Monday Youtube announced the mega site hit a milestone – 60 hours of video is uploaded every minute, up 30% in the last 8 months. Surprisingly this milestone was less than the company’s goal of 72 hours, but regardless is quite astonishing. Along with this milestone, Youtube humorously developed showing you exactly what can be done in various lengths of time visually. It’s worth a watch.

With a days worth of video (24 hours) uploaded every 24 seconds it can be worrisome for marketers. Will your video stand out? How can you capture viewers attention? Is it even worth it? These are growing questions, only made the more clear by Youtube’s recent announcement.

So what are marketers to do in 2012? What does 2012 have in store for video marketing? Here are a few tips and blog posts to help you put together your video marketing plan for this year.

1.) Use Insights for Audience to see what interests your demographic and what they like to do on Youtube.

2.) Build greater audiences with the creators playbook on Youtube, full of tips and best practices.

3.) Make use of these 29 tips from experts on how to better integrate video into your marketing efforts this year.

4.) Try your hand at a video tutorial. Using a program like Camstudio you can take an otherwise boring tutorial and turn it into an easy video.

5.) Next time you do keyword research see if any long tail terms come up that you could turn into a video. Make a goal to identify, research, plan and shoot a new video every quarter, to address some of the questions or keyword phrases you found in your research.

6.) Consider doing a series of videos and knocking them out all in one sitting. For instance – arrange to interview a few experts. Book a space to shoot the video and capture them all in the same day. Then promote them as a series to build momentum and encourage regular visits to your blog as well as increase in email opt ins.

7.) Remind yourself that it’s not too late to get into this whole video marketing “thing”. With a flip cam and a few hours to burn, you can turn a seemingly simple idea into one that transforms beautifully on film. When you think of content start thinking about video too.

8.) Cisco predicts that by 2015 almost 80% of all internet traffic will be video. That’s quite astonishing when you think about it. Video communication isn’t a new concept, but due to the increased availability of video compatible devices (including iPhone 4S) video has become all the more popular. Frame Concepts names video as one of the hot marketing trends of 2012. They suggesting thinking about running customer events via video or even producing a video newsletter, a pretty cool concept!

9.) Check out these creative tips for video marketing newbies, this video highlighting how Realtors can use video in 2012.

10.) Attention spans are getting shorter, as pointed out in this post by Omaha Video Solutions. All the more reason to shake things up and start saying the same message but in a different format – with video.

11.) 3D is gaining momentum and can take a dull and boring video project and make it into something a lot more exciting. Realistic, creative and interesting video is a thing of the future. While it might not be in your 2012 plans, it is something to consider if you look to take your video marketing to the next level anytime soon.

12.) As more and more people use handheld devices to access the internet it’s important for websites to cater to this growing trend. Optimizing your website for mobile and optimizing your video for mobile is extremely important.

What do you think about video marketing in 2012? If you have additional feedback to share feel free to do so, in the comments below!