Whether you’ve already been blogging as a hobby or want to create your own blog so you can start writing about a subject that interests you, most people who blog don’t want to keep the information they write to themselves. Instead, they want to share it with as wide an audience as possible. And because it can take a fair amount of work to build and maintain a sizable audience, it’s normal to want to earn some money for the time you put into blogging.

Now, despite what sleazy info-products may advertise, blogging is not a solution for getting rich overnight. While it is still possible to build a successful blog, doing so requires time and consistency. That being said, if you already have a blog, there’s no reason it can’t start earning some money now. Even though it may not be a huge amount at first, seeing any money coming into your bank account can be very motivational and make you want to put even more effort into blogging.

So, if you want to earn your first dollar from blogging and then continue making more money, here are the top six options you have for monetizing your blog:


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The main appeal of AdSense is that it’s very easy to add to a blog. While most people with any online experience agree that it’s not the best way to maximize the value of your blog’s traffic, if you’re interested in giving it a try or want to fill some extra space on your blog, this guide has everything you need to know about optimizing its implementation.

Affiliate Programs

The two big reasons many people prefer monetizing with an affiliate program instead of AdSense is because they get better targeting and higher payouts. If you like the idea of using this option but are afraid it will be too difficult to set up, you’ll be happy to know that the BuildYourWidget.com plugin makes it a breeze to create a showcase for your site that allows you to display any affiliate products that you want to sell to your audience.

Private Ad Sales or Sponsorships

While it definitely requires more work, it’s possible to sell your own ad space instead of having it handled by AdSense or an affiliate network. It’s also worth noting that if you’re already using the Build Your Widget plugin on your site, you can easily update your product showcase based on any private sales deals you close.

Digital Products

Another option for filling your showcase widget is to create and sell your own digital products like ebooks. If you’re worried that it’s going to be too hard to process your own payments and handle delivery, a comprehensive solution like Gumroad is ideal for selling digital products.

Private Community

Although there’s not an exact metric for determining this point, once your blog hits a certain level of traffic and influence, people will begin viewing you as an authority in your field. Because regular readers of your blog will know just how much valuable information you can provide, they may want one-on-one time with you. A great way to provide that time is to create a paid community through your blog. This will provide you with a new revenue stream, as well as allow you to engage more with the most passionate members of your audience.

Services, Speaking Engagements or Conferences

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Just as with starting a paid community, once your blog gets enough traction, there’s really no limit to the ways you can monetize it. Depending on your specific niche, you may find that launching a service is a good fit for your audience. You may also decide that you want to spend more time away from your keyboard and in front of audiences who want to hear you speak. Additionally, you don’t have to limit yourself to only speaking at other events. Instead, you may ultimately decide that you want to sponsor your own conference.

With all these ideas in mind, one thing about blog monetization that’s worth remembering is you don’t have to limit yourself to just one option. In fact, most bloggers find that using multiple methods allows them to maximize what they earn from their blog. Also, don’t ever feel that you have to stick with a specific monetization option. If you feel like it’s not generating as much as it should, don’t be afraid to test out another form of monetization to see if it’s a better fit for your blog and specific audience.