Freelance Photographer

Whether you’re a designer, writer, coder or any other type of freelancer, your website can be a prime source for leads. If you’re ranking well for terms that are related to the types of services you offer, those visitors are going to be very interested in what you can do for them.

While your website can play an integral role in building and expanding your freelance business, there are many common mistakes that limit the effectiveness of people’s freelance websites. Fortunately, most of these mistakes are quite easy to fix.

If you want to convert more visitors into actual leads, here are some easy ways to improve your freelance website:

Add a Photo: When someone is hiring a freelancer, they want to hire a real person. Many freelance websites make the mistake of trying to act “bigger” or “more corporate” than they actually are. Instead of trying to be dry and formal, embrace the fact that you’re one person with a valuable service to offer.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by adding a nice picture of yourself to your website. Depending on the design of your website, it’s usually best to put your picture in either your site’s header or the top of its right sidebar. By adding a picture of you smiling, potential clients will feel a connection with you as soon as they pull up your website.

Put Your Contact Information Above the Fold: The purpose of your website is to get visitors to contact you. Getting in touch with you is the only way they’re going to become clients.

While this seems simple enough, countless freelance websites bury their contact information or don’t even put it on their homepage. There are also plenty that have an overwhelming contact form with eight or more fields.

Because you want to eliminate any reasons for visitors not to contact you, prominently display your contact information. If you do business over the phone, make sure to include your number. While you can simply display your email address with a mailto: link, if you do want to use a contact form, keep it to as few fields as possible.

Get Rid of Clutter
: Although it’s usually not a problem for designers or coders, other types of freelancers may not be used to building a website. As a result, it’s common to see designs that feature way too many elements. From sliding headers to tons of social media buttons, all of these elements are actually just clutter that take away from the primary purpose of your website.

When you pull up your website, look at each element that’s on it. Ask yourself if that element plays a central role in getting visitors to contact you. If the answer is no, you should remove that element.

If you’re a freelancer, has your website played an important role in bringing you new clients?