This is a guest post from Jeevan Jacob John. It is part of The 2nd annual “Bad Ass” SEO Guest Blogging Contest.

What is your Ultimate goal, as blogger who blogs about blogging (or something that is associated with blogging)? Or, what should be your goal?

If you ask me, I would tell you that the goal should be to guide your visitors in the right path. Most visitors of a marketing blog are looking for marketing tips that they can apply to their blog. They are looking to you, as a guide. They are expecting you to help them to “walk” in the right path.

Hi, My name is Jeevan Jacob John and in this blog post, we will talk about long term goal(s) – for your blog – and  some analogies to get you started 😉

Let me ask you….

When you visit a new place (for sight seeing), you would need someone to guide you, right?

Same is true for blogosphere. When a person is new to the field, he is like a tourist. He needs someone to guide him to the right path (to success). He may later decide to settle on (start blogging), following your (as a guide) advise. So, your mission is to guide your visitor through the right path. Give them honest reviews. Be honest about what you say in your blog. Tell them the shortcuts (in the case of blogging, specific techniques to manage a blog).

A successful blogger is the one who guides his visitors through the right path.

Let me give another example:-

Bloggers are like teachers. The best teachers are the ones who are able to teach, effectively. Teachers use different techniques to get their students’ attention (or to encourage students to listen and take action). Like teachers, bloggers should also use different techniques to get the visitor’s attention and “make them” read your post 😀

 So, Is your Blog a Kick Ass Guide?

Are you a successful guide?

Are you a successful guide?

Is your blogging success in guiding your visitors? The best option to answer this question to is ask your readers itself. Have a poll. Now, if you don’t want to do that, there is another option for you. You could just look at your traffic analytics and compare the bounce rates of your visitors (new vs returning) (Note: Thanks to Ana Hoffman of for this idea). There are many elements (from design to content) that determine your blog’s success as a guide. Let’s take a brief look at all those elements:-

Post Content

  • Do you have an indicator (At the beginning of the post) that specifically tells your reader what the post is about? Yes, traditionally titles have been the indicators of the topic. But, it is always better to go a step ahead and describe what your post is going to be about.

You could add your own style to the indicator. For me, I use “In this blog post, we are doing to discuss about…” format. Adding a call to action is also a good thing to do (helps your reader to make the best choice, to read or to not read).

  • Do you specifically highlight the main parts of your post? I don’t do this a whole lot of time, but I think, it would be really great if you highlight the steps that your readers needs to take (like post takeaway etc.)

I like to read the post take-away/bulleye/conclusion because it usually tells me what the post is about (in a deeper sense) and what I need to do (it especially helps when I don’t really have time to read the entire post).

  • The standard rule of dividing your post into different paragraphs.
  • Using different techniques like call to action to get your reader’s attention.

The call to actions, that are in the beginning of the post, serve only one purpose: to get your readers started. You need to use various techniques, in the middle of the posts to keep your readers on the page and to follow along.

  • Use examples and analogies to explain your post (like I did at the beginning of this post).

It makes the post interesting and easy to understand.

  • After you have done with the post, tell me what to do next (Share, comment etc.). You could personalize the call-to-actions to make it unique and interesting.


  • Add a navigation bar to your blog (category bar). It will help your readers to browse through the topics and find what they want.
  • The traditional rule of having a Search bar.
  • Do you highlight your best posts? Yes, create a page in which you highlight the best posts you have written so far (it doesn’t have to be the ones with most comments/shares). Highlight the posts that you think are the best. Link to them.

A map will only be useful (to a tourist) if it highlights the important places of the city. Likewise, your blog needs to highlight the best posts you have written.

  • Link to your guest posts. Add a separate page in which you can show off your reputation, as a writer, in various sites. This helps the reader to classify your blog in their reading list.
  • When it comes to overall design of your blog, you need to use “eye-pleasing” colors. You also need to make your blog user-friendly (less clutter, more speed, better colors).

When it comes to list subscription, people tend to subscribe to lists that they find useful (in other words, to lists that are owned by successful blogs – guides). So, viewing your blog from a “Guide” perspective, helps you to become a better blogger.

What else does a Guide do?

  • A Guide is also polite to his clients. His as a blogger, you need to be polite when commenting, contacting, messaging etc. [to] your visitors.


What are things are you thinking about right now? Would you mind to share it with us? Did you like the post? If so, what did you? What can I improve on?

Let me know of all your comments and thoughts about this approach on blogging. Thank you! Don’t forget to share because this post is part of the guest blogging contest 😀

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