Android Tweeting” is a very easy, fun and fast way to tweet. The first thing to do is figure out which Twitter application to use. You may have to go through many applications to see what works for you, some will work up to a point until the next shiny object comes along. If you find it hard to choose, you can maximize your android tweeting experience by having two twitter applications and doing combo application tweeting. You can get what you need by alternating applications. (Yes, this method is for serious android Twitterholics) I have used Twidroid, Seemsic, Hootsuite, and I am now using Tweetcaster (the little birdie is so cute!)

The great thing about tweeting from your phone is that you get to tweet from almost anywhere and at anytime (trust me ANYWHERE …ANYTIME) Examples of such locations include: dinner cruise, dance clubs, while riding in back of brother’s bike, meetings, interviews, restaurants, bad dates, bed and yes, bath or shower (Disclaimer: No harm was ever done to androids while tweeting)

My friends think I am fast when tweeting from my android, yes I am a pro (modest)….but I also sometimes resort to shortcuts….yes, I’m an android Twitterholic that sometimes gets lazy. Shortcuts are the key to fast android tweeting. There are many shortcuts to make your android tweeting faster and better. One great shortcut is “Inserty“(a copy and paste application) with this application you add all your most used comments and tweet art and you can easily copy and paste at anytime by going to this application. I copy and paste all my “โ€ข**โ™ฅ” for my tweets.

Always appreciative of retweets, I make sure to thank or return the favor, but at times I am too busy to do that. A great way to not forget who to thank or RT is to add the tweets to my favorites on Twitter. I just press the favorite option on Tweetcaster and in seconds I have favorited tweets to my RT “make a to do list.” It is so easy and fast to do. Once I thank or retweet my Twitter friends I go ahead and unfavorite the tweet.

It is also very easy to send a” bulk thank you tweet”. The trick to this technique is simple. Start with selecting the reply option of the retweet, then copying the username, go to the next tweet select the reply option and add the previous username to that tweet by pasting it. Repeat the step over again, copy both usernames and go to the next tweet then reply and add the two usernames by pasting and so on. A handy application for android tweeting is Google Translate. When every someone tweets me with a language I am not familiar with, I copy and paste the tweet to this application and within a couple of minutes I thank the person for the tweet.

A fun application for me is Shazam. I am always looking for new music and if I hear a song I don’t know, Shazam is a great way to tag it and of course you can just go to your android’s YouTube application and view the music video.

The favorite part about android tweeting is how quickly you can take a picture with your android and upload it to Twitpic (make sure you go to your setting on your Twitter application and choose either Twitpic or Tweetphoto) I took and uploaded all my pictures to Twitpic from my trip to NYC and the pictures turned out good.

There are many applications to try, that will maximize your android tweeting experience. Great for a mom who’s life revolves around her kids. Android tweeting can be done while cooking dinner, grocery shopping, laundry and of course the exciting event of matching socks! Once you get used to it, you will get faster and like most of my Twitter friends…most will never know you are android tweeting.

Do you have some good android Tweeting tips? Please share them in the comments.