How would you like to explode your income potential of your home based business? Has that been your plan all along? If so, then you must consider the benefits of writing a press release.

Yes, a press release can be tough to write. They can also be denied even after you put in all that hard work. It is because of this that many home based businesses don’t even bother writing a press release, even though a press release would benefit their business beyond belief.

There is a lot to know about writing a press release and that is why I want to show you a few tricks on how to write a press release for guaranteed success. Below you will see a very short yet powerful list of tricks that will get your press release read and distributed to hundreds of news sites.

Something that is important to keep in mind is that a press release is not a sales page that will teach you how to make more sales, nor is it a self promotion of your home based business. A press release needs to be newsworthy. So, stick to solving a problem and you will get better results time and time again.

Optimize Press release For Search Engines

It is imperative to optimize your blog for relevant success or else the search engines won’t help you. Press releases are great for many reasons and one of the biggest ones is that they will get picked up by news writers and published on news sites. Now, if you didn’t optimize your press release for search engines with a mix of high traffic keywords and long tail keywords, then you will be missing out on a ton of quality and FREE traffic.

Solve A Massive Problem

Whether you are catering to the ”Home based business for moms” category or the ”Future self-employed” doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you are solving a problem. By solving a problem and putting yourself second your press release will get picked up by more news sites, which is much better than trying to sell through a press release and limiting your exposure.

Link To Your Website As A Source

Yes, this is something you probably already know, however, did you know that a link to a source is more reputable than just a link to the creator of the press release? I say this because as a source you will be seen in a different light. Think about it, what would you rather click on – a link from the source or a link to a somewhat relevant page?

In order to get the most out of a press release it is recommended that you do more than just write it and submit it. What do I mean by this – Think about using social media to promote your press release.

How To Use Social Media To Promote A Press Release

Blast Your Twitter Followers

We all know how powerful Twitter is, so why not use it to promote your press release? Just because you are releasing something to the press doesn’t mean your job is done. You should blast your Twitter followers with at least 5 Tweets during the first 3 days your press release is live. The benefit of doing this is that other’s will see it and the chances of them retweeting it will be much higher.

Get Friends To Share On Facebook

Having your friends or fans share the link to your press release is a great way to get noticed. This strategy has worked for many people in the past, so why not do it yourself. The trick to getting your friends and fans to share a press release on Facebook is to make sure it caters to their needs.

Use Pinterest

Lastly, pinterest is the third largest social media site after it recently passed LinkedIn. It is because of this that you should create a eye catching image and pin it on Pinterest. It may not get picked up right away, but it doesn’t hurt to get more links out there to your recent release.

By promoting your press release on these three social media sites you won’t just get the average news sites picking it up, you will get all the little guys as well. It is recommended that you look to be everywhere in regards to your press release because some bigger news sites use the smaller news sites as a gauge of what is hot and what isn’t.

Well, there you have it. If you want to explode your home based business, then a press release is one of the best ways to do it.