In this post we will be talking about increasing conversions with good landing page strategies.

Tip 1: Have an offer, along with a clear call to action

Your landing page was created with one idea in mind and that is an online conversion. Now a “conversion” can mean different things, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Whether it is for the user to fill out a contact form, or to make a purchase, you need to have a clear call to action that very clearly informs your visitor what needs to be done. (i.e. “Call today!”,or “Fill out the form to the left!). It helps to give users an incentive such as a special discount or a free consultation (remember to put a time limit on your special offer).

Tip 2: Have actual Client testimonials on the landing page

Testimonials are always an awesome sales tool! If you can clearly place actual customer testimonials in plain view on the landing page, the testimonials will make the user less apprehensive, and make the decision to buy that much easier. People are always more cautious about making purchases online and testimonials can offer that “warm fuzzy feeling” inside. Seriously, testimonials can often times make the difference between a conversion and an “almost conversion” so use them wisely. After all how much money do you make on a sale? And, how much do you make on an almost sale? It’s these small details that often make the difference.

Tip 3: Make the key selling points easy to read

People that are scanning the internet don’t take the time to read every page word for word. So you should make your key selling points easy to read quickly when someone is scanning the page. A good way to do this is to have some of the text with the key selling points in bold and/or italicized text. This will make it easier for them to read and will result in more conversions and more money to the bottom line of your business.

Tip 4: Write an awesome headline

i.e. 6 Tips for increasing your Company’s revenues! (see this post’s headline)

This is your first chance to get the user’s attention and to get them to read your material. If your headline is dull and does not sound compelling, your website visitor is more likely to hit the back arrow than to keep reading. Not a good scenario. However, if your headline is eye catching and compelling, the reader will most likely read on or at least continue to scan the page. It sounds so elementary but this one key aspect is often overlooked. Different copywriters have different styles but the point is you want the headline to be enticing, not boring!.

Tip 5: Test different landing pages with different offers

Testing different offers and different landing pages is a key factor that can impact conversions. One offer may work well while another offer may result in a much different rate of conversion. It goes back to the old saying “if at first you don’t succeed keep on sucking until you do suck seed (succeed)” This is also an area where you can use Google analytics and data like the page’s “bounce rate” to see what landing pages and offers are keeping your visitors’ attention.

Tip 6: When using animation, please use moderation

There is a sound reason for this. Research shows that most internet users actually avoid or ignore over the top flashy animation. Still, many website owners still believe that the flashier it is the more it will sell. This simply is not true. If you must use animation please use subtle animation Remember, people don’t buy flashy graphics or animation, they buy good products, and are attracted to good offers (see Tip 1 above!)..

If you follow these six tips you will be well on the road to increasing your landing page conversions and thus your internet generated revenues as well.