connected with their search?

Just like two factors mentioned above,  can be graded with three possible statuses – average, below average and above average. Having an average or above average status means that you have managed and chose your keywords correctly and carefully. However, having a below average status means that your keywords are not specific enough or that your ad group is too general. Including the keywords in your ad text and creating more specific keywords will help you resolve your issue.

Google AdWords is the perfect match making system leaving everybody satisfied – advertisers, customers as well as Google. Relevant ads attract more customers thus earning you more clicks and appearing in a better position and bringing you more success.