11-1-2013 5-59-57 AMSo you finally decided to market online, set up a blog for your business and you start to see some great results, the last thing you want is for one of your competitors to come and drag you back down. You may not realize that they can do this, but it is possible. Unfortunately there are a few different methods that they can use to drag you down, so to help you out, we are going to take a look at some of the more popular ways.

Out Ranking You

The first and most obvious way is to just out rank you. If a competitors outranks you, they are going to bump you down. While you may not like it, that is a part of online marketing. You ended up pushing other people down by ranking higher, so you should expect the same when someone else has out done you.
There are some easy solutions to this problem. Don’t stop marketing to get higher ranks or keep your #1 spot. If you continuously market and use good SEO tactics, then you should be able to keep lower competitors away. If you do see them still outrank you, you may need to bump up your marketing efforts.

Link Profile

A great way to gain authority and increase rank is to build a healthy link profile with other sites that are relevant to your niche. The only problem with this is that what happens when one of those sites has been caught using bad tactics or lowered in quality? They end up losing rank and authority and all of the links that are attached to that site will be dragged down with them.

That is why when you are link building, it is always important to only post on websites that are reliable and trustworthy. No matter what though, you will never have control over all of the websites, so if you do notice some links that are bringing down your rankings, you can always use the disavow tool that Google provides to us. You just let them know which link you do not want to be associated with and they will assist and removing them from your link profile.

Before using the disavow tool, you should always try and contact the website first. A lot of the time they will understand and will have no problem just removing the link. This makes the whole process much more clean and simple.

Black Hat Tactics

If a competitor decides they are determined to lower your rankings, then they can use black hat tactics to try and get your site down. The most popular way is when competitors post your link to completely irrelevant sites and spam it. Unlike the previous example, this is being done intentionally, and can easily be proven. This will not only lower your rankings, but it takes a long time to recover from it. For example, if they decided to link your website to thousands of pornographic sites, then you would need to remove them all and contact Google to have them review your situation. While you may not think your competitors would do that, it can be pretty easy. There are tools that will submit links to all of the websites that allow free back links.

To counteract this, you need to always keep a close eye on your link profile and if you see that this is happening to you, report it right away. Search engines are aware of this type of behavior and have ways of protecting you, so the sooner they know about it, the better it is for you.

Review Sites

Review sites can be such a good place to find traffic, customers, and help your brand… but it can also be a place where your website goes to die. It has been known for competitors to write bad reviews just to make people go over to them, but nowadays it can eventually hurt your rankings. Major review sites are a place where a large chunk of consumers go to get all of the information they need, so if they stop coming to your site due to bad reviews, your rankings will be affected.
Keeping an eye on major review sites will help with this issue because even if they do decide to write something negative, you can defend yourself and also get it removed if it isn’t true.