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Do you remember which concept Twitter actually started with? That’s right, “What are you doing?” The rate at how quickly and dramatically the concept evolved into “micro-blogging” concept is the great example of how incontrollable social media can be. There is no point in trying to set any rules and standards as it already exists in numerous forms and its full potential is yet to be explored.

Yes, watching this evolution is enjoyable. How people discover new and new Twitter uses makes you wonder where it can bring us. So let’s see how Twitter can be used in various spheres of life and for multiple purposes and try to imagine what else it can evolve into.

Government 2.0

FoodSafety maintained by Food Safety Information Center “provides food safety information to educators, industry, researchers and the general public”.

Twitterfeed of U.S. Senate votes is another great example how US government 2.0 is implemented.

FCIC Pueblo is the Twitterfeed by Federal Citizen Information Center that provides the answers to questions about the Federal Government and everyday consumer issues. It alerts followers of scams, pitfalls, safety tips, etc.

Other Twitterfeeds supported by US government: USArmy, US Office of Personal Management, U.S. Joint Forces Command, Peace Corps, National Science Fdn, NASA

UK government: twitter channel for the Prime Minister’s Office

Twitter Advertising

Twitter can be monetized and it can actually earn you some money when monetization is done right. I personally never tried earning direct income from Twitter but some of very clever social media users I personally know told me you could make some good money using some Twitter-based ad networks. In this can a CPA network is your best bet: you can recommend a particular product or service on behalf of your   advertisers and peruse your followers to take an ‘action’.

Thus you will b able to only recommend what you yourself believe in and can go as creative as you want: no automated Tweets or topics you wouldn’t want to tweet about. Everything is 100% controlled by you and you can maintain high quality of your Twitter stream and earn some income at the same time.

Twitter for Education:

Smart SOA Social Net: IBM social media team dedicated to educating ourselves & others social media marketing.

Twitter in Sport

The famous basketball team Detroit Pistons use Twitter to live-update their fans with “scores, stats, events, tickets & more”. The stream is updated by dmw0714, the Director of Strategic Communications at Detroit Pistons.

Twitter for Company News

GMblogs is the Twitter profile updated by General Motors‘ corporate bloggers. The profile shares company news, talks to readers and customers and exchanges ideas and opinions.

Twitter in eCommerce

Dell is the prime example of effective Twitter implementation. They have multiple Twitter accounts updating their customers of their corporate blog headlines, latest deals and news. They have separate accounts for multiple international departments. What’s more, each Twitter account has a person behind it with personal Twitter stream.

One-way news sharing:

Wall Street Journal, as well as The New York Times and Mashable are using Twitter in one direction: no replies, just streaming their site updates.

Product Promotion

What’s a better way to engage customers than show them how to use the product? Kodak Chief Blogger is a good example – she tweets photography news and shares creative ideas to attract people interested in the topic to Kodak products.

Twitter for Building Awareness:

TysonFoods, the protein products company, showcases how Twitter can help to make a difference. They focus “on hunger relief efforts: yours, ours, theirs”.

Twitter for Customer Support:

ComcastCares, customer service department for cable company Comcast, is already a classic example of how customer support should be executed on Twitter: it reacts to any mention of their brand name and answers quickly and efficiently. Another good thing about it is the profile personalization: we don’t have to speak to impersonal customer service; instead, we deal with the person, we know his name, what he looks like and how we can find him.

Another great example of company support personalization is Zappos Twitter stream updated by their CEO Tony: not only he handles customers’ inquiries and complaints, he also publishes quite personal Tweets on his daily routine:

Zappos Twitter

Twitter for Community Building:

Oracle is the best example of how Twitter can unite employers, fans and customers under one tight community. Notice how other social media networks are leveraged to their full potential.

So what’s more? Share your examples of infinite Twitter uses in the comments.

By Ann Smarty, an Internet marketer and social media expert maintaining an SEO consulting blog.

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